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Founded in 2007 by Chuck Cohn, this company strives to give students in need a personalized plan tailored to their educational difficulties. It prides itself in having over 10000 tutors available across the United States of America who can explain difficult concepts and ideas in a simple way. To make a Varsity Tutors application, you will find the link at the bottom of the page.

There are many services at the customer’s disposal. Academic tutoring, include various subjects within math, science, foreign languages, elementary and others. Test prep includes high school, graduate school, k-8 and summer tutoring is also an option. All these may take place at the student’s home or, if the client so pleases, at other convenient locations.

The company’s tutoring programs start by identifying the student’s needs, the tutor will then customize the lessons and explain concepts in easy to grasp ways, because the teaching is personalized for the client, results will be easily perceived. Times and locations will be flexible for the client’s benefit, making it easy for the student to set them around their schedule.

Varsity Tutors careers are a great opportunity for someone who is looking to get established in the education industry. This company offers positions that allow its employees to create their own schedule and work with the methods they believe are best. It offers great benefits for motivated and dedicated employees.

Varsity Tutors Careers

Available to you are two types of Varsity Tutors jobs, Tutoring jobs and Careers. Tutoring jobs consist of part time positions where you will be in direct contact with the student, setting up study sessions and helping them understand subjects that they are having trouble with.

Careers are full time position with a wide range of possibilities. Director of tutoring, ruby on rails developer, front end developer, associate director of recruitment, educational technology sales associate and executive assistant are just a few of the option you have.

How old do you have to be to work at Varsity Tutors? In order to make your Varsity Tutors job application online you must be aware that the minimum age required to apply is 18 years old. Other hiring requirements consist of being a motivated and dedicated individual, previous tutoring experience and extraordinary standardized test scores.

With Varsity Tutors careers benefits may include competitive salary, career advancement potential, flexible scheduling, retirement plans, medical plans and insurance coverage.

As you apply for jobs at Varsity Tutors it is important to be aware that the hours of operation vary from place to place and may include weekends. As you prepare your Varsity Tutors application pay close attention to the job description as there may be information pertinent to this subject.

Varsity Tutors Job Descriptions

Tutor – Some of the tutor’s tasks include, creating lesson plans, evaluating the students’ progress, applying personalized tutoring techniques and adhering to academic and behavioral guidelines as provide by the company. This position requires previous experience and a good knowledge of the subject at hand. The salary for this job is around $20 per hour.

Director of tutoring – This position has the following responsibilities attached to it, assessing and understanding the clients’ needs, managing lead records, over 80 call per day to possible clients, assisting in customer service. This requires excellent communication skills, knowledge of education and the ability to prioritize. The pay for this position is around $44000 per year.

Tutoring Sales Director – This is a job that requires qualification such as a complete BA or BS, a sales oriented skill set and previous experience selling educational products and services. The tasks attributed to this position include between 50 to a 100 outbound calls to customers in need of information regarding services and products offered, managing lead records and communicating the company’s packages. The salary is around $3000 per year.

Marketing Manager – This employment opportunity implies developing marketing strategies, managing campaigns, identifying trends and opportunities, leading team collaboration, managing external agency relationships and coordinating marketing outreach and brand management projects. Requirements include previous marketing management experience, amongst others. The salary for job opportunities such as these is around $120000 per year.

Varsity Tutors Interview Questions

After you have applied to Varsity Tutors jobs it is time to prepare for the interview by being ready for some of the following questions.

How do you spend your free time? A wide variety of interests is a good quality for an educational oriented career. Be honest and talk about what you are passionate about outside of work.

Do you enjoy helping others? This is part of the job description when working to help students understand the subjects they have difficulty in. If possible talk about moments when you found helping others rewarding and why you felt so.

Have you ever helped tutor someone before? Talk about past experiences and give precise examples, even if you are talking about helping a friend get to grips with a subject where they were having problems.

Why do you think you would make a great tutor? Talk about how you feel about education and why you believe it to be a good fit for you. Explain your methods and results by using examples from previous work experiences.

What would your previous employer say about you? Talk about the feedback you had from previous jobs and how you felt being part of those teams. Focus on your qualities to make you stand out from other applicants.

Advice For Application Process

When looking for how to apply for Varsity Tutors online follow the career link bellow and you will find the various positions existing. A small application form will be available for you to conclude your online application. A resume and cover letter should also be attached to this. Take care to include all relevant past experiences as well as reviewing your grammar.

There is no printable application for Varsity Tutors and you will not be able to download application form. However, if your wish to make a direct application at your local branch or at any of the locations at your disposal, you may stop by with your resume, cover letter and a list of references and inquire as to whether they are hiring or not.

All the applications you choose to make for Varsity Tutors jobs online will not include a printable application form, but a first contact can be expected within two weeks. The hiring process takes around one week that includes a phone interview followed by personal interviews. This period may be longer if there is need for any additional screening.

When making your free application, whether you apply online or on site, remember that this industry requires a passion for education a great level or organizational skills and patience. Be professional and take care with your presentation. Make sure you are prepared to answer any questions about your previous experience, your test scores and to provide valid and outstanding references.
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