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Cruise ships are becoming very popular vacation options for people of all types, from singles to families to seniors. They are all inclusive vacations with the chance to see exotic locations of all types. These ships are basically hotels on the ocean, with luxurious rooms that can rival many on land hotels. It’s no surprise the increasing popularity.

As these cruise vessels become more extravagant, the need for more services grows. This is excellent for people seeking employment because this means more job openings for a variety of different types of people and skill sets. If you’re interested in entertainment or a doctor looking for something other than a hospital or an office setting or anything in between, you can find something for you here.

The best part of working on a cruise ship would be the travelling and sites that you get to see. The environment is fast paced and always moving. Every day there is something new to experience while working in an industry like this. All this travelling and time in exotic locations is a giant perk for employees in this field.

There are many different options for positions to choose from, you just need to know what you are interested in.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities you can find in a field like this:

Cruise Director: These are the ones who are responsible for all of the staff in the entertainment department. They organize the events and assign their staff accordingly to run those events. They will be very hands on with the entertainment. They attend rehearsals and work with choreographers to ensure everything is going smoothly and according to plan. They work with lighting and AV crews to make sure that all technology and lighting is perfect for any event that will be going on. Their job doesn’t end there with all the fun. They handle all administrative work that comes with this sector of the business. They will handle and billing or scheduling that needs to be taken care of. They often are considered to be the main face of the cruise vessel’s entertainment and should be a very outgoing and personable person. A director needs to have previous entertainment experience in this type of business. They will have often worked their way up from entry level entertainer positions. There is no specific level of education required for this type of position. They can earn around $3,000-$7,000 a month.

Deckhands: The deckhand must be always available to accomplish tasks that are needed to be completed. A being a deckhand is often a very physically demanding job. They are in charge of any maintenance aboard the ship to keep everything running smoothly. They are responsible for painting the ship and docking it when it goes in a port. They will do any repairs on the spot that are necessary to keep everyone aboard safe. There is no education level required to be a deckhand, however previous experience on a vessel like this and the ability to do manual labor and repairs is a necessity. A deckhand can earn around $32,000 a year.

Ship Captain: The captain is the most important person on the vessel. They are the ones who must ensure the safety of their entire crew and guests that are on board. They go over all safety protocol with the staff to make sure that they know how to handle a variety of situations that might arise. The captain is responsible for overseeing the loading and unloading of all passengers and cargo. The captain controls the operation of their vessel. They control the speed and travel location that the ship is intended to go on. They keep track of all maintenance that occurs on board, as well as anything preventative to help with the upkeep. The captain is also supposed to ensure the safety of their guests, and follow any safety procedures for terrorism or piracy if needed. They must also be sure the ship is properly inspected and has all necessary documentation up to date. A captain must have gained a degree in a program for the merchant marines to gain employment. They must also complete all licensees as required by federal regulation. A yearly salary can be around $110,000-$153,000.

Ship Doctor: When there are that many people in one place that is far from land, it is now a commonplace to employ a medical staff onsite to help with any medical emergencies or needs that may arise aboard the vessel. They must be able to handle any type of emergency, including pediatric or surgical or anything in between. They might need to perform advanced procedures to keep patients stable until they can get to a port where there is a full service hospital. They must supervise the nurses when they treat patients, and monitor anyone as needed. A doctor must have a degree from an accredited medical program and a minimum of 3 years of clinical experience. They must also be familiar with x-rays and other laboratory procedures so they can perform them. They will need an up to date license in most fields of medicine. They could earn around $1,100 a month.

Job Outlook

The job growth in this industry is around 20%. This is much faster than growth seen in other industries across the nation. Other industries are only expected a roughly 11% in growth. This can be as a result of the growing popularity of this industry and an increase in services that are offered by these companies.

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