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Giorgio Armani is a well-known name in the luxury world. It is best known for making luxury clothing, furniture, and cosmetics, as well as a few other areas of industry. Job opportunities in this field with this renowned brand name are hard to come by, but you can get an Armani application from the link at the bottom and apply online.

Armani is an umbrella company for seven subdivisions in the fashion industry and two other divisions which can be connected to his designs. His fashion divisions range from highly luxurious to less expensive brands for those who want the brand name while saving money. Partnered with L’Oréal and Emaar Properties this is more than just fashion designs though, the company has branched into the hotel, fragrance, and dining worlds.

Founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975, after years of freelance designing and working for companies, Armani has quickly grown to become one of the most well-known brand names among the wealthy and upper class society. With sales proceeds estimated at $1.69 billion in 2005 Armani has been considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in the fashion industry, with job opportunities in 37 different countries.

When looking at the job description with the online application you are given a brief description of the company. The information about above the career description varies depending on which career you look into. On some it will say that they have 10,500 employees and 12 production plants, while others will say that there are 4,600 employees and 13 factories, it really depends on which jobs you are looking at.

Armani Careers

There are dozens of jobs that you can apply for if you have the experience. In the actual stores there is the possibility for quite a few different employment opportunities, ranging from sales associate to general manager. To apply you need an application form, you can submit these forms through online application or using a printable application form and handing it in with your resume at a store branch.

Armani careers in the corporate sector are harder to discover. With the United States branch based in New York City these jobs are definitely cut throat and not always local. All applications are free applications and usually available online. While it is unnecessary to download application forms most of the time it is always beneficial to have a copy in case you get calls for an interview.

How old do you have to be to work at Armani? For the entry positions it is stated that a GED or High School Diploma is required, with a college degree preferred but not necessary, so the general idea would be 17 at the earliest. The two year experience requirement makes 18 or 19 a more likely minimum start age.

Working for this company can have many benefits. According to employees they are all offered healthcare packages and opportunity for promotion depending on work ethic and likeability. Managers are reportedly commissioned and given a clothing allowance every season to be as in style as possible, as well as getting a great compensation plan.

Each store has different hours of operation, so to find a good time to go in and learn how to apply for Armani online or get a printable application for Armani calling the store is best. Since corporate hours are unlisted if you are interested in calling be sure to call between usual business hours, which are generally nine to five.

Armani Job Descriptions

General Manager – A general manager has a lot to handle. You’re responsibilities include meeting and analyzing sales, monitoring inventory, training and supporting staff, and maintaining consumer relations to name a few. Proficiency in Microsoft and Lotus Notes, five years similar management experience, and a college degree are necessary to be sure you land this job. Pay is generally $31/ hr.

Sales Supervisor – According to the job description a sales supervisor is a lot like an upgraded sales associate. Most of the tasks and requirements are the same, with the added duties of keeping inventory stocked, help the sales staff develop, insuring company image while maintaining client relations, and handling merchandising directives. Sales supervisors usually have a $45,000/year salary.

Shop Supervisor – Tracking and communicating business results, interpreting the needs of the business, maintaining peak business performance, increasing business, communicating with Armani partners, motivating employees, and being aware of the competition are all in the range of shop supervisor. A shop supervisor has a huge impact on the atmosphere of the store and how people in that area see the brand. Shop supervisors make an average $24/ hr.

Sales Associate – Being a sales associate for this company is like being a sales associate in any other industry; basic duties are still to engage customers, maintain the sales floor, fulfill goals, and uphold company policy. While the job is the same the qualifications aren’t, you need at least two years in high end sales, a GED or diploma, interpersonal skills, and a strong independent work ethic. Pay is usually $10/hr.

Armani Interview Questions

Preparing for Armani jobs involves some fashion questions.

Why did you get involved in the fashion industry? Answer this question with the personal reason you have for wanting to get into fashion. Try to be honest and original in your answer, this will make you stand out while still remaining truthful and benefitting you.

What experience do you have with companies like this one? For this question it is best to draw on past experience. When you apply for jobs at Armani you are saying that you have been in a situation that was similar to the work you will be handling here.

How much do you know about Armani jobs and Armani careers? Do a little research on the company so you can answer this with complete confidence. Make sure you know about the ins and outs of the company and can talk about the various duties and insights that may come up.

Do you keep up with the latest fashion trends? This is a job in the fashion world, meaning you are going to need to know all the latest news. If hired you will be the face of the company so wearing out of style outfits could impact the way the brand looks to buyers.

Do you see this as a long term position or just a temporary job? There can be many opportunities to grow with the company and move up, if you are willing to stick with it. Think about your goals in life before answering. Things happen unexpectedly, however if you are only planning on staying for a few months it would be best not to get too invested.

Advice for Application Process

Going through the Armani application process can be difficult. By submitting the Armani job application online you make it possible for the stores in your area access to your file, and the ability to save your resume if they have already filled the position but you looks promising for the future.

Going in to the store and asking for a direct application can be risky. If they are no longer using direct applications, like most places, then you will have to go through Armani jobs online. Be sure to keep a copy of your resume if you use the online application, it is always a good idea to bring a physical copy to your interview.

Put your best foot forward. If you are representing one of the best names in fashion then you need to look as good as possible. Between upkeep of appearances and showing off the latest trends fashion companies expect their employees to be able to show off their brand or display what is up and coming or new in the fashion world.

Most of the jobs in this company are in highly populated areas so it is very possible to have competition for any position available. To give yourself the best possible results find a way to stand out from the others. Spend some time in the store before your interview and come to your interview prepared, this will show upper management that you can blend in or stand out.
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