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“Getting Better All the Time” is a slogan you hear on commercials around central Florida. Winn Dixie the infamous grocery chain in these parts has been through bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions and still managed to land on its feet. The company currently operates 524 grocery stores throughout 5 southeastern states. Fill out a Winn Dixie application today. Below is an applications link on how to apply for Winn Dixie online.

Winn Dixie although successful in the latter part of the 20th century, they have emerged through a rocky beginning in the 21st century, with bankruptcy imminent in 2006 filing for Chapter 11, a far cry from its humble beginnings in 1914. Combined with its parent store they operate 680 stores and employ 68,000 workers in 8 states. The free application can start you on an exciting career path.

With its exclusive brands that have been introduced over the years the company has developed a 3 tiered product line for every consumer economic bracket dependent wholly on value pricing. Winn & Lovett is the private label products designed for the upscale customer, Winn Dixie brand for middle class consumers and Clear Value for the lower income customers ensuring something for everyone. Get your Winn Dixie application today.

Even though the 3 tiers are evidently divided by economic status, price wise the company does have exclusive brands such as the Chek brand sodas and the Kuddles brand for select baby related items. These exclusive brands are the sole property of Winn Dixie although the Chek brand sodas are sold in Bi Lo stores nationwide as well. To secure one of the many Winn Dixie jobs apply today.

Winn Dixie Careers

Retail jobs are the heart of Winn Dixie. The men and women who strive to bring you superior customer service are behind the cash registers, the meat counter, deli, produce and those behind the scenes. To apply for jobs at Winn Dixie download application form or fill out a printable application form and drop off application at any of the locations nearest you.

Corporate careers are the hard working salary earners who strive to make the grocery industry an experience for the customer. Buyers, ad marketing, financial and executive positions are some of the Winn Dixie jobs online. To kick start your career; submit your resume along with your online application to find the career of your dreams.

How old do you have to be to work at Winn Dixie? Applicants must be at least 16 years old or older to work at Winn Dixie. Get a printable application for Winn Dixie or apply online for one of many Winn Dixie jobs. Go to the Winn Dixie website to view job descriptions, responsibilities, benefits and employment opportunities.

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Benefits include Associates rewards card to save on purchases, paid time off from work, flexible spending account for healthcare or childcare costs, tuition reimbursement plan, and special discounts from thousands of local and national retailers, personalized online benefits enrollment. Additional benefits will be discussed during the orientation or at time of hire.

Hours of Operation for this store are 6am to 12 midnight Monday – Sunday. This allows applicants an opportunity to view the facilities if they are not already familiar with them and turn in a direct application for the respected job opportunities and speak directly to a hiring manager to set up an interview.  Applications are always accepted.

Job Description and Salaries

Meat – Seafood Manager – is responsible for daily operations for assigned departments. This position is responsible for profit and loss in its designated area, use leadership skills along with merchandising skills to promote and manage product and make sound business decisions by increasing customer confidence and loyalty by providing fresh and appealing products. Average wage is $20.25/hour.

Deli Manager – this position ensures department meets and exceeds company standards for appearance, conduct weekly meetings with team members to discuss merchandising and sales objectives, ensure proper food handling and sanitation conditions are followed. Build guest loyalty and ensure food is showcased to show freshness as well as appeal. This position is responsible for daily operations for assigned departments.  Average wage is $14.50/hour.

Liquor Store Associate – this position is responsible for increasing customer confidence and loyalty, performs rotation of stock to ensure freshness and date control, observes customers and checks ID for proof of age, deny sale to underage or intoxicated customers. Builds trust and loyal relationships with customers.  Operate department equipment and tools, Notify management of team member theft, customer shoplifting, unauthorized markdowns, and property defacement. Average wage is $19.00/hour.

Pharmacy Tech (Non – Certified) – this position will assist the pharmacist by filling prescriptions, distributing prescriptions and clerical activities while under direct supervision of the pharmacist. Assist in preparations of prescriptions including allergies and pharmaceutical history. Provide first class customer service when greeting customers as they enter the pharmacy. Maintain confidentiality according to HIPPA practices. Average wage is $11.00/hour.

Winn Dixie Interview Questions

Picture yourself in one of the Winn Dixie careers, fill out an application form and practice these questions to help you win the interview and make your dream a reality.

When can you start? A question most applicants can’t wait to hear. Be honest here. Do you have any obligations like a wedding at the end of the week to go to? The last thing you want to do is get started in a job and have to take time off. It doesn’t look good.

Do you have reliable transportation? This question is asked a lot because employers don’t want to hire someone who can’t get to work or is always running late for this or that reason. Chances are the reason for the position being vacant is because someone couldn’t commit to their obligations as they said they would.

How many years of customer service experience have you had? This question is typical in any retail position. They want to know you have some experience helping customers and that you’re competent enough to know how to greet customers and provide assistance which makes for a positive customer service experience.

If a customer asks you where something is, what do you do? This question is typical for a retail position. If you already have a customer that you are helping pause a moment and acknowledge the new customer that you will be right with them. If you are not doing anything but stocking and facing products, stop immediately acknowledge the customer and bring customer to desired product.

What fruit or vegetable would you be? This is first and foremost a personality test that also serves to see how you do with off the wall questions some customers ask and how well you think on your feet. Doesn’t matter how you respond usually as long as you can respond on your feet without making too big of a deal of the question.

Advice For Application Process

Be on time for interview. Don’t show up more than 15 minutes early it looks like your desperate. Smile and be courteous to everyone. Employees usually get the heads up and are curious as to see who may be working with them.  If your disrespectful it will get back to management and the job offer you were hoping for my be revoked.

Be you, keep your answers concise, and keep your demeanor confident and your banter candid. You don’t want to appear overly boisterous, but you want to appear friendly and capable of doing the job. You want to be yourself not someone else; they aren’t looking to hire someone else. Keep your voice conversational and hold yourself confidently. You made it this far compared to so many others.

Some body language to avoid while in an interview is not making eye contact, fidgeting, playing with your hair, biting your nails biting your lip, slouching, looking off in the distance, playing with pen, touching your face, chewing gum and mumbling. This is the type of body language you want to send out; smiling, eye contact, good posture, active listening, and nodding in response.

Don’t be cocky; granted attitude plays a role in a successful interview. There is a fine line between confidence and professionalism and modesty.  You may be putting on a false show of confidence to show an interviewer that you are the one they should pick.  Too much confidence is as bad if not worse than being too reserved.
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