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Family Video is a video rental chain in the US owned by Highland Ventures. Its headquarters are located in Glenview, Illinois, while its 775 stores are situated all over North America.

Clarence Hoogland founded the video rental chain in 1946, which his son Charles later inherited in 1953. The company later changed its name Magnetic Video, then to Family Video.

The company partnered with Marco’s Pizza in 2013. Thus customers not only had video rentals but they also had pizza orders. Hair salons and fitness centers also rented and shared commercial space with Family Video.

The company is also quite generous with the benefits for employees: paid holidays, a 401(k) retirement plan, movie and games discounts, free StayFit gym membership, a flexible work schedule, and health insurance coverage.

Despite being just a “family video rental store”, the company enforces a strict dress code for employees. They are always dressed impeccably in a polo shirt and khakis, or a dress suit. Male and female employees should always wear polished shoes.

How old do you have to be to work at Family Video?

Job hopefuls 18 years old and above may apply for any position at the company. Applicants must possess an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude towards work.

Family Video Careers

Hardworking, passionate, and highly skilled individuals are always welcome to the company. Applicants should be committed to providing exemplary customer service and showing strong team leadership. Check out the top 10 available positions below.

Customer Service Representative: The CSR provides exceptional customer service and assists clients on movies they need to rent. The ideal candidate must be knowledgeable about store operations and all the products offered there. He must also efficiently and easily handle complaints and address the guests’ concerns.

Assistant Manager: The Assistant Manager shall help the Store Manager supervise the day-to-day operations of Family Video. He also studies the results of sales and creates plans to target profit goals. He is in charge when the Store Manager is not on duty, and as such, assumes all the latter’s responsibilities. This job is available on a full-time and part-time basis, and requires a year of experience in retail sales.

Store Manager: The Store Manager oversees the daily operations of the store and monitors its profit goals. As the team leader, he motivates and coaches his staff as they hit the target sales. He also strictly enforces and follows company policies. At times, the manager shall conduct the interviews and screening of applicants.

Sales Associate: The company is looking for energetic, smart, and passionate individuals who are fond of movies, television shows, and games. They provide information to customers, especially to those who look for movie recommendations. However, the duties of the Sales Associate are not limited to offering products. He should also maintain the safety and cleanliness of the store.

Cashier: The cashier shall efficiently handle cash transactions and give accurate change to payments. He scans items, processes card and cash payments, and issues receipts. However, he also performs other duties such as maintaining the cleanliness of the store. He also entertains queries of customers.

Shift Leader: The Shift Leader works at the front line and ensures that the staff performs their assigned duties. Just like the Assistant Manager, he keeps the smooth flow of daily store operations. He directs and guides staff members on their tasks.

Stock Associate: The key duty of the Stock Associate is to make sure the store items are always available. He conducts regular inventories and lets the management know of missing items or those that need replenishing. He helps unload product deliveries from trucks and arrange them properly on shelves.

Maintenance Technician: The store needs someone to check whether the equipment still functions properly. He installs, troubleshoots, repairs, and maintains facility equipment to ensure the safety of employees and customers. He conducts pre-emptive check-ups and recommends replacements of damaged or malfunctioning equipment. He must also possess a driver’s license and reliable vehicle to reach other store locations.

Manager in Training (MIT): The MIT shall do the responsibilities of the Store Manager. Thus he is expected to show a strong sense of leadership, effective communication skills, and exceptional business acumen. During his stay, he must also attend trainings and receive certifications before he could officially supervise a store. Upon the end of his training, he will be sent to his assigned location.

District Manager: The District Manager is in charge of all the store locations in a given district. He will supervise the operations in each store (there are usually ten stores assigned to a DM), and coordinate with the Store Manager in accomplishing profit goals. He checks whether the employees adhere to company policies and work culture.

Family Video Application

The printed application form is available at local Family Video stores. The website also hosts an online form which applicants could fill out. Make sure you have entered all the correct information prior to submitting your form.

Fill in your personal details, educational background, previous work experience, and character references. Corporate jobs, on the other hand, require that you submit your CV and application form to the email provided on the website.

It is important that you impress the hiring team and management with your resume. Highlight your skills and relevant work experience. Be clear with your objectives and make sure you share the company’s work ethic and values.

You will then be scheduled for an initial interview. Afterwards, you will take a language and math test. Should you pass the test, you will be scheduled for a final interview with the Store Manager or District Manager.

The questions that you might answer during interviews are the following: why should Family Video hire you, what can you contribute to the company, and how do you deal with difficult customers.

Things to Know About Family Video

The company believes in establishing and maintaining integrity. Though it is a store, the management wants its employees to look and act professional at all times. The environment is likewise fast-paced.

The management is hopeful that despite the emergence of online movie streaming platforms, traditional film viewing will still thrive. In fact, its branch in Minnesota remains to be popular among residents.

But the company has its shares of bad times, too. In February this year, Family Video in Iowa City has finally closed down after the expiration of its lease contract.

Such challenges do not stop the company from setting the bar high in its fundraising efforts. It continues to donate a portion of its revenues to the Lymphoma Research Foundation, a charitable project that began in 2012.

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