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Congratulations on deciding to pursue a Merle Norman Cosmetics application. You will find that a career with this company will be one of the most rewarding careers you could ever have chosen. Merle Norman Cosmetics currently provide job opportunities in many locations around the USA.

Merle Nethercutt Norman started this company in 1931 and through great struggle she has managed to maintain this business through war, social depression and personal battles and throughout her company has continued to provide the world with some of the best cosmetics ever produced.

The essence of a career with this company lies within independence and entrepreneurial-ship. Many women from all over the world have managed to gain complete financial independence because of Merle Norman Cosmetics jobs which can be one of the most fun and rewarding careers and are certainly not limited to women, or the young or old. There is opportunity for everyone to find employment in their local area.

Though many people do start-up their own businesses through franchises there are still many situations where these franchises require independent members of staff to work on-site locally and to continue the tradition of providing the best possible services to members of the public.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Careers

Merle Norman Cosmetics jobs can be found in various locations throughout the USA. You will find an independent link to a downloadable application form if available, a printable application form if available and the various resources for direct application at the bottom of this article. Remember that every job application is a free application and you should never have to pay to apply to work regarding Merle Norman Cosmetics careers.

How old do you have to be to work at Merle Norman Cosmetics?

The minimum age for employment with Merle Norman Cosmetics is 16 years of age. This ensures that strict guidelines for quality and training are met and that only the very best and most professional employees carry out the demands of high quality control. There is no maximum age limit to work for Merle Norman Cosmetics

The benefits of working with Merle Norman Cosmetics are many and various. Some employees stated that the ability to work varied shifts, the fun and engaging environment and the friendly staff meant that they knew they were working somewhere that made them truly feel good about what they were doing.

The hours of operation for your employment will vary depending upon the specific job role. Most facilities abide by the minimum of being open to the public for 8-12 hours per day for 5-6 days per week. By speaking to the local store owner or HR representative during the interview process you can better understand the specific hours of operation in your local area.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Job Descriptions

Merle Norman Cosmetics jobs are not only job opportunities but they give people the chance to build a career within this industry and guarantee employees with a lifelong opportunity to grow and develop their skills and learn to apply their knowledge in ways that will keep customers coming back for more. Many people learn the essentials in retail stores, developing their skills in beauty and makeup and customer service and then one day venture out into the world to start-up their own franchise studio.

Your responsibilities and salary will depend on your experience in your particular field of expertise. Jobs that your local Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise may be currently hiring for will vary but you can still forward your resume and begin the applications process regardless.

Beauty Consultant – $9-12 per hour – A beauty consultant is responsible for dealing with customers and ensuring that their needs are met. This person will have great communication skills and a very professional manner at all times responding politely and courteously to all inquiries.

Makeup Artist – $9-$12 per hour – A makeup artist is the one who actually applies makeup and will have exact standards when it comes to ensuring that customers are satisfied with their services. A Makeup artist must be courteous and polite in all situations and have the ability to listen to what people want and then deliver exactly what was asked for.

Sales Consultant – Yearly Salary of between $40,000 and $50,000 per year – A sales consultant will know everything about Merle Norman Cosmetics products. They will be able to quickly, easily and professionally answer any and all inquiries with regards to the products and services themselves.

Advertising Accounts Executive – Yearly Salary of between $40,000 and $50,000 per year -This position is focused upon the advertising division of Merle Norman Cosmetics. Our advertising executives are the people who devise and implement advertising campaigns and strategies to ensure the development and expansion of the company profile.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Interview Questions

Typically interviews last from 30-60 minutes and may include the following questions:

Why would you like to work for Merle Norman Cosmetics? Explain why you want to pursue a career with this company. Using the word ‘career’ will ensure that your employer knows that you want long term employment and that you are dedicated to the role. 

What experience do you have in this industry? Tell the employer of any professional experience you have first and then any personal experience second. This will ensure your employer knows exactly what level you are at and your personal experience will help them to see how you think about your career outside of work too, this shows that you have passion. 

What do you know about Merle Norman Cosmetics? Always do your research before going in to an interview. Memorize at least 2 facts about the company, its founder or the specific job role requirements. Make your knowledge unique. If you can answer in a way that shows you know something that isn’t common knowledge, you will stand out immediately as someone who can do things others can’t.

What kind of salary/wage are you expecting? Find a good middle ground, don’t aim too low and definitely don’t aim too high. Offer a decent enough salary for your own expectations and ask your employer what they offer for the specific job role. 

Is there anything that you would like to ask us? An interview will almost always end with this question. Always ask something, even ‘when can I expect to hear back from you?’ Asking questions shows that you have been engaged during the interview.

Advice For Application Process

You can apply online for jobs at Merle Norman Cosmetics homepage if you are interested in starting up your own franchise. Alternatively you will find links at the bottom of this article that will help you to find useful resources for your Merle Norman Cosmetics application. When completing online forms be sure to take great care in filling them out correctly the first time as this shows attention to detail and is a quality that every employer values in an employee.

With regards to the interview process the keywords are ‘Presentation & Professionalism’ and be sure to bring your resume. Merle Norman Cosmetics are a very well established brand and after you complete your online application, if selected to continue with the process of employment you will be expected to attend a face to face interview. There are several thousands of applications every year to work for Merle Norman Cosmetics so it is important that you present in your very best and most professional manner.

Some employees have noted that many of the authorities in the business are considered to be ‘quite traditional’ and so this information can be used to tailor your specific introduction and the way in which you speak and present yourself.
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