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24 Hour Fitness ApplicationThis company, being part of the fitness industry, has been serving people about more than 30 years. Their mission includes improving customer’s way of life through working out. They help customers achieve their different individual goals. Their offered services includes personal training services, advanced group class exercise, strength exercises, cardio workouts, functional equipment usage, and more.

As they continue towards serving people, they continue into growing successfully. They now function for more than 4 million members across more than 400 locations in United States. That is possible with more than 20,000 team members that help in giving superb services.

Each worker lives by the company’s core values which includes accountability, connectedness, high expectations, integrity, energize, versatility, and enjoying. Working with them offers a very fun, creative, and rewarding working environment while improving community’s way of life, not only for customers but for workers as well.

Having 24 Hour Fitness careers does not only mean having employment at a good working environment corporation, but it also means being physically fit, being professionally satisfied, allowing with being financially independent. These are just among things employees would gain there.

Local gyms of this company is scattered all over states in US. Business continues towards expansion. Customers continues towards increasing in numbers. Thus, this company continues towards investing on people wanting 24 Hour Fitness careers and become part of the family. Different people will have different capacity or knowledge to have this career, but there are many careers available. Each will have a unique talent that can help this company.

If being a successful professional while being fit and healthy is your dream, make use of 24 Hour Fitness job application online towards starting your successful path in achieving your goals. This company provides an easy way for applications to be sent towards them.

24 Hour Fitness Careers

Different jobs requires different job requirements, especially jobs under corporation and managerial jobs. Listed below are just among the long list of requirements for a certain job. For a complete list of requirements, refer at their company’s career website.

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How old do you have to be to work at 24 Hour Fitness? Minimum age requirement is 18.

At least high school graduate, Having a Bachelor’s Degree is preferred, but not required, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certification, Automated External Defibrillator certification, Approved Personal Training certification, Knowledgeable regarding Personal Training Techniques, Well informed regarding software about Personal Training, Other relevant certification or training will be an advantage, Superb building rapport, Previous trainer experience will be helpful

General Hiring Requirement

Motivated, Exceptional oral and written communication skills, Good presentation skills, Excellent customer service skills, Positive thinker, Strong organizational skills, Relative experience, Work with minimal supervision, Fast learner, Friendly & accommodating, No criminal records will help

Salaries & Benefits

Competitive compensation (Especially jobs under IT), Lucrative performance based salary, Insurance benefits, Health benefits, Life plan, Disability plan, Free personal membership, Free family’s membership, Free health coaching, Active wellness rewards, Career advancement opportunities, Generous paid time off, Paid education through 24 Hour University CEC / CEU program, Worker will have freedom towards changing work location depending on where they currently live, Physically fit body, Weight loss or management, Stress reduction, Equipment use, Improved strength, Improved endurance, And more

24 Hour Job Descriptions

Careers provided by this corporation are considered not just as a mere career. It’s a passion, a community, as well as a way of life. It’s a passion because the lives of worker along with lives of customers are being improved which can be considered as a noble cause. With this job, you’ll build a community with other workers as wells as customers. This will be the way of life of every employee having this work.

There can be numerous job opportunities provided by this company. These jobs are categorized into six which includes corporate, club management, membership, service, workout, and information system jobs. Under each categories have many jobs which are assigned at different locations.


Senior Benefits Specialist, Data Scientist, Pay Process Senior Director, Area Human Resources Manager, Compensation Manager, Email Marketing Specialist, District Manager, Social Media Specialist, Receptionist, Warehouse Technician

Club Management

District Facilities Technician, Club Manager


Assistant Membership Manager


Kid’s Club Attendant, Corporate Support Representative


Fitness Manager, Assistant Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer

Information System

Senior Programmer / Analyst, Programmer / Analyst (Java), IT Associate Programmer, Infrastructure System Admin

If interested with jobs listed or even similar careers, apply for jobs at 24 Hour Fitness now. These list only includes job titles. For a complete job description, refer their official website given their link below at 24 Hour Fitness jobs online.

24 Hour Fitness Interview

Last, but definitely not the least in 24 Hour Fitness application process is an interview. It would be essential acing an interview in guaranteeing career at the company. Reviewing for this would require you to find sample questions useful in an interview. Using that researched questions, form good straightforward answers. Knowing details about company’s mission as well as vision may help.

Advice For Application Process

Tips are very helpful ensuring that interested applicant would get a job they want. Numerous tips can be given by anyone, but not all tips will work. Tips that will work depends on where you apply and apply, but do not depend on just tips because there’s more that matters. Remember, 24 Hour Fitness application process is very important.

They have a program called a Talent Network. This program enables interested applicants to fill out a profile. Joining their Talent Network does not mean that applicants have already applied for 24 Hour Fitness jobs. It just means you’ll be receiving messages regarding job openings. It’s just like a subscription. Once you’ve chosen a certain job, you can apply online for it by clicking an apply button at the same page as complete job description of that job. Applying online would be mean faster application transaction. It’s a very convenient to go about any application process.

There is no indicated on their website regarding direct application. But if you prefer it that way, you may go at desired work location then submit resume and/or other necessary documentation such as different certification required in an application purposes.

Applying in a certain location does not mean you’ll be working there the whole time an employee would be working at this company. They would have a chance to change work locations depending on where they live. This would mean even if employees change homes, they would not have to change work. This is very convenient, but state what location mostly preferred.

Fill out every application accurately. Make sure all fields contains information. Do not leave out important information about yourself. Most employers do background checks and if ever you left out important information or even provided false information, you will definitely would not get any job.

Requirement as well as qualification in a job are important parts when applying. It’s where employers will base whether you are qualified or not for positioned applied. For some employers, they are not strict regarding that matter, but some are not. Job having high positions or for experienced professional are usually strict regarding requalification. Employers will thoroughly check your qualifications and see if you are able to do the job responsibilities, but if not, your application will be ignored.

Every information, how simple it may seems, is important and will be useful when applying. So, ensure that you will remember every small detail. If in case you forget these details, tend to ask these questions provided below. These are their corresponding answers which will help you in your application.

How to apply for 24 Hour Fitness online? According to their website, the only way to apply is through online by making a profile then using it to apply at chosen jobs.

Where is the printable application for 24 Hour Fitness? You do not have to download application form neither have a printable application form because they offer a convenient way to send applications which is through online application.

Is there a charge for the application? It’s a free application. In a growing industry, there’s always businesses emerging, thus, new competitors come. Businesses in this industry is always successful business-wise and even career-wise. There are instances that this company is not a perfect match. If that would be the case, there are other companies that might be of your interest. These companies offer wide range career options.

1965, Gold’s Gym, a worthy competitor within their industry, focus on finding and enhancing customers’ strength. Their aims when it started was commitment, passion, plus dedication. Those goals are still their goals until today plus more such as flexibility, empowerment, partnership, and more. They claim that they’re the best among businesses within fitness industry, but they also claim that it’s only possible with dedicated people.

Another top competitors is Powerhouse Gym because it’s another leading corporation in the industry. Expanding just like 24 Hour Fitness, Powerhouse Gym goes beyond that – expanding to more different countries. Their mission includes giving quality services, portrays good rapport with customers, dedication, inspiration, and a lot more. As a growing plus expanding corporation, they’re always in search of talented people.
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