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AutoZone is as American as apple pie, founded on July 4, 1979. AutoZone began as Auto Shack and has has taken off like a firecracker. Its principle based off of a grocery store layout to bring products to customers in a clean, friendly, well organized atmosphere and accessible products with good old fashioned customer service made the store a hit bringing in $300 on the very first day of business. Get an AutoZone application today.

Now some 30+ years later the now infamous aftermarket auto parts stores chain in 48 of the contingent US expanded its sales to Mexico and Puerto Rico. This Fortune 500 Company has 8.1 billion in annual sales and has hit a lifetime high on the stock market. Employing roughly 65,000 people making this swift growing company a leader in the industry. Find a printable application for AutoZone on the website.

AutoZone’s goal is to provide customers with trustworthy advice and real solutions to make sure customer has What It Takes to Do the Job Right. With the purchase of ALLDATA the company was able to equip its customers both DIY’s and Professionals with access to electronic diagnostic and repair software. Get an AutoZone application, fill it out, and bring it back to any of the locations for exciting job opportunities.

To personalize your experience in your local store the employees are known as AutoZoners. They strive to make every trip into the store a WOW with customer service from remembering the customer’s name to providing detailed service to make sure you have everything to do the job right the first time. Click the link below in the Applications tab to discover how to apply for AutoZone online.

AutoZone Careers

Retail jobs are the command center of a continuous supply and demand market. Applicants interested in working at the company store should have experience with a basic knowledge of simple auto mechanics, strong communication skills and solid interest in mechanics is preferred. If not mentioned in resume applicants knowledge may be tested via interview questions.

Corporate careers are the epitome of the Store Support Center. Positions designed to help the various stores with creating a better experience for the customer. These crucial and beneficial roles are the support portion of AutoZone careers.  As a team member of a Store Support Center driving progress and implementing programs that have a significant impact on growth and operations. Download application form for a career that revs your soul.

How old do you have to be to work at AutoZone? Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to comply with the company’s hiring policy and applicable federal, state and local employment laws.  Due to the retail industry aspect of aftermarket auto parts AutoZone jobs are plentiful. Apply for jobs at AutoZone either online or through direct application.

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Benefits at AutoZone will vary due to location and medical coverage but they include 3 PPO medical plans to choose from, wellness programs such as weight loss and smoking cessation classes, vision and dental, disability and life insurance, retirement, stock purchase plan and credit union, employee assistance program, adoption assistance, paid vacation and sick days, employee discounts, tuition reimbursement, and AutoZone scholarships.

Hours of operation are from 7:30am to 10pm Monday – Saturday and 8am to 8pm on Sundays.  This schedule allows for flexible scheduling for employees and allows interested applicants to obtain a free application when you apply online. AutoZone jobs as well as the job description and responsibilities are accessible from the website. Access AutoZone jobs online to ensure your application is processed in a timely manner.

Job Description and Salaries

Web Developer/Designer – This position creates web pages for AutoZone’s E-commerce site. The applicant is expected to work with IT, merchandising, E-commerce analyst, and marketing to drive traffic to site, promote internal promotions with a program manager, create prototypes and design documents to enhance site. Must have 3 to 5 years’ experience in web development and hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Communications, Design or Marketing. Average salary is $58,800/year.

DC Worker – This position accurately stocks, organizes, pulls and picks orders for all merchandise via a RF computer system for fast delivery to AutoZone stores. Meet daily standards. Applicant must be productive and accurate to ensure customer satisfaction. Printable application forms are not available. Online application is the easy, fast and convenient way to apply for jobs of this caliber. Average wage is $12.50/hour.

District Manager – This position manages multi-unit retail stores and supervises up to 15 store managers and recruits new store employees called AutoZoners. Position requirements include previous multi-unit retail store management with a demonstrated ability to accomplish company goals. Applicant must have a passion for continually exceeding customer anticipations, commanding a strong leadership presence, requires detail oriented organization skills and financial aptitude. Average wage is $90,000/year.

AutoZoner – This position the applicant must enjoy helping people, due to being open during weekends, evenings and holidays applicant may be required to work during these shifts. Applicant may have any shift assigned to them as needed, allowed to leave early on very slow days, called in on very busy days, although there are no set schedules applicants given 2 days off per week. Average wage is $8.00 -$9.00/hour.

AutoZone Interview Questions

One line intro.

Name the engine components? Pistons, piston rings, connecting rod, spark plug, crankshaft, cylinder, valves, and sump these are the main components of an engine is what the interviewer is looking for. These types of questions test your competency and memory for an area most people don’t use every day. It gauges how knowledgeable you are with basic auto mechanics?

Do you have experience with parts and tools? Be honest here. It will show sooner rather than later if you don’t. Knowing what the different parts are and the various tools will help you ensure customers get exactly what they need. Knowing the difference between standard and metric will help immensely depending on which vehicle customer is working on.

Do you have delivery experience? This is a yes or no question. If you do great if you don’t it might be something management will ask you to consider. The more skills you learn or attain the more valuable of an applicant you are. This is something you want to think about when someone asks you what skills you can bring that make you the exceptional employee.

Why do you want to work for AutoZone? What interests you about working there? Do you like cars and want to learn more about them? Do you want to work there because you heard they have some good discounts for employees and want to fix up your car? Be honest to yourself about your motivations and respond in a professional manner about why you chose to apply there.

If you had a customer ask you which of two similar products is better, would you try to sell them the higher priced stuff even though the cheaper one works better for the customer’s needs? This question is to see how you would react in a typical situation a customer wants to know which product is better, do you deliver exceptional customer service which is expected of all employees.

Advice For Application Process

Come to the interview 10 minutes early to make the best impression on the employer. Make sure you have polished your look with the right clothes, shoes, hairstyle, accessories.  Do not slouch while waiting for interview to begin to makes it seem as if you are bored and rather not be there.  Sit up straight and command the presence of mind that you want to be there.

Make sure that you include such things as any volunteer work you may have performed or if you were involved with any extracurricular activities. This is especially important if you have any gaps in employment or if you recently were in school and your grades weren’t the best due to being engaged in a sport or band.

Prior to walking into the interview 10 minutes early give yourself a confidence boost and sing along to the one song that just makes you feel good every time you hear it, Smile this little thing can boost your confidence more than anything. Chant to yourself that you will get the job image it. The mind can’t tell the difference and therefore believes what you imagine.

Make sure your handshake is firm. Practice doing handshakes with somebody, as a wimpy, light handshake sends an undesirable invisible message that signals the interviewer should not hire you. A overly hard handshake also conveys silent messages to the interviewer which may come off as aggressive. Being in the middle with a firm handshake seems to be the right balance.
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