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The cable industry is a far cry from what is was when television first emerged in households across America. This evolution from antennas to cable boxes to even a turn into telephones and internet, this industry has come a long way in the services that they provide for their customers. As the fields that they cover broaden, as does the employment needs to keep up with the demand of these companies.

There are many different fields within this industry that people can gain employment. With all those different opportunities, comes variety of the skills they need in people. There are desk jobs, and jobs that take a person out on the field. The only real commonality between these fields is the necessity for excellent customer service skills.

This field is still constantly growing as their coverage areas and services keep expanding. Offices seem to be opening up and consolidating all the time, to keep up with the growing list of customers. There are centers all over that are there to assist with the customers. Some of the positions require a person to fill them 24 hours a day, others during normal office hours. This provides a love of flexibility in options for job seekers.

Job Opportunities

Here are some opportunities that you can find in cable companies:

Field Technician: The main responsibilities for a field technician are to maintain, install, and repair the cable lines that bring the cable to their customers. They go out to businesses and residences to assist the customer with whatever they need. Most often, they go out to install services or expand the customer’s services in their home based on the schedule agreed upon by the consumer. It is vital that the technician follows the schedules to the best of their ability to ensure customer satisfaction. Other times, a technician must go and figure out problems that their consumers are having with their products. This means checking all equipment and making sure the lines from the pole to the house are in good repair and working condition. The technician will set up products inside the home, like internet and phone services and might have to do light networking work to set up routers. They are tasked with returning any equipment to the warehouse according to company policies. A field technician is often required to climb poles to gain access to wires, so they must be comfortable with heights. A high school degree is mandatory, and it is preferred that the technician has coursework in electrical or computer networking or some related field. They must also complete field technician courses offered by their employers and complete on the job training. Another requirement is the ability to lift up to 100lbs. The field technician must have a valid driver’s license and have an excellent driving record. Typically, one can make around $50,000 a year.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative is the main point of contact between the company and their consumers. These people often work out of call centers. They should have excellent knowledge of any services that their company provides. They will help sell services to customers, but mostly they will deal with customer support issues. They must be able to help troubleshoot problems for their callers, and be knowledgeable in how to do so. They are tasked with putting in work orders for the technicians, and inputting information relevant to billing. The representative is also responsible for setting up schedules for the technicians, and ensuring it is a time that is convenient for their consumer. They must have excellent customer service skills and be talented with communication. It is required to have basic computer and phone skills for this position. There is no required level of education to gain this employment. They can make around $10-$12 per hour, depending on experience.

Sales Representative: A sales representative is responsible for being out in the field and selling the services for their company. Their main sales goal is to get local businesses to choose their services. A sales representative will gain commissions off each sale, which can earn a lot of extra bonus if you are good at sales. They must conduct themselves in a professional manner as they will be the face of the company. They should be able to figure out a consumer’s needs and be able to offer them what they need in accordance with company policy. There are sales quotas that must be met. To be good at sales, you should have an in-depth knowledge of the products and their capabilities. They are required to have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. A high school diploma is mandatory but at least a 2 year college degree is preferred. Starting out in sales could earn around $50,000 a year with a possibility of $80,000 yearly.

Store Associate: When a person would prefer to visit the office for information or other assistance, the store associate is the person who helps them. They have all the responsibility as other customer service reps have. They will accept payments from customers for services, help troubleshoot issues with the customer, and help sell them additional services. The store associate will also help with the inventory of the equipment in the store, and will accept the equipment from the consumers to return back into their store’s inventory. To be a store associate, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent and must have previous customer service experience. A store associate will make around $11-$12 an hour.

Job Outlook

The job growth in an industry like this is expected to be around 7%. This is much less than the 11% national average across other industries. This can be as a result of most people finding permanent careers in this field, which leaves for less job opportunities for new job seekers. There is also much room for promotion in an industry like this and most positions are gained internally from current employees.

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