Zumiez Interview Questions

Zumiez ApplicationIf you prefer a laid back, yet fun, job where you can spend time with people just like you, Zumiez is a great place to work. Positions include Sales Kid, Stock Associate, Key Holder, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager. Your interview will be a large group setting that involves working as a team, and there are a few top interview questions you’ll be asked.

Zumiez Interview Questions

Prepare yourself for a different, yet fun, environment. There are a few common questions, however, that you’ll have at any interview. 

What is your favorite thing about Zumiez? Assuming that you’re familiar with the store, discuss what is appealing to you about Zumiez. Talk about the styles you enjoy and the atmosphere it provides. 

What are three of your personal strengths and weaknesses? We all have strengths and weaknesses. Name the things you believe you’re best at, and for you weaknesses, name what you believe you can learn and grow from. 

What are you looking for out of this job? Tell them what you expect to gain from working there. If you’re hoping to move up within a company, mention that you’re interested in management. 

Give an example of your best sales pitch. Demonstrate how you would sell the brands in the store. Try to get the interviewer, or another candidate, to stand in and show them how you’d sell. 

How would you assist a customer that is just looking? You will encounter many different types of customers, and sometimes they are people that just browse. Talk about how you would sell to that type of customer without being pushy. 

If you had a super power, what would it be? Fun hypothetical questions like this one help the manager get to know you. If you’ve thought about this before, tell them! It’s a chance to have fun with your (possible) future coworkers. 

Are you comfortable working for commission? Working for commission can be intimidating, so they want to be sure you’re able to do it. If you aren’t comfortable, or don’t believe you can do it, try for a stock room position. 

What is your favorite brand that we carry? Be sure to do your homework before coming for an interview. They may carry a brand that you enjoy. You should have a small list in mind.

These questions will help prepare you for questions asked, but remember that the meeting will be a bit different than what you’re used to.

Interview Tips

Zumiez is a skater shop geared towards a younger crowd. You shouldn’t arrive in business clothing. Express your unique style, which will help them decide if you’re right for the company. If available, wear Zumiez clothing or clothing from the brands they sell within the store. If you aren’t sure what brands they sell, look it up before the interview and dress in similar styles.

The interviews are not your traditional one on one interview, and even their group setting varies from the norm. You will be in a group of 20 people or more. Sometimes the groups are divided into smaller groups and there are activities. The interviews are set up to be fun, and also give an idea of the type of environment you’ll be working in.

Don’t take yourself too seriously when playing the games and getting to know the other candidates. Although you will be placed in a team, still try and stand out. Take on a leadership role in the group to demonstrate how you would work. After the interview, follow up within a week if you haven’t heard back. Continue to show interest even after it’s all over.

Zumiez is a fun store and you will have a fun interview. It will probably be one of the most laid back interviews you will ever have, so enjoy it. However, it is still about a job, so be ready to work when needed.