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Palm Beach Tan, Inc. is a chain of indoor tanning salons across the United States. Originating in 1990, the company has more than 240 locations in 30 states and the District of Columbia. Some of the businesses are company owned, and some are franchises. You can find a link for a Palm Beach Tan application at their website below.

The company is the industry leader in tanning salons, and has made numerous acquisitions of other brand names, including Planet Tan, Desert Sun Tanning, and Club Sun Tanning. The number of Palm Beach Tan salons has nearly doubled in the last five years. The business has been franchising since 1998.

Products and services at the business include a variety of sunbeds, some with luxury features, spray tanning services, skin care products, and self-tanners. Red Light Therapy is also available, which is a stand-up booth with red lights that do not emit UV rays, and a vibrating floor designed to tone the muscles of anyone standing inside.

The Corporate headquarters is in Coppell, Texas, and the company CEO is Ms. Diane Lucas. Each salon employs six to ten people. If you are interested in careers in the salons or franchise opportunities, you can get a printable application for Palm Beach Tan at their website, at the bottom.

Palm Beach Tan Careers

Palm Beach Tan jobs available in the salons are Tanning Consultant, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, and District Manager. You can get a direct application to be a Manager in Training on the website, but for all other positions you will need to download application form and take it to a local salon.

The company is seeking franchisees. They offer their brand recognition, corporate support, automated internal systems, marketing, training, online support, and more. Start-up costs and contact information are available at the website below. The business also offers franchise conversion for those who already own a different tanning salon but would like to be part of this brand.

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How old do you have to be to work at Palm Beach Tan? You must be 18 to work at Palm Beach Tan. Most jobs at the salons are entry-level, and do not require a college degree. Experience helps, but is not necessary unless you want a management position, as this company trains its employees. Apply for jobs at Palm Beach Tan by visiting their website.

Benefits of Palm Beach Tan careers are commissions and bonuses, flexible scheduling, opportunities for advancement, free tanning, and a 50% discount on products. If you are interested in employment with this company, you will not be able to apply online, but you can get an application form at the website.

Palm Beach Tan Job Descriptions

Tanning Consultant – As a Tanning Consultant, you would learn about skin and the way UV affects it, and you would use this knowledge to assist your customers to determine their tanning needs. Your knowledge would help you sell the best skin care products to people based on their individual needs.

Sales Associate – The Sales Associate’s responsibilities are to wait on customers, clean tanning beds and the rest of the salon, and sell tanning products. Pay usually starts at minimum wage, but employees get commissions on products they sell. You can download a free application at the website at the bottom.

Assistant Manager – As the Assistant Manager, you would take on the role of the manager in their absence, make appointments, answer phones, run the cash register, and cover any other position as needed. This position generally pays around $10.00 per hour, plus commissions. Find a salon near you at their website, and drop off your resume in person.

Manager – The Manager hires and trains staff, keeps track of inventory and orders items as needed, and maintains personal sales goals while motivating employees. The Manager makes sure that a high level of customer service is maintained in the business. A typical starting salary for this position is $24,000 per year.

Palm Beach Tan Interview Questions

These are some typical questions you might be asked at your interview.

How do you handle being told no? Part of your job will be to try to sell skin care products to every customer along with their tan. If you aren’t dissuaded by being told no, you’ll increase sales and your commission. Your interviewer would like to know how persuasive you can be.

How would your friends describe you? Here, your interviewer would like to know what kind of person you are. The question worded this way makes it easier to be objective when talking about yourself. Think about this question ahead of time, so you can show them why hiring you would be a good idea.

Are you an outgoing person? Sales jobs are easier for people who are naturally outgoing. If you are not, you will have to put some effort into speaking up and approaching everyone. Show your interviewer that shyness will not be a problem for you while you’re working at the salon.

Are you in school? Palm Beach Tan jobs are excellent for college students because of the flexible scheduling they offer. Let your interviewer know whether you are looking for part-time work, or are interested in advancement and a career with this company. You can get a printable application form at their website.

How do you feel about tanning? This company stresses the importance of safe tanning with its Golden Rules of Tanning. Your interviewer will want to know if you enjoy tanning yourself, and also if you understand why safety and responsibility are necessary. You can get a Palm Beach Tan application at the website below.

Advice For Interview Process

This business has lots of job opportunities for people with little experience. Since they offer their own training, they are focused on hiring bright, outgoing people who want to work in a fun environment, but will be serious about their work. Get applications for Palm Beach Tan jobs online by visiting the website below.

For your interview, you’ll want to look polished, but a business suit is not necessary. Be attentive, and ask any questions you have about the job description. If you would like to know how to apply for Palm Beach Tan online, go to their website and download the online application form. Find a local store where you can drop it off on the same site.
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