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img- Best Western ApplicationFounded in 1946, Best Western is known worldwide as the “World’s Biggest Hotel Family.” The worldwide chain started as an informal referral for properties of each hotel to help the travel find lodging for the night. This was accomplished by telephone through the desk operators. Get a Best Western application today and join a world-wide winning team.

Best Western operates over 4000 hotels under the logo with 3 tiers of quality of amenities available; the Original Plus and Premiere.  They began expansion internationally in 1964 when Canadian hotel owners joined. As Best Western’s fast growing hotel brand goes further into its global expansion throughout Asia and the Middle East. Take off with Best Western careers that promise more than just a job, but future advancement possibilities like no other employer.

The idea of marketing the brand is what puts Best Western ahead of the competitors. The company has marketing partners such as AAA/CAA, MasterCard, Michael Waltrip, Harley-Davidson and AARP to bring their customers some of the best deals possible. Their franchise option is unique in the business as the hotels are privately owned but affiliate with Best Western. Below you will find a link on how to apply for jobs at Best Western.

With over 4000 hotels in 100 countries, Best Western has affirmed its grip as a global leader offering a cornerstone in the U.S. and European markets for numerous years. So if you’re interested in a job that can lead to limitless career possibilities, apply for jobs at Best Western today. Best Western applications are available in various forms through direct application and online applications.

Best Western Careers

Retail jobs in the hospitality service are the maids who clean the rooms, the front desk clerk who checks you in, the night auditor who keeps the records for the hotel and the hotel manager who has to answer for everything to the corporate head office. For Best Western jobs, a printable application for Best Western is accepted at any of the U.S. hotels.

Corporate careers are the elite employees that keep the ideals of Best Western going throughout the world, offering employees professional development classes, tuition reimbursement and online classes.  This cultivates the best hoteliers to offer the world class amenities the world has come to expect. They also work hard in promoting the brand and training the next generation to deliver the ultimate hospitality the name has come to stand for.

How old do you have to be to work at Best Western? Applicants must be at least 18 years old or older to gain employment with Best Western. Download application form; drop it off at any of the 4000 locations. The company’s always hiring, accepting applications of employment from applicants with various experience. Apply online for the fastest replies to current job opportunities.

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Benefits kick in immediately if you work 30 hours a week they include Health Savings and Flexible Spending accounts, 401(k) and life insurance, Accidental death and paid holidays. After 3 to 6 months of employment you get extra benefits including paid vacation and sick days, Pet insurance, travel insurance and prescription drug coverage. Just go to Best Western jobs online and apply today for one of many Best Western jobs.

Hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This allows easy access to those seeking shelter from long nights on the road. Drop off a printable application form at your local hotel. Go online to discover the job description, responsibilities and salary you can expect in the many careers the world’s hospitality industry leader has to offer.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

After completing a free application and submitting a resume, begin working on questions for your interview.

Night Audit – This position reports on various areas of the hotel, the food and beverage, rooms, front desk and gift shop to provide accurate and timely financial information for the hotel. Tracks room revenue, occupancy percentages and other office statistics, performs duties of front desk, makes sure of charge to each occupant is correct, processes all credit cards and guest charge voucher. Average wage is $10.25/hour.

Housekeeper/Room Attendant – This position cleans and maintains rooms and public areas to health standards to maximize profit. Sets up cleaning cart with supplies. Keeps carts and storage room fully stocked, Cleans and wipes down windows, doors, walls, closets and fixtures in room and hallways, Sanitizes bathtubs sinks and toilet, Sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpets. Average wage is $8.50/hour

Valet – this position welcomes and escorts arriving and departing guests to their accommodations, parking/retrieving vehicles, handling customers baggage, giving out information about area attractions, provides personal service for their business and concierge needs, other duties as assigned. Average wage is $5.50 plus tips.

Front Desk Associate – This position requires registering guests, assigning rooms, accommodating special requests, and ensuring the guests have a pleasant stay and a smooth checkout. Coordinated room status updates with housekeeping department so they know what rooms have checked out, other duties as assigned. Average wage is $10/hour.

Best Western Interview Questions

How do you handle long hours? This question is to see how well you handle yourself prior to hiring. They don’t want someone who sits on their cell phone all night, ignoring their responsibilities and ignoring customers. Someone who has no problem pulling out a vacuum to spruce up the entryway throughout the night, do various things which help out not just their shift but other shifts as well.

Would you work 6 or 7 days a week if necessary? This question is to see if you have what is necessary to work during the peak times of the year when the hotel is busiest. Be honest some people can’t work more than 5 days a week. Some people love to work as much as possible.

What do you want to get out of this job? This question you want to take a moment to think about prior to answering? Do you want to go on from here into the hospitality field? Do you have a plan as to what your ultimate career goal will be? Do you want to own your own hotel? Do you want to learn more about international business practices?

Is it important to always to tell the truth? Yes, of course it is. This is a no brainer question that employers use to evaluate their workers. No one wants to work with someone who lies and is untrustworthy. Some people lie on their application form and then cannot perform the required tasks.

Have you found any ways to make your job easier? This is to see how well you think on your feet and if you think outside of the box. Anything that you can make fun you tend to do a better job at. It allows you to think of how you can maximize your time and create a fun environment.

Advice for Application Process

Do not answer your cell phone while in an interview. Do not text. Turn off your cell till the interview is finished. By accepting calls and texting you are showing that you are not interested in the job offer. If the cell does ring don’t even think about answering it. Don’t look at your watch continuously either it gives off the impression that you have somewhere else to be.

Don’t slouch. It just plain makes you look bad. Slouching can make you look disinterested and bored. By sitting up you look more professional and more interested in what’s going on around you. Make eye contact as often as possible, not doing this makes the interviewer embarrassed. It makes you seem uninterested in the position being offered.

Arrive early. 5 to 10 minutes is the usual time to be early for an interview. 15 minutes early appears too eager. If you know you’re going to be late call ahead and see if you can reschedule or give an approximate time of arrival. If you don’t chances are you won’t get the job offer.

Handshakes are an important part of a job interview whether you realize it or not. It says something about you and your character. A firm handshake tells the employer that you are confident, and ready to work. A wimpy handshake signifies lack of confidence and unsureness of abilities or of the job itself.
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