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Bealls Texas is a U.S. chain of department stores, which is owned by Stage Stores Inc. and is based in Houston, Texas. This chain is known for its sale of brand name clothing, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, and housewares. There is a Florida chain by the same name, but that has no affiliation.

Archie and Robbie Bealls started the store. They won the bid for the business from a Jacksonville, Texas merchant named J.L. Douglas. Since its founding, Jacksonville has been the base location for all of the company’s stores. Slowly expanding their chain until they sold it, the brothers offered many employment opportunities.

In 1923, the company opened its first store in Henderson, Texas. By 1930, the chain had seven stores. By 1950, there were 19 stores. In 1972, the chain had 60 stores, all of which were in Texas. Then it began expanding out of state, by opening up operation in Oklahoma. By the 1990s, it was part of Stage Stores, which operates 850 stores in 40 states.

Stage Stores, Inc. trades its stocks publically. It has over 33,000,000 shares, and grows on average, one to two percent each year. Currently, a share is around $17. In addition to Bealls Texas, this stock includes Goody’s Palais Royal, Peebles, and Stage names. Its distribution center is based in Jacksonville, Texas.

Bealls Texas Careers

Positions are available in the stores, as well as corporate and distribution center positions through Stage Stores. Bealls Texas applications can be viewed online through a link on the Stage Stores, Inc. website. Each job has different requirements and experiences required. Reading the job description for each position via the link on the website, will give you a sense of each position.

Bealls continues to open new locations and is looking for those interested in Bealls Texas jobs to apply. They are specifically interested in those who are friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic, and sales oriented. Teamwork is stressed in this job. Store jobs include cosmetic, sales, management, and sales support. Corporate and distribution jobs include financial adviser, legal, marketing, and human resources.

How old do you have to be to work at Bealls Texas? To work in an entry-level position, you need to be old enough for minimum wage work in your state. To apply for jobs at Bealls Texas, there is information in each listed opening about further requirements. Some of these include a high school diploma or specific licensing. The company pays for all training.

Each store has its own hours of operation. You can find these listed online. Benefits are offered to fulltime employees. They include a 401(k) retirement plan, medical insurance, vacation time, and discounted merchandise. For more information on these benefits and Bealls Texas jobs, in general, contact a store representative to get your questions answered.

Bealls Texas Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – The main task for these jobs is to greet and assist customers in their purchasing of all merchandise. You should be able to answer questions about merchandise, point out additional merchandise for customers, handle sales and returns, and keep the store clean. You report to the Sales Manager.

Freight Associate – The responsibilities include handing arriving shipments, scanning it, sorting the merchandise, bring the merchandise to the sales floor, and help assemble and fix equipment. You will also clean the store and do whatever management needs. This position is similar to that of Sales Associate. Salary is minimum wage.

Store Manager – The objective of this career is to maximize sales and profits. You do this by getting people to join loyalty programs, knowing sales goals and trends, and ensuring that all sales and markdowns are correct. You also run the employment team, delegating tasks, and running the schedule. You may work on hiring. Salary depends on experience.

Human Resources – This is essential to the overall success of Bealls Texas careers. They oversee all the jobs at every store. This includes creating reports, scheduling appointments, employee relations, and helping to plan and run associates events and meetings. You need to be computer proficient, have good communications skills, and experience in human resources. Pay depends on experience.

Bealls Texas Interview Questions

Beyond a successful Bealls Texas application, it is important to have a successful interview. 

Summarize your past job experience. List the things you put on your resume, spending time to focus on the work you have done that is relevant to this industry. If you do not have past job experience, you can say that. Instead, talk about the personality traits and skills that you have that make you the best person for the job.

Why do you want to work at Bealls Texas? Explain what you find attractive about Bealls Texas careers. This means you need to read through the information on the company website. When you read through the website, take notes on things that you could use in answers to interview questions.

How do you calm an angry customer? When dealing with customers, it is important to be kind and nice. You should recognize that the customer is always right, and you are required to say yes to what the customer needs. You are their to give the customers a positive experience. 

Do you like working in a team? Bealls is a team focused working environment. This means you need to be ready to collaborate with all sorts of people, follow instructions, and be easy going. Maybe give an example of a time when you worked well in a team or were able to accomplish something as a group.

What is something you struggle with? How do you work to overcome this challenge? The interviewer wants to get a sense of how you deal with hardship. For questions like this, it is good to think of a story that is simple enough to be told in a couple of minutes, but is also illustrative of how you work hard and combat challenge.

Advice for Application Process

To begin your Bealls Texas job application online, go to the Stage Stores, Inc. website and complete and application form for a local store. There are many job opportunities available, so take the time to read about all of them, and complete as many applications as interest you. You can also download application form or use a printable application form that you can bring directly to the store.

When you bring the printable application for Bealls Texas to the store, make sure to talk to the manager and give him your name. You can ask about the direct application and the hiring process. This will make you a memorable applicant. It will also give you a better sense of the job than the online application can.

During the interview, make sure to make reference to Bealls Texas jobs online and what about their careers caught your attention in the free application. This will show that you are excited and interested in the position. The interactions with employees are more important to your success than just taking time to apply online. 

If you want more information on how to apply for Bealls Texas online, you can follow these tips. Carefully fill out all forms, approach all interactions with employees with respect and kindness. Ask questions to show your interest in learning and in the company. Do research on the company and its products as you don’t want to waste people’s time with questions that you could answer on your own.
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