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Seaworld ApplicationSeaWorld is a chain of marine theme parks owned by the company SeaWorld Entertainment. Featuring a variety of sea life shows, the parks also feature entertaining displays featuring expansive varieties of marine wildlife. Currently, there are parks located in Florida, California and Texas. Keeping true with other traditional theme parks of our modern age, SeaWorld also boasts a selection of thrill rides such as roller coasters and splash rides.

As for company history, the franchise of parks was initially owned by Busch Entertainment Corporation until it was sold to SeaWorld Entertainment. Recently in 2013 the company went public, offering public stock trading. As it handles a variety of living creatures, SeaWorld also achieved accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The original park was opened in 1964 by a group of four UCLA graduates seeking a unique underwater restaurant and marine life show environment. Unfortunately, the restaurant proved too daunting a task, so the group deferred to an idea of a theme park. As it turns out, fate was on their side, as their company brand is the most widely recognizable marine theme park on the planet.

Employment at a marine theme park comes with many obvious benefits. The first and foremost of which is surely the amount of pure enjoyment every employee experiences on a daily basis. Working with animals is a rewarding practice, even more so when you are performing shows with them in front of live audiences.

Those interested in SeaWorld jobs should continue on reading this article. Included is helpful information on how to apply for SeaWorld online, as well as provided links toward a download application form. For immediate consideration apply online today!

Seaworld Careers

General requirements will vary between positions. The most often question asked is: how old do you have to be to work at SeaWorld? With entry-level positions available, a minimum age requirement is usually 15 years or older, though some positions are only available for those 18 years or older.

With other positions, experience is strongly encourage. Performers, for example, should most likely have some prior stage performances in their portfolio to work with. Stage Production Managers should have theater management degrees coupled with relevant experience. Certain applicants may boast a strong resume in which this may be overlooked, but generally those who have extensive knowledge on relevant subject land job opportunities.

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Wages will naturally differ between each position. Obviously, entry-level workers will receive hourly pay near or slightly above minimum wage. SeaWorld owns and operates parks in California, Florida and Texas; each of their minimum wages are $9.00/hour, $8.05/hour and $7.25/hour respectively.

Higher tier positions will receive a larger salary in correspondence with their increased responsibility. Supervisors, for instance, should expect upwards of $40,000 a year. Other positions such as lifeguards can expect inflated hourly incomes. This franchise also provides full time employees with various benefits. These include medical, dental, vision and life insurance, vacation time, short term disability, 401(k) plans, tuition reimbursement and free admission to every theme park.

Seaworld Job Descriptions

As mentioned, working in a theme park is vastly rewarding. Not only do employees enjoy every second of their jobs, but they build valuable job skills for later. SeaWorld careers are truly one of the most sought after for fun-seekers and resume’ builders alike. For those looking for specific job titles, as well as corresponding job responsibilities, read on!

Stage Management Supervisor

As a theme park, SeaWorld tends towards putting on a variety of shows. This is where a Stage Management Supervisor comes into play. This position will support one or perhaps more events, along with maintaining the artistic integrity of an endeavor.

These individuals are essentially quality control stage production positions. They must collaborate with operations, production and theatre services, along with working with even operations contractors. They generally supervise a stage performance, ensuring quality and safety.

Those with theatre backgrounds are perfect for this position, especially those with prior management experience. These employees manage a production, ensuring its success and maintaining its safety. Performances are inherently fun and exciting, and managing them will be no different. Those intrigued by this position will find a printable application form down below. Fill it out in order to submit a direct application at a local hiring location. Or you can apply online using provided links.


Those with little or no job experience will be looking for entry-level work. In which case, submit a SeaWorld application for this position. Cashiers have a unique opportunity for involvement in a widely recognized franchise even without prior job experience.

Cashier responsibilities mainly entail customer relations. They are the faces customers see when they go to purchase merchandise. In which case, applicants must boast good communication skills, provide quality service, conduct transactions and perform maintenance duties such as dusting or stocking items.

While not as exciting as other positions, this job is a foot in a door at a desirable venue. Employees have a chance for added work experience or potential advancement. Those who show desirable work ethic or attitude will be eligible for more desirable SeaWorld jobs. Are you trying to get your foot in the door at a rewarding company? This position may be a perfect fit for you. Submit a SeaWorld job application online using provided links and become immediately eligible for employment.


Performers fall under a variety of categories. As previously mentioned, this franchise puts on a large amount of shows, so performers may include dancers, singers, actors or even stilt walkers. Those with unusual carnival-like experience may find a position here.

Hiring managers will be seeking energetic individuals experienced with a stage production. They must be confident in their abilities, as well as perform with a constant high energy. Performers must boast corresponding skills with their department. For example, dancers must display a variety of skill in hip hop or break dancing, sometimes even tumbling.

Performers put in a lot of work—between 4 and 10 shows a week and up to 40 hours—but those who are especially energetic are sure to handle the workload. Those interested in performing should submit a SeaWorld application using our provided links. This free application will have you immediately eligible for the limelight!

Seaworld Interview Questions

If you are lucky, you’ll land an interview request. For first timers, don’t panic. Interviews are not as scary as they are made out as, so long as you come prepared. Firstly, dress appropriately. This means wearing some nice dress pants paired with a nice looking shirt. Just like a cover letter, this is such a simple thing that will immediately set you aside from those who come for an interview dressed shabby or unkempt.

Also, practice questions beforehand! It’s a simple step towards gaining confidence in an actual interview. Use a mirror; practice eye contact. Make sure your answers sound natural and assertive. Avoid robotic answers that let them know you’ve rehearsed beforehand, though.

Included are some example questions:

  • Do you have any entertainment background?
  • How familiar are you with marine animals?
  • Can you handle unruly customers?
  • How do you perform under pressure?
  • Are you able to work long shifts, or sometimes weekends?

Answer each question honestly, yet in a way that also showcases your strengths as an applicant. For example, say you are uncomfortable with unruly, rude customers. Say so, but also mention how your positive attitude often tends to mitigate any potential confrontation before it even forms. Admitting your weaknesses will humble yourself before hiring managers, and twisting them into positives shows you are quick on your feet.

Finally, after the interview concludes, ask when you will hear back about their open position. Keep this date in mind so you can type up a follow up email several days beforehand. Doing so keeps you fresh in the employer’s mind, which can only be a positive thing.

Advice For Application Process

Applying for SeaWorld jobs online is as easy as ever. Fortunately, this article makes it even easier for you. Read on to uncover some helpful advice designed specifically for you to land employment.

First of all, remember applications are designed for you. They are your chance at highlighting your specific strengths, as well as why you are best for the job. Remember to be concise, but also remember to emphasize anything that could potentially be applicable. Sometimes, things you may initially discount can actually bring forth applicable experience.

Also, please write a cover letter. This is such a simple step that is too often overlooked. Doing so immediately separates you from everyone else who refused one extra step. The added benefit? A cover letter showcases who you are more than an application can. Applications showcase experience or qualifications, while cover letters showcase personality. With a franchise such as SeaWorld, personality is as important as ever. Write about your inspiration, commitment and reasons behind applying.

What follows are some helpful links included for your convenience. Click, explore and apply toward SeaWorld positions! SeaWorld offers a truly unique marine atmosphere. It is original in every sense in that it’s completely dedicated to marine animals coupled with marine themed rides or events. Those who love water or the ocean will feel immediately at home. This comes with an added benefit of constant excitement and daily doses of fun.

While this article strongly recommends you apply towards jobs at SeaWorld, those simply looking for employment at theme parks may also research some direct competitors. Franchises worth researching are Six Flags and Disney. Both franchises are widely recognizable; each found across the country in various locations with a variety of entertaining rides and shows.

The entertainment industry can be vastly rewarding. Some are simply drawn towards lights or stages. If this describes you, consider applying towards either of those locations, or better yet fill out a printable application for SeaWorld using provided links below. Also included is an easy access online application using the SeaWorld careers web page. With our convenient array of included links, SeaWorld careers are right at your fingertips!
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