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What started as a small cosmetics company back in 1963 is now a global privately owned company with headquarters located in Dallas. Mary Kay also has over 1.8 million independent sales representatives and business employees. The original founder was Mary Kay Ash, and her son Richard Rogers currently holds the post of chairman. When submitting a Mary Kay application, you are choosing to work for an outstanding company in the cosmetics industry. With many locations around the world, and within the United States the official website will show you how to apply for Mary Kay jobs online.

As well as over 200 products in the lines of skin care, cosmetics and perfumes, a product line called The Mary Kay Botanical Effects was created to enhance the protection of the environment. The corporate facilities have managed to decrease their consumption of energy, which was a large enough decrease to enable one thousand average homes to have a year’s worth of energy. Mary Kay has also reduced their transportation carbon footprint, and is working on water conservation.

Mary Kay also works on other environmental initiatives, including recycling and renewable materials. The company has even recycled more than 300,000 makeup compacts as they were replaced with new compacts. The Dallas headquarters attained a site stature of zero landfills, and the products of Mary Kay are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Mary Kay Careers

There are a large variety of Mary Kay careers available. As well as independent sales representatives, there are also sales associates, customer service representatives, material handlers and bookkeeper positions. Mary Kay jobs can be found on their official website, and you can find further information on how to apply for Mary Kay online.

Many Mary Kay jobs require qualifications and experience, particularly in the corporate fields. Some of these job opportunities include development specialists, process technicians, information systems auditors, code compliance specialists, engineers and production line technicians. You can apply online for any of these as well as business analyst, administrator, market research manager, protective services officer and web designer positions.

How old do you have to be to work at Mary Kay? You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for jobs at Mary Kay.

Many benefits are available for eligible staff. Corporate employees get extensive pay options, and independent contractors get competitive pay rates. Other benefits include a wellness and health plan, life insurance, dental, vision and health care. A 401(k) retirement plan is provided for eligible employees. Employees may also receive recognitions and awards for achievements. Mary Kay is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 6:00pm, and Saturdays from 9:00am – 1:00pm. They are closed on Sundays.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Project Manager – This role includes planning, implementing and finalizing of projects, within necessary deadlines and financial budgets. The project manager is required to source and organize the required staff needed so that projects are completed as per the company’s plan. Quality control is another duty of a project manager. The annual salary is around $103,000 – $111,000.

Brand Manager – The responsibilities of a brand manager are to manage the development of plans and implementation of both long-term and short-term projects. They must maintain the brand’s importance. The brand manager also manages the vendor partners and the communication groups. The average salary is between $81,000 and $88,000 per annum.

Business Analyst – The business analyst is required to determine which fields require changes and further monitor their impact on profit and loss. The business analyst also works with the information technology department and undertakes the necessary research to combat the objectives. The average annual salary is around $80,400.

Compensation Analyst – This role is primarily involved with ensuring employees are receiving the appropriate wages and salaries. Also, this analyst checks on whether the eligible employees are receiving fair and competitive benefits. Another responsibility of this role is to assist the company with attracting employees. The average salary is between $75,000 and $83,000 per annum.

Mary Kay Interview Questions

Many people find job interviews stressful and daunting, and one way to overcome this is to be prepared to answer whatever question may be asked.

How much experience do you have in customer services? This is an expected question for a customer service role. If you have experience, detail it, but if you haven’t, then state that you are willing to learn to provide the level of service required.

What is the degree of your availability? This is a straightforward question regarding when you are available for work. Answer by saying how soon you can start, and what days you are available.

If you had to work with a co-worker you didn’t like, what would you do? They ask this to find out how you would deal with workplace clashes. Your answer should be that you would be polite, and continue to do your job regardless of whom you were working with.

When do you expect to get a promotion? The interviewer wants to find out what your expectations are. You should respond by saying you would expect a promotion once you have achieved the necessary goals and proven yourself an excellent employee.

If you had earned $400 in a day, and still had an hour left to earn $200 more, what would you do? This question is designed to find out if you would push yourself, or settle for the lower amount. To answer this question you should state that you would continue to work just as hard to reach the higher amount, because you still had one hour of work left.

Advice For Application Process

To apply for jobs at Mary Kay, you need to go to their official website and submit an online application. There is no download application form, therefore no printable application form, so you cannot make a direct application. If you find a printable application for Mary Kay online, be sure to determine if it is an original application form. The online application is a free application, with no costs involved.

Make sure you fill out our Mary Kay job application online correctly and honestly. You should attach a copy of your up to date resume and a cover letter as well, outlining any qualifications you may have and experience. Once you have submitted, if you haven’t heard back within 2 weeks, you should contact your local store and enquire about the status of your Mary Kay application. Be aware of the peak hours of work though so you don’t catch them at a busy time.

Once you have received an invitation for an interview, plan and prepare as much as possible. Research the company so that you can answer any questions about it if they are asked. Also study the job description for the job you are applying for. To be considered for hiring, you need to make a good impression. Arrive early for your interview, be polite and friendly.
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