DIRECTV Application & Careers

DirecTV is one of the leading providers of satellite television in the United States and some parts of the Caribbean and Latin America. It is part of AT&T. It is a direct competitor of cable television providers and the dish network.

The company has a long history starting from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which was founded by Howard Hughes in 1953. The company has been passed around by several companies, which ultimately led to the creation of DirecTV in 1990.

The company currently has more than 32,000 employees. Its headquarters can be found in El Segundo California. In terms of profit, it is estimated that it earns $33.26 billion every year. Its latest award/recognition was from J. D. Power, which lauded the high customer satisfaction rating of its residential satellite and cable TV customers.

The primary benefits you would get as an employee of this company are health insurance, 401(k), and employee discounts. Other benefits include dental, vision, life, supplemental life, disability, mental health care, FSA, and HSA. When it comes to leaves, it offers maternity/paternity, military, family medical, unpaid extended, vacation, and paid time-off.

Employees love the multiple employee benefits that the company offers. Employee experience vary extensively depending on location and position. Nonetheless, management is often lauded as excellent.

How old do you have to be to work at DirecTV?

You need to be at least 18 years old to have an opportunity to apply as one of the company’s entry-level employees. The schedule of jobs varies a lot but expect that being put on the night and graveyard shifts is common. On the other hand, employees on the field usually work during the day and normal business hours.

DirecTV Careers

Most of the jobs in this company are available in its customer care department. Most of them are entry-level jobs.

Customer Care Agent: Your job is to resolve customer concerns over the phone or email. Some of the concerns you will handle are billing, general inquiry, and product inquiry. Aside from that, you might be required to generate sales from time to time.

Customer Care Team Lead: Your job is to supervise customer care agents under you. You will monitor their performance and coach them to make them improve. In addition, you will be asked to handle supervisor calls.

Customer Retention Representative: Your job is to make sure that customers change their minds whenever they want to disconnect or cancel the service. You are provided elevated privileges in order to bargain or deal with them.

Satellite Installation Technician: Your job is to install and establish satellite connection. Most of the time, you will be installing and running wires throughout a customer’s house. Plus, you will need to make sure that their televisions are receiving television signals through their set top boxes.

Service Technician: Your job is to troubleshoot and fix customers’ concerns about the service in person. You will be dispatched whenever callers and customer care agents generate trouble tickets. You might also do routine maintenance.

Building Maintenance Technician: Your job is to perform regular and preventive maintenance on most building equipment and the building itself.

Dispatcher: Your job is to schedule appointments for installation and service technicians. You also are responsible for providing customers that will be serviced through the phone a heads-up about their technician appointment.

Help Desk Analyst: Your job is to support employees regarding technical problems in their workstations. You also will need to answer their inquiries.

Warehouse Assistant: Your job is to perform multiple duties inside the warehouse. A few of them are loading and unloading goods from delivery trucks/vans, moving items to storage areas, and logging the items that come in and out of the warehouse. You will directly report to warehouse managers.

Damage Claim Adjuster: Your job is to analyze and investigate damage claims from customers. You will determine how much adjustment the company will provide to the claimer.

DirecTV Application

You can either apply online, on location, or through an employee referral. The application may take one to two weeks. Usually, applicants get contacted by the first week and then scheduled for an interview. The process may take longer due to the required drug screening.

You can either go to the company’s website or to AT&T. Go to the career page, and you will be directed to AT&T’s job ad page. In there, you can select the position that you want. After you chose, you will be redirected to Taleo, an employee/applicant management system. You need to sign up first by using either your Google+ or Yahoo email address.

Most of the information that the company needs if you apply online will be supplemented by your email account information and the details you input in the registration page. A few of the details required are your phone number, address, and name.

When it comes to your resume, you do not need to do anything special. Just make sure that you put accurate contact information to ensure that the company can get back to you.

The questions on the interview depend on the position that you are applying for. Mostly, the questions are focused on the tasks and related educational background of the position you will fill in. Note that they will perform a phone screening/interview first before they talk to you in person.

Things to Know About DirecTV

Its culture revolves around the concept “customer first.” The company has the most number of employees in its customer service departments. When it comes to working with the company, employees love how much benefits and compensation they are getting from it.

The latest and biggest news about this company was about its merger with AT&T. Because of the merger, the company is considered as the biggest paid television service provider in the world.

The company is known for its television services. Even U-Verse, now considered a “sister” service, which was one of its biggest competitors, was not able to obtain an edge against DirecTV.

Together with AT&T, the company supports a lot of social organizations. Most of the social efforts are poured down to education, community, and disaster relief.

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