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Champs Sports ApplicationChamps Sports is a retail store that centers on sports related merchandise. This company also a subsidiary of Foot Locker. Its current owner, the F. W. Woolworth Company, owns both Foot Locker and Champs Sports. Both were acquired during the late 1980s. It became a first in a new wave of specialized stores, slowly ousting older variety stores.

Today, there are currently 552 stores found across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that Champs Sports’ corporate office is found at Bradenton FL.

Champs Sports cares a great deal about treating their employees well. It’s why their employee benefit packages have so many benefits compared to its competitors. Champs Sports is an official partner of the Russel Athletic Bowl and the Capital One Bowl.

Each store’s average size is 3,500 square feet. Engagement Labs have named Champs Sports its best Social Media Retail based upon their index score (96), beating Gamestop with their score (95). This was calculated through how much social media engagement, impact and responsiveness a company social media page has obtained. Their impressive score was achieved through specific, appropriate thematic posts that shared a commonality with its product. One such example is how Champs Sports ran a hashtag known as #TheDrop which offered interesting facts about sports teams and athletes.

Champs Sports Careers

While previous experience may not be needed, it’s highly recommended to have exceptional communication or customer service skills when applying for a Sales Associate job (Preferably both). Potential employees who genuinely enjoy interacting with large groups of people are also recommended since most establishments have been founded within malls where customers may enter in larger numbers.

Requirements for joining Managerial staff can vary based on location. However, most locations prefer hiring a person with previous experience within a customer relations job.

Across all Champs Sports careers, possessing necessary customer service skills are required. Along with this, all jobs at Champs Sports employees must be able to lift weights ranging from 5-30 pounds, work rapidly during peak sales periods, while standing for long periods of time. Despite not being required, people with a keen sports interest have also been notably favored by this company.

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How old do you have to be to work at Champs Sports? Employees seeking employment at this company must be 18 years or older, otherwise their application will not be considered.

Sales Associates make an average of $7.20 an hour but are also paid based upon commission.
Assistant managers have an average of $10.25 an hour.
Store Managers have an average salary of $48,000 – $52,959.

Benefits for full time employees include: Flexible hours, paid time off, paid training, a 30% discount on store merchandise, health insurance plans, 401(k) retirement plan, life insurance, disability insurance, potential career advancement along with programs devoted toward helping career advancement.

Former employees report that working in a team with their coworkers is their favorite part. This has been reported especially when hitting challenging sales times where stores become filled with customers. During this time, employees learn how best they can work with their coworkers as a team so each customer leaves satisfied.

Former employees also report that another enjoyable part this job offers is engaging customers as well as building a rapport with them. Doing so not only makes being a Sales Associate more enjoyable, it also helps each employee reach their daily sales quota.

Former employees highly recommended this for people who are also attending college while needing a well-paying, part-time job with flexible hours. It’s also recommended for people who need a first step into a customer service industry.

Another reason Sales Associates make a great start for people in need of experience, is how Managers will train employees in how they should perform their job. However, once trained, a Sales Associate may be moved into another location. If you’re an athlete, a storewide discount becomes incredibly useful since you can obtain apparel required for your training in a reasonable price range.

Most Champs Sports locations are located within shopping malls, as a result hours may change based on each individual mall’s hours. However, these hours usually include holidays or weekends. Locations have an average opening time of 10am with an average closing time of 9pm.

Champs Sports Job Description

Common job opportunities at any location are being a Sales Associate, Management Trainee, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager or Store Manager.

Sales Associates are responsible for customer relations, customer service, cleaning work areas, cashiering, making sales and meeting sales quotas. Managers stress the most integral part here is completing sales with customers as well as ultimately selling product.

Management Trainees are put into a training program so they can eventually become a Store Manager. This also serves as a first step toward a long term career at this company. This job’s responsibilities include Sales Associate’s responsibilities, helping Managers with their duties, taking calls, organizing team members while helping each store run more efficiently. Management Trainees may also be transferred into other stores during training.

Assistant Managers must perform similar duties as Sales Associates, but also must manage employees, record stock, protect assets, and must help train new employees.

Shift Managers (or part-time managers) are responsible for everyday store operations, visualizing merchandise, achieving productivity goals and if Store Managers or Assistant Managers become unavailable, must take over their duties.

Store Manager responsibilities include reporting to District Managers, developing a team, leading each store’s team, meeting all corporate goals, recruiting new employees, training new employees, visualize merchandising, customer service and store operations.

All managerial jobs are not only expected to perform Sales Associate duties, but must also take telephone calls, place orders on product, and keep corporate offices updated on their location’s condition.

Advice For Application Process

The best way to apply for jobs at Champs Sports is apply online through their website. To create a Champs Sports job application online, one must first create an account, find a job that seems interesting, then attach their resume to an online application form before finally submitting their application.  By clicking on a “apply now” link, one can send their Champs Sports application directly to the store that interests them. Also on that website, a list of all available positions with relevant job descriptions can be found on its career page.

Having a passion for sports is a large plus when seeking a job at this company. But don’t forget, focus should remain on your communication and customer service skills in your Champs Sports application or during an interview.

Champs Sports does not usually take walk-in applications. The best way into a job here is to apply for Champs Sports jobs online. As a result, there is no printable application for Champs Sports. Despite there being no printable application form, its online process is very straight forward. Sending a free application though remains simple.

However, based upon shopping mall location, there can at times be links for download application forms. If that’s the case, talk to a Store Manager at each location you’re seeking employment at and ask about walk-in applications. If they are taking direct applications, drop off your application there first before applying online unless instructed otherwise by the manager.

If you’re aiming at a managerial job, be prepared for a phone interview before a one-on-one interview. During a one-on-one interview, dress in formal attire. This shows that you are aiming at high-level Champs Sports careers. Don’t be scared away from visiting stores you wish employment at. While, they may not accept walk-in applications, a store’s team will be more than happy to answer questions while evaluating a potential future employee.

Common interview questions at this company tend to test what personality you have, survey how you will handle certain scenarios, or simply ask what times you can work. A former employee reports that interview questions can range from selling a pen to your interviewer, to how you would react if a customer was seeking a specific shoe.

Average response time from this company after an application has been filled is 5-7 days. Afterward, expect a call back then begin preparations for an interview.

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