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In the fashion retail world, a basic knowledge of sales and customer service are essential skills for most positions. Even still, there are all kinds of positions one can take within this industry. There are a variety of other skills that can really be used in this career field to succeed.

This is a great starting point for most people entering into the job force because most of the jobs here do not usually require any education past high school. This is likely ideal also for people who are trying to get through college and earn some extra money. It is a great field to gain valuable work experience. You can also find careers here that pay well with great benefits.

The flexible hours of this career field can be a great thing for people who want a part-time second job or those students working around a hectic school schedule. This can also be ideal for stay-at-home parents hoping to earn extra money for their families.

With seasonal employment, usually during the Christmas time, there is an extra opportunity to earn money when you really need it which is another perk of this industry. This little boost does great work for the overall economy. These are just some reasons that this industry is a very desirable industry to become involved in.

Job Opportunities

Here are a few options to look into when considering a place in Fashion Retail:

Retail Buyer: The retail buyer is the person who looks into specific products to decide which brands and products is suited to their image and customer base. These are the people in charge of the inventory in the store and have to ensure that there is a good stock. This can be especially during the busiest times of year, while also making sure that they do not have such an excess that items need to be sold on sale. This is not profitable for any company. Most companies require a buy to have a college degree, though some will train for this position after working under a buyer in the company. The average yearly salary is $60,000.

Retail Merchandiser: While the buyer is responsible for ensuring the stock of items for the store, the merchandiser is tasked with more of the marketing side of daily affairs. They are responsible for pricing items competitively and creating displays for the store to sell items. They are also the ones who usually have a hand in how their store is laid out based on their own studies of how to maximize sales. It is usually required to have a college degree in this type of field and a good instinct in marketing. It is another field that you can climb up the ranks in with enough experience as well. Often times, the average salary for this position is $60,000 per year.

Retail Sales Clerk: You will often find these people out on the floor assisting customers. They will help customers find the products they are looking for in the store and also help them decide on the product that best suits the customer’s wants and needs. As a result, it is expected that the clerk has an excellent knowledge of their products and store policies to properly do their job. They are also expected to ensure that the floor area is maintained in an organized and clean manner throughout their shift. There is no education requirement for this position. It pays about $10 an hour on average to be a sales clerk.

Retail Cashier: Unlike a sales clerk, the cashier is generally just there for customer service needs like returns/exchanges and taking payments when the customer checks out. This position requires more customer service skills than knowledge of the product being sold. The cashier is also more around to deal with unhappy customers than those on the floor doing sales. This job does not require any education beyond high school. You can expect to get and hourly salary of around $10 for this job.

Job Outlook

The fashion retail industry outlook is about a 10% increase, which is on par with most other industries. This field usually has a high turnover rate as most people use this industry to gain experience for other careers. There are also a lot of employees in this field that are in it temporarily until they find better paying positions elsewhere. As a result, there are generally always openings in this field to employ new people.

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