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img- Converse ApplicationConverse has been a well-known sneakers brand for ages, it was founded in February 1908 at Malden Massachusetts by Marquis Mills Converse. There are approximately 75 company-owned retail stores all over US and some in 160 countries. Converse became the official shoes of the National Basketball Association, a subsidiary of Nike Inc. in 2009 and became the preferred brand of all ages, genres and individuals, becoming the mainstream.

Marquis Converse started as a respected manager in a footwear manufacturing firm and decided to open the converse rubber shoe company in 1908, after two years, converse started producing 1 shoe daily. In 1915, it became the glory day of the company, they introduce the Converse All-star basketball shoe. Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor worked with converse as a salesman, became the ambassador and endorsed the shoe throughout US.

Converse is an American sportswear and lifestyle brand footwear, it was produced by one star, Chuck Taylor, and Jack Purcell. During the World War II Converse manufactured rubberized footwear, outwear and protective suits for the military in 1941. Then in 1970s Converse bought the trademark rights to Jack Purcell sneakers from B.F Goodrich. And Jim Labadini, employee, created the Chevron and star insignia / logo which still remains on Converse products.

By January 21, 2001, the shoe company reluctantly filed for bankruptcy, for so much competitors have surged, including Puma, Adidas and Nike. The company has lost so much, and found that they are no longer the official shoes of the National Basketball Association. Then Mardsen Cason and Bill purchased the company from Bankruptcy in April 2001. And in July 9 2003, Nike acquired Converse, purchased it for $309 Million.

Converse being now owned by a prominent company, has endorsed and sold a lot of quality products, continued being the preferred brand of famous icons and individuals of various genres. But not only that quality and fashionable products are offered, Converse is open for a lot opportunities for all. If you are seeking a job, you can check their website for Converse careers and check for their requirements and apply.

Converse Careers

The Company is offering various job opportunities for seekers in the industry. There are sales, call centers, technology, and corporate careers. Check the link and check the Converse jobs online and the locations available for you. There are Store Manager, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Customer Care Representative, and Technical Support. While there are also corporate positions available, such as Costing Manager and Manufacturing Team Leader etc.

The business is so magnanimous that if offers employees a lot of exciting and advantageous perks, employees enjoy the huge discounts on all the products, transportation allowance/discounts and tuition assistance for those who are working students. Benefits vary on the position of an employee and also the location, there are Health and life and death insurances, disability insurance, retirement savings plan and more.

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How old do you have to be to work at Converse? If you have the interest in working at Converse, you must be 18 years of age, with at least a high-school diploma. However, make sure to check the age requirement for the specific job you are going to apply.

Not only with offering these amazing perks and careers that will build one’s professional skill, the company also considers the applicant’s condition, specifically if the aspirant has a disability, they are willing to make consideration. If there’s a medical condition or disability, feel free to contact converse for a reasonable accommodation, you could send them your request, the reason, location and your contact information, and they will accommodate you.

So how to apply for Converse online? First is to check Converse’s official website and look for the career menu. There, you may find various hiring positions you might be looking for. You can apply online or you may opt to have direct application depending on the location. Converse jobs are diverse, encouraging talents to join and enhance their skills in a perky environment.

Don’t worry about fees in applying, it is a free application, you may download the application form as well as a printable application for converse available for the applicant’s convenience. Also you may see there the job descriptions, responsibilities, and sometimes salary is indicated too. The hiring manager may send you an email to notify you for an upcoming interview, days after submitting the Converse application.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Store Manager – If you opt to apply to this position, you must be able to manage the selection, training and development of the staffs. Make sure that the monthly quotas are met. You will also have to sell the organization’s products and services to the customers, you will also have to resolve some escalated customer complaints and issues. Lastly, need to supervise the retail operations, monitor schedules and staff’s workflow.

Sales Associate – If you want to create upbeat and fun atmosphere for shoppers then you are suitable for this position. You have a personal customer service and selling tactics in order to give customers satisfaction; you’ll be working with a team, and you will have to ensure the stock remains and maintains the stocks organized and replenished. You will also take some forms of payment from customers to complete transaction.

Assistant Store Manager – You are in charge in managing in-store activities and achieve sales effectiveness goals. You will create revenue and manage continuous implementation of operating norms. You must be able to execute markdowns and seasonal promotions accordingly, as well as the product presentations. You will also provide coaching and counseling, and manage employees’ performance in order to deliver talent planning.

Manufacturing Team Leader – Your task is to take charge the processing and operating management. Your factory leadership is essential to ensure that all factory operational processes are in good condition, and still effective. You will ensure the visibility and control performance, including the products’ quality, chemical engineering, and manufacturing plans. You are also in charge of handling and solving the issues that may occur.

Costing Manager – You will have to deal and lead a number of costing analysts as your team, plus you need to provide coaching, training and developmental opportunities and technical guidance for an effective result. You will evaluate and deduce factory costs breakdowns and their total weighted margin, you will study the costs of materials, components and technologies used and keep up with the foreign exchange changes to achieve target gross price.

When you apply for jobs at converse these will be the responsibilities to handle, but don’t worry, because there is reasonable wage for your compensation. If you are going to be a store manager you will have a total of $25,000-65,000 salary, while a sales associate may start to earn $10.18 per hour and for a manufacturing team leader, you may have $31,000-$83,000, all depending on performances and bonuses.

Converse Interview Questions

Here are some few questions to get you prepared for your future employment.

What did you in our company that made you want to work in Converse? This will be easy for you, make sure you have researched enough for this question. State the Converse’s diversity and perky environment, their generous benefit and their genuine and kind consideration to give opportunities to everyone.

What can you contribute in converse? – You may tell them your skills and your interest in their company. Tell how you are going to use your skills and knowledge for the betterment and how it’s going to be useful for the company. And also how it’s going to impact Converse management.

What is service and what do you think a good sales associate must possess in order to give effective customer service? This is probably the easiest question you may encounter during an interview. All you have to do is define what service is, and by that, a good service is making a customer leave the premise with satisfaction, you can include some past experience. And describe a good sales associate.

Why do you think we should hire you? This is about you, and you have to do is say your candid interest and will to be in the establishment, state what you can do that may affect their business. A company doesn’t just hire people who wants to be in their company, they are looking for someone who can contribute to the business and give a good effect of development.

Where do you see yourself after several years? This is how you’re commitment will be seen. The interviewer will see if you really are committed to be part of their firm, they are not looking for a short-term employment only, well sometimes it may vary. What they are looking for are ambitious people, people who wants to grow professionally and get to the top as the company emerges.

Advice for Application Process

Job applications are one of the most challenging part of one’s life, and for you to surpass that, you must demonstrate a confident and pleasant attitude towards the hiring manager or to anyone you will encounter inside the company you are applying to. You must display respect and appropriate behavior all the time, and this will give them an impression that you might be a good employee or individual.

During your Converse application, you must be able to gather your credentials, such as resumes, valid identification cards and other supporting documents that you may need during your application process. It is better to be prepared ahead of time, because when you apply to a company, they will notify you through email or sometimes a phone call for a scheduled interview, and you must be prepared.

When your online application is done, It’s important that your papers are prepared, also make sure that your application form are neatly filled, avoid erasures and see to it that the information you are provided are concise, complete and accurate, read the questions or the sections that you must fill carefully and write legibly. You are applying, your papers and credentials must be presented neatly and wrinkle-free.

During the interview proper, you must display confidence or else they will think that you are not prepared nor you are not qualified in the position you are applying for. Speak clearly, make sure that the interviewer can hear you clearly and could understand you for a smooth-flowing interview. Relax and be confident.

Lastly, if you want to make a good impression, always display gratitude and that you’re honored to be given an opportunity to be interviewed and be considered. Also, don’t be afraid to include your experience in your previous work if it’s applicable, and you will find it an engaging interview flow. Also, dress neatly, pleasantly and smart. Do not wear offensive, revealing and vulgar attire. You must dress properly.
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