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img- Hhgregg ApplicationUpdate: The company is no longer in business. The page is only for archive purpose.

Hhgregg is a rising leading retail authority in state of the art electronics and housewares. There are many ways to get an Hhgregg Application. If you’ve ever considered working for this exciting industry leader, it’s easy to access an application form. Below is a link on how to apply for Hhgregg online.

You can find information on careers offered. Local jobs are found via the company website and include the job description. Applications are available. For a printable application for Hhgregg; download application form, fill it out and drop it off at any neighborhood store. Applications are always accepted.

It’s easy to apply for jobs. Just fill out the free application and apply online for the most convenience. An Hhgregg application takes minutes to complete, just one more reason to consider employment with this up and coming industry leader.  Whether its corporate fast track that excites you or being the neighborhood go to professional for all electronics can be found in Hhgregg’s jobs.

The philosophy behind the company is simple. Exceed the customer’s expectations. The customer chose to come here. Therefore the motivated associate should listen attentively and ask the questions based on what the customer’s needs are. Providing the ultimate customer service with every potential customer who walks through their doors is the goal.

Hhgregg Careers

Retail encompasses the old fashioned brick and mortar store and the online virtual store. The employees that work in these various positions are the heart and soul of the company. It’s associates pledge to deliver superior customer service with state of the art electronics. Go online to the company website and learn more about Hhgregg careers.

Corporate is the behind the scenes part of the business; from developing new financial markets to keep the company viable, to selecting merchandise and marketing ad copy to bring in customers. The varied and select positions are in high demand and very competitive.  They are the backbone of the company that brings the products to the retail stores. By going to the website you can view Hhgregg’s jobs online.

How old do you have to be to work at Hhgregg? To be considered for employment, you must be at least 18 years old or older. Having access to an online application is the easiest way of getting a start in one of the most exciting careers in the business today. Hhgregg’s jobs are on the cutting edge.

Some of the benefits that the company provides its employees are company growth and open leadership programs, medical, vision and dental packages available to workers, paid vacation days, 401(k), life insurance, customer focused culture with highly educated individuals and customer service with one of the state of the art technology suppliers  in the rising economy.

The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10am to 9:30pm. Saturday store hours are from 10am to 10pm. Sunday store hours are from 11am to 8pm. This is a good way to experience the overall environment and get a direct application or go to the website and check out Hhgregg’s jobs online. There are several locations spread throughout 20 states.

Job Description & Salaries

Cashiers – The primary responsibility is to secure all financial transactions through an electronic point of sale transactions. They are responsible for greeting customers with enthusiasm and ensure the customer had a positive experience.  No experience needed but is preferred. They must provide customers with great customer service.  This is an hourly job. The yearly salary is $19,000.

Electronic Sales Associate – Primarily responsible for providing exceptional customer service which exceeds the competition. Demonstrate a continuous commitment to selling electronic products and services on behalf of the retailer.  Enthusiastically greet customers without pressuring or overbearing the customer. Listen to customers’ needs and question them to find the right product. The yearly salary for this position is roughly $26,158.

Store General Manager – The Store General Manager is responsible for the financial operation of the store. This includes all merchandise sales, revenues, expenses and profitability goals.  General Manager’s responsibilities include teaching and modeling ways to satisfy customers. Demonstrate dependability. Personally develop team members to be successful. Confirm operations within the store. Average yearly salary is $56,788.00

Delivery Driver – This position requires the driver to deliver store merchandise to the customer’s home. Drivers must comply with company policies and procedures. Perform a daily checklist style truck inspection. Load all scheduled deliveries into truck. Stay in contact with dispatch. The average yearly salary for this position is $30K.

Hhgregg Interview Questions

These are some of the typical questions which may be asked in any interview.

Why do you want to work here? This is a pretty straightforward question. Respond in turn with what draws you to working with them. This is the most common of any interviewer’s questions.  Believing in yourself and being able to address your abilities will reflect here. This is designed to see if you’re a good match for the company.

What experience do you have with electronics? This question is imperative if you are planning to work with the electronics department.  Emphasize here on your knowledge on various electronic products you probably have used in your daily life. Here is one time being a bit of a technology geek pays off. Make sure you express your experience clearly.

Can you name a time where you had a conflict with a coworker and how did you resolve the issue? This is used often in interview questionnaires to see how a potential worker responds with other workers prior to hiring. The ability to show positive examples from prior experiences helps showcase your conflict resolution skills. These soft skills are important to providing outstanding service to customers.

Do you have a current license? This question may be more applicable to those applying for that of a delivery driver to ensure they can perform the duties associated with the job. Dependability is a key factor to any career.  Especially for a delivery job which may require you to go between a warehouse, the store, and the customer’s home.

Can you tell me of a time when you gave great customer service? Hhgregg is a customer focused culture meaning they strive to beat out the competition by exceeding customer expectations which people have come to expect from them. Being able to highlight on these positive skills as well as have them listed on a resume as a reinforcement of your commitment to service will serve well in an interview.

Advice For Application Process

Always answer every question with something even if it’s not applicable to your situation. Be honest. Write legibly when filling out a printable application form. If you’re currently working, be upfront and realistic about days of the week and hours you are available. Send in a resume to help secure an interview faster.

Most Hhgregg interviews are conversational and open in tone. They last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. All questions should be answered honestly. Choose your words wisely. Don’t just blurt out the first answer that comes to you. Take time to think over the question before responding.  Ask any pertinent questions of your own here.

Show enthusiasm, smile and be respectful towards Hhgregg and its associates.  This will help give the interviewer a chance to picture you as a member of the team. It also boosts your self confidence level. Do not show any hostility towards the interviewer or other employees.  This is not the time to be a shy wallflower either.

Having a resume ready when submitting an application promotes your skills and gives the hiring manager a quick idea of what kind of employee you are. Following up an interview with a brief thank you to whoever interviewed you. This helps them keep your name at the forefront of their mind and may give you the competitive edge you need to secure a career with them.
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Update: The company is no longer in business. The page is only for archive purpose.