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Ramada Inn is a well-known and well-respected chain of hotels that operates worldwide.  It is part of the large family of hotel brands that make up the Wyndham Hotel Group.  To find out how to apply for Ramada Inn online, follow the link at the bottom of the page to submit your Ramada Inn application.

The very first hotel in this company was opened in 1954 in Flagstaff, Arizona by Marion Isbell.  The hotel was named after the Spanish word for branch, ‘rama’ and loosely translates as ‘shady resting place’.  The chain began by expanding into other locations in Arizona, and now has over 900 locations in 50 different countries.

The Wyndham Hotel Group runs a number of other famous and recognizable hotel brands including Travelodge, Super 8, New Yorker Hotel, Dolce, Days Inn, Howard Johnson’s and Wingate as well as Planet Hollywood.  Collectively it has over 7,400 hotels in 66 countries.  But it is always looking for new franchising opportunities.

There are different ‘tiers’ to Ramada Hotels to suit different needs and budgets.  The Inns provide large rooms and some suites; all locations serve breakfast and many have a restaurant or convenience store, swimming pools, gyms and room service.  There are also the Limited, Resort and Plaza tiers that have modified services.

Ramada Inn Careers

There are many different career options available in the various locations.  They are hiring for positions in the restaurants and bars, for Front Desk and Reservation Agents, Housekeeping and Laundry staff, Room Attendants and for Managers.  Many of these are entry-level opportunities and won’t require much experience to get you started.

From time to time there will also be careers available in the corporate side of the industry via the Wyndham Hotel Group.  The departments that you can submit applications to include Finance and Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing amongst others.  For these roles, candidates with degrees in the relevant fields will be preferred.

How old do you have to be to work at Ramada Inn?  You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for Ramada Inn jobs.  Remember that all of the hotels are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many entry-level employees will benefit from flexible working schedules as well as the opportunity to make a lot in tips.  Other benefits of Ramada Inn careers for eligible employees are a healthcare program including medical, dental and vision, 401(k) retirement plans and paid time off.  Most employees will also be entitled to discounts on hotels in the Wyndham Hotel Group.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Laundry Attendant – The responsibilities for this role will include washing, drying, ironing and sorting the bed linens and other linens throughout the hotel.  It is very important that everything is carried out to the highest hygiene and cleanliness standards for the comfort of the guests.  This job will typically be paid at minimum wage.

Restaurant Server – Working in the restaurant of the hotel you will take customers food and drink orders and serve the meals.  Customer service is very important in this role and it can be very fast-paced.  You will also assist with some food preparation and other daily duties as assigned.  The pay for this usually starts at $6/hour.

Front Desk Agent – The job description for this position requires you to be knowledgeable about the rooms and services offered in the hotel as well as information about what to do and see in the surrounding area.  You will process transactions and assist with reservations.  The pay rate for this position is between $9-10/hour.

General Manager – As a General Manager of a hotel you need to be able to manage the performance of the restaurant, bar, front desk, rooms and all other services provided by the hotel.  You will assist all staff in providing excellent customer service as well as driving sales targets and maintaining all necessary standards.  The salary for this role starts at $60k/year.

Ramada Inn Interview Questions

To give yourself the best chance of employment, practice some common interview questions after you submit your Ramada Inn application.

Why do you want to work here?  It’s always a good idea to carry out a bit of research on the company and their values before you get to an interview.  Then you can be specific about what it is about the place that made you want to apply for jobs at Ramada Inn.


Tell me about yourself.  As much as you might want to give them your life story, stick to aspects that are relevant to Ramada Inn jobs, talk about your relevant experience and skills that make you an ideal candidate.

What is your biggest weakness?  Some people can find it hard to answer this question as you don’t want to talk about your negative points, but they way to get around it is to talk about what you have been doing or could do to overcome your flaws.

Tell me about a time when you had to handle an angry customer.  Give a specific example from any previous jobs here.  If you haven’t been in this situation before then talk about a similar occurrence when you had to deal with a difficult person.

What is your availability?  For many entry-level job opportunities the ability to be flexible in your work schedule will be extremely beneficial to you, as they will need people to cover evening and weekend shifts.

Advice For Application Process

To make a direct application to a local hotel, you can take your resume down there and request a free application form from the manager.  You can only do this for jobs advertised that are based at that particular hotel.  There isn’t an option to download a printable application for Ramada Inn.

If you want to apply online for jobs at any other hotels, corporate roles or other roles with the Wyndham Hotel Group, either search Ramada Inn jobs online or use the provided links below.  Using their portal you can fill in the online application form with your experience and details to submit your Ramada Inn job application online.

Remember that appearances can go a long way in the hotel industry so make sure you show up to your interview smartly dressed and well prepared.  When you greet your interviewer, give them a firm handshake, make eye contact and smile.  It’s important to maintain a positive attitude throughout to show your enthusiasm for the job.

When you’re answering questions, make sure you speak clearly and in full sentences.  Give specific examples to demonstrate your points whenever you can as this helps to make your point in a much stronger way.  Sometime it may be necessary to follow up by phone or email after your interview to check the status of your application.
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