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Boston Market Application

Boston Market Corporation, also known as Boston Chicken, is an American fast casual restaurant chain. They are known mainly for their rotisserie chicken and other meals such as ribs, meatloaf, and turkey.

Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores founded Boston Market in December 1984. The first store was established in Newton, Massachusetts and was initially called Boston Chicken until 1995.

As of 2018, the chain has over 450 stores operating in 28 states with over 14,000 employees. They operate mostly in Northeastern United States followed by Florida, Texas, and California.

Benefits provided by the company include a flexible spending account, 401K retirement plans, employee assistance programs, health insurance, life insurance, paid vacations, meal discounts, and flexible working schedules.

The company highly values their workers. They provide a stable job with various opportunities for advancement and they offer benefits that are of great value and help to their workers.

How old do you have to be to work at Boston Market?

The minimum age requirement to work at Boston Market is 15 years old. This only applies to basic entry-level positions. For distribution and managerial positions, there is a higher age requirement.

Boston Market Careers

Boston Market is a steadily growing restaurant chain. They offer high-quality service and work in a fast-paced environment. They are always looking for new talent to work as kitchen staff, front-end associates, servers, drivers, and supervisors.

Cashier: A Cashier is primarily responsible for communicating with guests regarding their orders and payments. Duties include greeting the customers, ringing up their orders efficiently and accurately, assisting with additional requests, operating the cash register, and handling payment transactions and giving the right amount of change.

Cook: A Cook is primarily responsible for ensuring the quality and freshness of all menu items. Duties include preparing and handling ingredients, cooking and plating orders, complying with menu specifications and company policies, maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen area, complying with food safety regulations, and overseeing the inventory and food storage.

Server: A Server is primarily responsible for interacting with the customers and providing assistance to customers upon their arrival and until they leave. Duties include greeting the customers, presenting and explaining the menu, providing samples of gourmet menu items, and taking and serving their orders.

Dishwasher: A Dishwasher is primarily responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of all utensils, kitchenware, glassware, tableware, and other dining and cooking tools. Duties include following company protocol in washing and sanitizing all kitchen and tableware, properly storing washed items, and coordinating with the cook and other kitchen staff to drive efficient operations in the kitchen.

Delivery Driver: A Delivery Driver is primarily responsible for safely and promptly delivering orders to customers. Duties include ensuring the accuracy of all orders, loading and lifting orders, communicating the delivery time to customers, handling payment transactions, maintaining the working condition and cleanliness of delivery vehicles, and performing caterings taskings.

Shift Supervisor: A Shift Supervisor is primarily responsible for supporting the management in handling the store. Duties include supervising the operations of different stations, monitoring the workers, managing shifts, scheduling and delegating tasks, leading the store operations in the absence of higher management staff, implementing company protocols and policies on handling food, cash, and customers, and providing excellent customer service.

Catering Sales Specialist: A Catering Sales Specialist is primarily responsible for managing and coordinating all catering orders. Duties include planning menus and orders for catering, organizing catering deliveries and set-up, communicating with customers, oversees complaints and issues raised by customers, implementing sales strategies, and forecasting future catering opportunities.

Area Manager: An Area manager is primarily responsible for overseeing company-owned restaurants in a specific area. Duties include monitoring facilities, managing inventory, hiring and training workers, implementing and overseeing operational plans, and conducting audits on safety, security, loss compliance, and cash shortages.

Assistant Manager: An Assistant Manager is primarily responsible for assisting the general manager and taking charge whenever the latter is absent. Duties include recruiting and hiring workers, implementing strategies to drive optimal sales and maximum profit, maintaining the cleanliness of the store and kitchen area, managing the inventory, and handling orders and deliveries of supplies and equipment.

General Manager: A General Manager is primarily responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the store. Duties include managing the daily operations, supervising and monitoring the staff, marketing, managing the inventory, handling customer relations, and ensuring the maintenance and working condition of store facilities and equipment.

Boston Market Application

To apply, you may visit any of the store locations to inquire about available positions and to submit your application form. You may also browse through their job postings online and submit an electronic application form.

Both in-store and online applications are accepted. For in-store applications, submit your requirements directly to the recruitment manager. For online applications, fill-out and submit an online application through their website.

After submitting your application, wait for any store representative to call and update you on the status of your application. If you fail to receive any response within two weeks, follow-up through a call, an e-mail, or a personal visit.

For your resume, highlight the skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for. Any background in food or customer service is advantageous.

For the interview, leave a good impression by projecting a positive and friendly image. Employers look for workers who can interact well with customers. Physical capabilities are also taken into consideration due to the nature of work.

Facts About Boston Market

Boston Market balances a fast-paced and tight working environment with a positive and friendly attitude. Employees are always encouraged to have fun, which in return allows them to genuinely serve the guests with a smile.

In line with National Nutrition Month, the restaurant chain presented their “150 Ways to Eat Right” list which contains recipes of 150 different meals all in 550 calories or less.

The company is known for their rotisserie chicken which comes in a variety of dishes such as chicken paired with different sides, pies, and sandwiches.

Boston Market supports Give Kids the World, an organization dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. They conduct fundraisers for the organization and have donated over $4.3 million to the cause, with a minimum of $500,000 annually.

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