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img- Shiekh Shoes ApplicationShiekh Ellahi, the founder of Shiekh Shoes, began his own career as a Sales Associate in another shoe store at the young age of 17.  He rose through the ranks and eventually opened his own store in 1991 and has continued expanding ever since.  To find out how to apply for Shiekh Shoes online, follow the Shiekh Shoes application link below.

Starting from San Francisco, the company now has over 140 locations in 10 different states across the USA.  Shiekh Shoes careers cater for over 1000 employees in the US and at its headquarters in Ontario, Canada.  While the stores are mainly based in California and the West Coast and Southwest areas, it is able to ship internationally to reach customers all over the world.

Shiekh Shoes aims its market primarily at 18-35 year olds with a focus on casual and athletic shoes.  It likes to create a cool atmosphere in its stores by playing music videos or organizing other music events.  It continually collaborates with DJs and music artists to bring the music into their stores and out into the community.

Shiekh Shoes jobs can open many doors and provide you with personal and professional development, just follow the example of the founder himself!  Working there, you’ll find yourself in a company with an exciting and modern vibe.  Submit a Shiekh Shoes application form today to see what’s in store for you.

Shiekh Shoes Careers

The majority of Shiekh Shoes careers are based in their stores.  Positions typically available are Cashiers, Sales Associates, Stock Assistants, Store 3rd Key, Assistant Managers and Store Managers.  Starting in one of the entry-level roles you will have the opportunity to advance upwards but positions are also available for those with management experience.

They are also receiving applications for corporate positions spanning the areas of Accounting, IT, HR, Marketing, Administration and more.  For employment within their corporate fields you will often need a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications and experience in your chosen sector. The online application link is the same for store, warehouse and corporate openings. 

How old do you have to be to work at Shiekh Shoes?  You need to be at least 17 years old to apply for jobs at Shiekh Shoes.

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Hours of operation are usually 10am-9pm.

Working in the stores you will have the opportunity to earn commission on your sales.  Other benefits of working for Sheikh Shoes include medical insurance and flexible hours.  Some positions may become eligible for other benefits such as 401(k) retirement plans and other types of health insurance.  Of course all employees also receive a generous employee discount on all merchandise.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Sales Associate – Sales Associates have duties including cashiering, keeping the store clean and tidy, greeting and serving customers and creating displays.  Sales and customer service is a huge part of this job so a friendly and helpful attitude is extremely important.  The pay is typically minimum wage of around $9-10/hour.

Assistant Manager – Assistant Managers work between the Sales Associates and Store Managers and have responsibilities supervising staff and ensuring they meet all the required standards as well as organizing schedules and other administrative work.  You will need to have good leadership skills. The salary can be up to $30k a year.

Store Manager – Store Managers need to lead by example and set high standards of professionalism and customer service.  It will be your job to help set and achieve sales targets and motivate staff.  Other duties will include staff training, enforcing company policy and maintaining the appearance of the store.  Salary is dependent on experience but starts at around $30-40k/year.

Accounting Clerk – You will need at least two years experience in accounting and a Bachelor’s degree to be able to be eligible for this position as well as good computer skills.  The position requires upkeep of ledger accounts, routine preparation of reports and statements as well as other general accounting duties as and when needed.  The hourly pay is between $16-18/hour.

Shiekh Shoes Interview Questions

Good preparation for an interview can be the difference between getting an offer or not so make sure to practice answering some questions.

Why do you want to work for Shiekh Shoes? This will most likely be the first question a hiring manager will ask in any industry so make sure you have an answer all ready to go.  Talk about what you liked about the company that made you want to apply for Shiekh Shoes jobs in the first place.

Do you have any sales experience? If you’re applying for a career based in one of the stores then sales is very likely to make up a big part of your day so show off any experience you have.  If this is your first job then describe a time when you had to be persuasive and sell someone on an idea you had.

Do you work best in a team or on your own? This is a slight trick question as you’ll need to be able to work effectively in a team and be trusted to work independently.  You can pick one or the other but mention examples of when you have done both well and don’t be negative about the one you don’t prefer as much.

Applying for entry-level jobs can be competitive if you’re in school/college and haven’t had a job before.  They may ask, “Why should we hire you over someone with experience?” or “Why do you think you’re suited for this type of career?”.  Don’t be discouraged; demonstrate that you’ve developed the skills they’re looking for in your other activities.  Desirable skills include time management, positivity and organizational skills.

Advice For Application Process

To submit a Shiekh Shoes job application online you will need to fill in some personal details, upload your resume and a cover letter, and select the position you want to apply for to make a direct application for that role.  Search Shiekh Shoes jobs online to find out the exact job description before applying.

You can also make a free application if you download a printable application for Shiekh Shoes and take it to your local store or mail it to the headquarters.  Include a cover letter with this as well because this shows that you take the job seriously and helps the manager to get to know a bit more about you and why you would be good for the role.

A cover letter is your opportunity to say the things your resume can’t.  Describe what attributes you have that make you perfect for the role but back them up with specific examples.  This makes a much stronger case than a letter just saying how great you are.  Write in a professional manner and make sure you’ve looked up the company and show your knowledge of it.

When you apply for jobs at Shiekh Shoes, you will often complete the application process in a few days if you apply online for a store-based position.  Corporate job opportunities will take a bit longer to process.  If it seems like you haven’t heard back in a while then follow up with the hiring manager to politely check the status of your application form or the result of an interview.
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