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This is a fast paced world of standardized testing that we live in today. Education is more important than ever, as it is now a fact that most careers require a person to have completed high school and often have a college degree. This emphasis gets imposed on children at a young age, and it is up to the parents to give whatever they need to so that their child can succeed in their future.

School curriculum is stricter than it ever was; this is as a result of standardized testing being a requirement to get a high school diploma. As a result, the minute a child starts falling behind a parent will usually look for services to assist in getting their child back up to par with others. In other cases, parents seek out tutoring to give their child a leg up against other students and push further studies.

At a tutoring facility, they need more than just tutors. There is a need for people to do clerical work as well as experienced tutors to help these children that need it. There are a variety of options for people of various different skills and education level. There can often be flexible hours, especially if you find yourself working remotely in this field from home.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities you can find within this industry:

Tutors: A tutor is the person that is responsible for helping students with their deficiencies. They usually are tasked with creating a personalized plan to help their student really understand a topic, usually a specialty of the tutor. The tutor must engage the student and test whether or not the student actually understands the lessons. In some cases, a tutor is tasked with figuring out if there is an underlying cause of the student’s difficulties. This could be looking for signs of a learning disability or watching for signs of ADHD. This could be easier for a tutor to see, as often tutors work with children on an individual basis. If they notice an issue might be hindering the learning process, they must inform the parent and their supervisor of what they noticed to help them seek addition help for their child. They might also help with standardized test preparation. At most centers, a tutor should have previous teaching experience and possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. If they would like to teach higher level subjects, addition degrees like a master’s or doctoral might be required. A tutor must be patient and have excellent interpersonal skills. They should remember that often a student is more frustrated than they are. Tutors typically make around $10-$12 per hour, sometimes more depending on education level and experience.

Customer Service Representative: They will often answer phone calls for the center. In doing so, they often will schedule tutoring sessions and give information to callers asking about the services the company provides. They should help departments that need additional support. They might assist wherever necessary to maximize the support given to the students. They are responsible for dealing with any mail internally, and ensuring it goes to the right recipient. They might often deal with invoices and receiving payments from the customers. They must have excellent interpersonal skills, as they will have to handle people on a daily basis. This includes working with customers and maintaining a good relationship with other staff members to help operations run smoothly. It is preferred that they have an associate’s degree to obtain this type of employment, with additional administrative experience. They can earn around $10 an hour.

Human Resources: A person who works in human resources is responsible for anything to do with the employees of the facility. They will hire, fire and assist in training new employees. They look over resumes to find the most qualified candidates and interview them. They will do any orientation work that is necessary to teach the employee about their company’s policies and any relevant procedures. They should keep staff up to date with any new training regarding tutoring techniques and help set up seminars to ensure their staff is at the top of their game in the fields they are employed in. They are responsible for handling any disciplinary action that needs to take place. Human resources will handle payroll and vacation for their employees. Usually it is required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in management or some related field, as well as have previous experience. They can typically earn around $14 per hour.

Information Technology: The unsung hero of any office setting, the information technology staff is necessary to help keep technology running for daily operations. The IT tech is responsible for backing up and updating software to minimize issues and loss of information. The IT person should be able to repair any issues that arise in the company’s technology. Technicians will also be sure that the network infrastructure so their technology stays online. They will maintain the on-site servers. They need to maintain all equipment and do preventative work to ensure that nothing goes down during use, causing issues for their coworkers while they are in the middle of working with students. It is preferred that the IT person has at least a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or a related field. They should also have any necessary certifications. A person in this field can earn around $14 per hour.

Job Outlook

The job outlook in this industry is expected to reach a 10% growth. This is pretty much on par with the 11% that is the nation average across other industries. This is as a result of a growing necessity of people in this field because of the higher competition in the education world among students. Between standardized testing and college being more difficult to get into, this field will have steady growth.

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