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Sheraton Hotels and Resorts is a brand under Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. In fact, it is Starwood’s largest and second oldest brand. Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore founded the hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1937. Since then, the company has grown to more than 400 locations with 145,000 employees. Join the company by completing a Sheraton application.

Moore and Henderson bought the Stonehaven Hotel. They changed the name to Sheraton because another hotel they owned has a light up sign that said “Sheraton.” The sign was too heavy and expensive to move, so they kept the name. By 1939, they had opened three hotels in Boston. Then, in 1945, they had expanded along the entire East Coast, earning them a place on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company went international in 1949 with the purchase of two Canadian hotel chains. Then, in the 1960s, the company went even farther afield by opening a Tel Aviv, Israel location. The company continued to open hotels around the world in places like Venezuela, People’s Republic of China, and Italy.

In 1995, Sheraton expanded its business to include a new brand: Four Points, which is a mid-sized, mid-scale hotel. This brand will be included under the ITT Sheraton Luxury group, which is now know as the Starwood Luxury Collection. This new umbrella is working around the world, renovating hotels and developing new properties.

Sheraton Careers

Sheraton prides itself on its exceptional service and personal touches, which are made possible by its attentive employees. With an international presence, Sheraton recognizes its diversity and uses this unique trait to run a successful, energetic, and creative industry. Each hotel has jobs from general manager to housekeeper to engineer. This means there are Sheraton jobs for you.

Sheraton careers means working at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry. You will be provided with a special training and development program in order to help you learn and succeed. Sheraton jobs are about giving you working experience that will help you succeed in your career. With Sheraton careers, you can reach your true potential.

How old do you have to be to work at Sheraton? Starwood Hotels and Resorts requires that all employees be at least 18 years old. Starwood includes Sheraton, Weston, Four Points, Element, Loft, Meridien, St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, and W Hotels. Through a link on the Starwood website, you can find a page that includes all Sheraton job opportunities.

Employees receive benefits based on their job. Each job description lists the benefits. You should feel comfortable asking about salary when it is not listed. The company hosts recruiting events in locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the Asia Pacific. Check the website to find a local event, which can give you more information about hiring.

Sheraton Job Descriptions

Housekeeping – Your focus is cleanliness, which is the most important part of the industry. In fact, housekeeping has the largest staff and budget of the hotel. For this important position, you must be detail-oriented in order to keep all parts of the building immaculate. There are jobs available from Room Attendant to Housekeeping Rooms Inspector to Rooms Director. 

Guest Services – This job involves constant contact with guests. You make guests comfortable and make sure all of their needs are attended to. This requires good communication skills, ability to multitask, diligence, and an emphasis on teamwork. The goal is to enhance guests’ experience in any way that you can. There are many positions available from Front Desk Agent to Telephone Operation to Director of Rooms. 

General Manager – If you are interested in leading and inspiring others, you should complete a Sheraton application for this position. You will be a role model for other staff, ensure that all guests’ have an excellent experience, and you will work to grow and innovate the company. For this job, you need prior experience in the industry and in a leadership position. 

Food & Beverage – This is one third of the company’s business. It includes all work necessary to create a special restaurant, bar, and banquet experience for guests. You can work in Services/Operations, Culinary, Banquets & Catering Sales, and Management. Those in Management often have long-term employment history or previous experience with relevant responsibilities. Experience in this sector could launch you into careers in other parts of the company.

Sheraton Interview Questions

Part of the process for how to apply for Sheraton online involves an interview, which you can prepare questions for.

What are your strengths? To answer this question, look over your resume and come up with a couple of traits that seem to stand out. Then, in your interview, focus on these by mentioning them and telling about how you have used your strengths in the past. It could be good to mention how your strength will help you in this new position.

What are you weaknesses? It may seem like a Sheraton job application online is only supposed to include positive aspects. However, the interviewer wants to get a sense of how self-reflective you are. It is also beneficial to show how you are working to overcome your weaknesses. Maybe talk about your goals or plans for self-improvement.

Why are you interested in working here? You do not want to seem like you completed an application form just because the company was hiring. You want to explain reasons why the job suits and interests you. Show that you are excited and qualified. This will make the company want to invest in you and your future.

Where do you see yourself in five years? The interview wants to get a sense of whether you are making a commitment to the company. You do not have to be with the company in five years, but you have to show that Sheraton jobs online are an important part of your future.

Why did you leave your last job? It can be hard to talk about a job you no longer enjoy or a job you left in negative terms. Be frank about why you left or why you were fired. The interviewer can easily contact your previous employer for more information.

Advice For Application Process

To get started, go to the company website. You can look through many different departments and locations to find the area that suits you. Then, you can apply for jobs at Sheraton through an online application. Instead of filling out the applications directly on the web page, copy the questions into a Word document. This allows you to save your answers, so you can read them over later.

Once you are satisfied with your free application, copy and paste into the online form in order to apply online. To have a record of your direct application, save a download application form version. You can also use this form to help you prepare for the interview, which is essential.

To prepare for the interview, use your printable application form and come up with a list of potential questions. Do the necessary research and thinking to come up with strong answers. Then, practice saying them aloud. The interview is even more important than the printable application for Sheraton, so you want to be ready.

On the day of the interview, you want to show up early. This shows that you are responsible and respectful. Make sure to wear nice clothing, as this also conveys respect and an attention to detail. During every answer, make sure that you speak slowly and that you maintain eye contact.
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