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Zumiez is an American clothing store that specializes in clothes ideal for action sports like skateboarding and the like. The brand has stores in North America, in Europe, and in Australia.

Originally named as “Above The Belt”. Zumiez (pronounced as Zoom-eez) was founded by Tom Campion and Gary Haakenson in the year 1928. They opened their first store in at Seattle’s Northgate Mall in 1978.

The brand has over 600 stores in America, 48 in Canada, 29 in Europe and 5 in Australia. They have over 1,650 employees and are known for their various contests and tours.

People working in the brand are offered discounts, 401K, Health Care benefits, flexible work hours, and other benefits such as company social events and commission.

In Zumiez, employees love the great environment and the flexibility of work. Here you get to meet great people and you can also grab a chance at going places.

How old do you have to be to work at Zumiez?

The brand is looking for passionate and driven 16 year old or older individuals who love their brand, having awesome experiences with customers, and action sports.

Zumiez Careers

The brand has opened a lot of job opportunities, looking for people who share the same passion as them. Here are some opportunities that they’ve listed:

Salesperson: Salespeople sell the products they have, utilizing the sales techniques learned in their job training programs. They are also tasked to maintain the store, to organize and present their merchandise well according to their standards, to provide good customer service and prevent losses by being aware of their assigned areas.

Store Manager:  The store managers are responsible for the overall performance of the store. They hire and train their teams, maintain sales, manage payrolls and minimize loss through team motivation, customer service & managing operations. They lead the team as their full responsibility as the manager of the store.

Intern: The brand offers paid internships for people who want work experience and these are mostly opened for students. Once you apply for internships there are many departments which may be assigned to you with different responsibilities. You might be assigned with Technical Design, Accounting, Sales Operations, or other departments.

DC Team Leader: They are responsible for leading the distribution center team with teamwork and positive interaction. They are responsible for overseeing the duties of the DC team, such as packing, shipping, receiving, and other responsibilities. They are expected to have leadership skills just like the store managers.

DC Team Member: The DC team members, or distribution team members, operates the Distribution of products. They pick, pack, ship, and receive the products and supplies the company needs for the production of merchandise. They are expected to be team-oriented and to be responsible in handling the products.

Front End Developer: Front End Developers are part of the Ecommerce team and they help develop the company’s website as a powerful tool for sales. They are expected to be passionate about technology, flexible in their work, and to be able to handle multiple assignments.

Benefits Administrator: The Benefits Administrator is responsible for the employees’ benefits. They are in charge of facilitating the health care benefits, retirement programs, insurances, and other benefits that the company provides for their employees to ensure that is complies with the legal law and with the company’s goals as well.

Graphic Designer: The Company is currently looking for graphic designers that are willing to work on the private brand. They’re responsible for creating and giving an idea on the artwork for the company’s private brand. They can collaborate with apparel designers for their products’ designs.

Sales Floor Manager: They are in charge of the direct management of sales floor maintenance and customer service, as well as in training employees and promotions.
They have the same responsibilities as a store manager as well as qualifications. A Sales Floor Manager must be responsible and have good leadership skills.

Model: The model represents the brand itself or more likely, the merchandise. They do not only ensure that the products are stylish and fit perfectly, they try out the product to ensure that the products are made to fit the customers’ sport needs. They also help attract customers in buying the merchandise of the company.

Zumiez Application

For applications, go to any store branch and fill out the forms they’ll provide you or check out the company’s careers website. Look for your desired department, from Sales, Customer Support, Home Office, and Distribution. From there, you can browse for any open applications.

Walk-in applications are available in any Zumiez store branches nearby. Online applications are also available through their careers website. From there, you can browse for any open applications.

Remember to fill up all the forms that they’ll provide you. Make sure your desired position fits with your resume and experience, as much as possible highlight your experience in interacting with customers.

Make sure you never miss anything out since the resumes will be reviewed by the hiring managers. As much as possible make sure you have enough experience to have a higher chance of getting selected for the interview.

The interviews are done by groups of 25-30 other hopefuls and they provide various questions. Try to stand out by wearing their products or showcasing your outgoing personality as well as your good sense of humor.

Things To Know About Zumiez

Zumiez is a sports brand that upholds a fun and easy environment for both their customers and employees. They also seek to promote various action sports like skateboarding.

The company hosts their annual Couch Tour for interested and potential skaters for 13 years until this day.  They do this to promote skateboarding and showcase the skills of potential skateboarders, exposing them to the professional scene.

Besides their products, the brand is known for their themed shops. They have a concept of “organized chaos” reminiscent to a boy’s room, their have couches and video game consoles that enhance their shopping experience and lengthen their stay.

Zumiez helps young potential athletes in the action sports scene to be recognized by the professionals. They host events such as their Couch tour and their contest entitled Best Foot Forward which aims to scout and build talented skateboarders.

Application Links

Company: http://www.zumiez.com/

Careers: http://www.zumiez.com/jobs

Application: https://recruiting.adp.com/srccar/public/RTI.home?d=External-Evergreen&c=1079841

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