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An Oceania Cruises application can be a great career opportunity. This company is based in Miami, Florida and has five premium cruise ships operating on itineraries that are worldwide. It was created by luxury veterans Joe Watters and Frank Del Rio in 2002. To find Oceania Cruises jobs online follow the link at the bottom of the page.

The company offers a variety of options as far as cruises go. Among others, the possible destinations include Africa, Alaska, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Baltic and Scandinavia, Canada and New England, Caribbean, Panama Canal and Mexico, Mediterranean, South Pacific and Tahiti. The ships available are the Insignia, the Marina, the Nautica, the Regatta, the Riviera and the Sirena.

If you are looking for Oceania Cruises jobs, it is essential to know the company’s core values. Respect, Integrity, Trust and Excellence are the basis of every action taken within this company. You can expect these values to be part of every employee’s character and the way they perform on a daily basis.

Working for this company is a great opportunity you do not want to miss. With its values at the core of every action and a team oriented environment this is a place where you can expect to grow on a personal and professional level. It is part of this company’s policy to take care of each employee as an individual, so you can also expect dedication from your employer.

Oceania Cruises Careers

When looking to apply for jobs at Oceania Cruises you will find option within corporate, ship and call center positions. Ship positions are well trained and include service in all the areas the cruise offers. Dedication and great customer service skills are expected.

Corporate and call center positions take place on shore. A good knowledge of the industry and experience with reputable companies is a must as are customer service skills and an excellent conduct.

How old do you have to be to work at Oceania Cruises? To make applications for a career with this company you must be 21 years old or over. Some positions may have a higher minimum age so make sure you pay attention to the description when you make your free application.

Benefits will be as varied as the Oceania Cruises careers available. However you can count on a confortable and progressive workplace, open and respectful communication and a great team oriented environment. Some positions may include retirement plans and healthcare as well.

The hours of operation for Oceania Cruises jobs are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When searching for your Oceania Cruises job application online, make sure to pay attention to the job opportunities prerequisites as schedules vary according to positions and also the cruises connected to them. On ship, be ready to work long hours on a rotating basis.

Oceania Cruises Job Descriptions

Receptionist – The job duties within this job description include ensure a good experience for the passengers, be a central point of reference, answer customers’ queries, ensuring compliance with the company’s policy and making sure to follow up on customer queries. This requires speaking multiple languages. The salary for this position should be around $9 per hour.

Hotel General Manager – It is the general manger job to improve the onboard experience for customers, oversee the management of staff members ensuring proper training and support, provide a pleasant job environment, oversee all hotel areas and to be the connection between the ship and government officials among others. Pay for this position is around $30000 per year.

Safety officer – Among the safety officer tasks you can count committing to the company’s values, assuming personal responsibility for safety and environment, preparing a handover report before leaving the ship, performing lifeboat inspections keeping record of exercises and drills in the deck logbook, among other equally important responsibilities. Salary for this job is around $24000 a year.

Staff Chief Engineer – The responsibilities that accompany this position are ensuring that the maintenance policies are implemented, coordinate confine spaces entry, assist the chief engineer, cooperate with the staff captain in coordinating the engine generated waste disposal and more specific tasks. This is a position that requires experience and training. The pay for a job such as this should be around $35000 a year.

Oceania Cruises Interview Questions

After researching for Oceania Cruises careers and applying, it will be important to study some interview questions like the ones bellow, to be prepared.

Why do you want to work with this company? It is important at this stage to know the company’s values. Be honest and talk about what appeals to you with the knowledge you have of the company.

Why should the company choose you? This is a point at which you have to be sure to make an impression. Think about what sets you apart from everyone else and how it will be beneficial for the company you are applying for.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Use your previous experience’s feedback. Talk about what you know you are good at and how it can help with the job description. You may think that talking about your weaknesses will do you harm, just talk about how you are working to better yourself and change your faults into qualities.

What are your goals? The company wants to get a feel for what sort of employee you are. Talk about where you expect to be in 10 years and how you plan to achieve your goals.

What can you tell us about your previous jobs? Focus on what you find will be useful for the job you are applying for and explain how it will be helpful on a day to day basis.

Advice For Application Process

If you are looking to make a direct application and going to your local Oceania Cruises branch know that there is no printable application form, so you will not be able to download application form and take it down to one of the company’s locations. However, you may take your resume with you and ask in person if the company is hiring for any position that might interest you.

As there is no printable application for Oceania Cruises, if you are not near any location where you can personally take your resume, you will need to take a close look at the positions available and pay close attention to the job requirements and responsibilities attached to them. Make sure you choose something that is not only appealing but in line with you previous experience.

If you are wondering how to apply for Oceania Cruises online, all you need to do is follow the link bellow and make an online application for the employment opportunity of your choosing. When you apply online, make sure you have all the information necessary and that the application form is correctly filled. Be honest and respectful.

When making your Oceania Cruises application as through all the hiring process you should be respectful and demonstrate gratitude. Pay close attention to your presentation and behave at all times in a formal and professional manner. Always remember to smile and be nice to set you apart from all the other candidates.
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