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During their time at The Learning Experience, students are encouraged to learn and grow; so The Learning Experience applicants are expected to hold qualifications that will enhance the experience of parents and students.  There are also franchises all over the United States that encourage staff members to grow within the company and enhance their careers.  Links to apply for jobs at The Learning Experience are at the bottom.

Started in 1980 in Boca Raton, Florida by the Weissman family, The Learning Experience became the first branded child care franchise.  In 1999, the family retired, but decided in 2001, they had more to offer. Since 2003, when franchising began, the company has expanded across the country, adding to their basic, education-based childcare to include enrichment programming.

The Learning Experience has three principles that form the base of their programming.  Learn, the first principle, is designed to cover both academic competency and developmental skills and is called L.E.A.P. Their second value is Play, which gives children a healthy diet in the classroom and promotes active living.  By teaching children that being selfless, giving, and sharing, The Learning Experiences put their third ideal, Grow, into practice to encourage their students to become respectful and well-mannered.

In 2014, The Learning Experience had one hundred and nine franchises with only twenty-one being company owned.  Roughly twenty-five percent of all franchisees own more than one unit, with ten to twenty The Learning Experience jobs per unit.

The Learning Experience Careers

If you’re looking buying a franchise with The Learning Experience, you will receive aid with all licensing and permits needed to set everything up.  Also, the entire franchise will essentially be set up for you, staff will be trained and hired for you, as well as insuring that you’re set up to comply with all government laws. You’re getting a turn-key franchise.

The Learning Experience jobs cover both corporate and franchise opportunities across the country. You also must have excellent communication skills as you’ll be dealing with fellow staff members, children, and parents.  How old do you have to be to work at The Learning Experience? All jobs require you to be over the age of eighteen.

Many corporate jobs are based out of the Boca Raton, but because of the company’s rapid expansion, there are many jobs across the country helping and supervising franchises. For franchise jobs, the students always come first, but there are a variety of jobs for you to choose from.  There’s a large age group coverage, so there are several opportunities for you to move from age group to age group within the company and franchise.

Benefits for The Learning Experience careers include discounts on company tuition, a ninety day training period, medical insurance, CPR certification, and at certain franchises, priority on waiting lists.  Staff members also get the benefits of watching students learn and grow with their help.

The Learning Experience Job Descriptions

Business Manager – Running the business side of a franchise will entail maintaining budgets, implementing national advertising campaigns, creating and running local advertising campaigns, general business financials, registering and enrolling children, and building solid relationships with fellow staff members, parents, and children.  You must to be able to multi-task, be extremely organized, have great communication skills, excel at time management, and be customer service oriented.  Compensation is competitive within the industry.

Center Director – Overseeing day to day operations is what you’ll do while showing professional conduct and being considerate for the safety and welfare of the students and staff in your facility.  You’ll also conduct tours and make sure that the facility meets The Learning Experience standards.  Working within state regulations for compliance, record keeping, and designating teachers and primary caregivers is a must for this position.  Compensation is competitive for this job.

Teacher – Impacting the lives of children by making sure they have a clean, welcoming, and friendly environment is part of this job.  You must have effective communication skills to talk with parents and fellow staff members.  Compensation is competitive within the industry.

Area Manager – You will travel through a small area and check on centers, making sure that all employees are being effectively trained and all centers are operating legally within state laws.  As new franchises are set up in your territory, you will lead the licensing, advertising, opening, hiring, training, and furnishing of the locations.  Working closely with corporate, you’ll create and establish new programs and sales promotions in order to help franchises grow.  Good communication is key as you design and run weekly meetings in your region, as well assisting at various conferences and conventions throughout the year.  Compensation is competitive for this job.

The Learning Experience Interview Questions

Here are some interview questions you may be asked:

Why do you want to work for The Learning Experience? A common interview question, but you should be prepared for it.  Speak about why you love children, what drew you to this company, and why it is your first choice.

What experience do you have? Make sure to highlight all your relevant experience.  Speak about what you’ve learned through your years in childcare, especially dealing with difficult situations that may have arisen.

Where do you see yourself in a few years? Be realistic in your ambitions. The company wants to know if you see a future with them.  Show that you are willing to take on responsibilities outside of your job description and are open to new challenges.

What is your preferred age group to work with? The Learning Experience offers care for children as young as six weeks to students as old as six years old.  They want to make sure that you’re settled where you’re most comfortable, if the job you applied for wasn’t specific in the age group.

What would new ideas do you bring to this franchise? Because this company is mostly independent franchises, all employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas.  They are looking for people that are team driven and maximize potential.

Advice for Application Process

How to apply for The Learning Experience online: there are two ways to fill out The Learning Experience application, either fill out a general application by clicking the second link below or look for a specific job with the first link.  If you need to come back to update your profile, you can because they have you create a profile with a login and password.  There is no printable application for The Learning Experience, as they encourage online applications.

A general application offers all the spaces for you to fill out the essential elements that you would find on a resume, but they would still like you to upload a resume as an attachment.  A cover letter is also expected.  Be as specific as you can in regards to your resume and cover letter, many jobs require degrees or certifications. The Learning Experience jobs online are specific in what you’re looking for, so make sure you read all listings carefully.

When you go for your interview, dress and act professionally.  Speak with confidence and listen closely to all the questions so you can give accurate answers. Bring a list of questions with you, several of may be answered during the interview, but it shows that you’re prepared.

Afterwards, make sure to show your gratitude for the opportunity to attend an interview with the company. Also make sure to ask more questions about ways to check on the hiring status once the process concludes.  It is rare for applicants to land jobs during the interviews, as most franchises like to go through all interviews before picking their new employee.
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