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Started in Holland, Michigan, Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) provides an array of services for those in town and surrounding areas. Started in 1893 this company is dedicated to providing the community with utilities that are not overly priced while still giving quality service. If you are a West Michigan local you can find a link for the Holland Board of Public Works application at the bottom.

HBPW offers many services for its customers. Starting with water it has now branched out, including sewage, electric, and broadband services. Providing more than 25,000 people with electric, even though they started as a water distributor, the company has expanded well. Locations for each provided services is different, but all are monitored as well as run with the community in mind.

This is not a publicly owned company, nor do they have any franchise options. HBPW is run by a board of highly qualified directors and managers. Each director is a Holland resident, and is a well-known part of the community. They all have experience in influential positions with other companies and some are even working for other companies in a different industry in some form.

Founded by more than one person this company has been around for more than 200 years. They have prided themselves on providing the community with clean water, sewage treatment, and affordable electricity, and recently offering broadband.  HBPW has created a name for themselves as a company that cares about the people.

Holland Board of Public Works Careers

As a privately handled company there is no corporate franchise sector separation. Jobs are divided by area of expertise. A board of directors and managers handle major company decisions, finance issues, and product distribution. All positions in this area are hard to come by and will require knowledge about the town plus experience in the field.

Outside of the board room and office are the field workers. These are the ones who go out and fix or install equipment at different locations. Job opportunities like this open up more often in a range of different niches. There no onsite training offered, so knowing what you are doing is a must. You can ask for a printable application form for these positions at their offices.

How old do you have to be to work at Holland Board of Public Works? Most open positions are for specialized work. Qualifying for most of these positions will require formal training in at least one area. Your early 20’s would be the right age to start looking into these jobs. You can learn more or apply for jobs at Holland Board of Public Works online.

Like most companies outside the franchise network, there are many benefits available for those who have jobs or careers with them. While providing the typical medical, dental and vision they also offer flexible spending accounts, training, safety incentives, and possibilities to buy or sell vacation time. Employment with HBPW also offers life insurance, disability plans, as well as tuition repayment. Plus they offer a fitness club.

Holland Board of Public Works Job Descriptions

Lead Maintenance Water Treatment – As a lead maintenance worker you will be responsible for overseeing others work, maintaining and checking inventory, scheduling projects, and handling the controls and equipment of the Water Treatment Plant. This job requires at least a high school diploma, knowledge of tools and equipment related, and ability to read specification sheets and instructions.

Journeyman Lineworker – For this career you cannot have a fear of heights or electrical wiring. To qualify, according to the job description, you must live within 20 miles of town boundaries, and have completed a US Labor Board approved apprenticeship. Your responsibilities will include fixing street lights and installing voltage regulators among other electrical duties.

Maintenance Technician – Repairing wastewater equipment and facilities, welding, painting, slight electrical work, and assorted other necessary repairs will all be part of the day to day expectations. Knowledge of tools and technique are fundamentally important. You can apply online for this positon by selecting the Holland Board of Public Works careers tab on their website. While not required, it is possible to include your resume with your online application.

Instrumentation & Controls Tech, Operator Apprentice – By far having the highest education demands, acquiring this position will need a diploma or equivalent with an Associate’s degree in a field related to electronics preferred. Supervision of generators, maintenance of turbines and paraphernalia, as well as assessment of machinery issues will all be under this profession. Salary is usually between $40,000 and $60,000. 

Holland Board of Public Works Interview Questions

Each industry has questions used in discovering the perfect person for their team.

What interests you Holland Board of Public Works jobs? Having only about 180 laborers this question can have an assortment of answers. Attempt to discover as much as available about the company or how other workers feel working for them before the interview, giving you have time to think about reasons for your interest.

What brought you to the industry? If you have a passion for the profession it will show when you answer this question. Hiring is about attempting to find a person who will want to stay with the company. They want sorting through the applications to end in finding someone who will show up every day excited.

How much hands on experience do you have? Some school programs or apprenticeships might provide real life situations in a controlled environment. Having experience in an actual working scenario would make it easier to adapt to working alone or unsupervised.

How much do you know about Holland Board of Public Works? Questions like this are asked to see if you’ve done your research on the company, or at least have a basic knowledge concerning who they are and what they look for. Look at different aspects of the work or company so you can provide current information. 

How did you hear about how to apply for Holland Board of Public Works online? Most employers want to know how they were found. If you have a job but have been looking for something better, or if you are new and heard about the company. Did you go in asking for an application form or find the free application online while looking at their website is what they are asking

Advice for Application Process

There are certain items that should be brought for an interview based on where you have applied.

Holland Board of Public Works application and interview process is no different. Since their online application is a generic form and not a direct application to a specific job it would be unreasonable to attempt to download application forms and bring them. You can bring a copy of your resume though.

Holland Board of Public Works jobs are mostly manual labor jobs. As such dressing for your interview should reflect the ability to work hard yet still be professional. A dress shirt with a tie accompanied by khakis or slacks would be appropriate. Avoid having facial hair, visible tattoos, and piercings at the interview and discuss rules and codes about those if applicable.

At Holland Board of Public Works jobs online you will see a list of the open positions they have. Checking their careers tab often will allow you the best opportunity for keeping current job openings. You will have to call their office about a printable application for Holland Board of Public Works if you need one.

When applying for HBPW make sure you are living in or around Holland, Michigan or will be moving there very shortly. This company has only one facility, so the area they serve is smaller than big name brands. As a small company your work will be valued, but it is not possible for just anyone to apply. Plan your employment possibilities with living restrictions in mind.
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