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A video store is a staple of many of our childhoods still exist in some neighborhoods. This is even though there are videos being streamed online, movie rentals through the mail, and convenient and inexpensive kiosks that are located around. Though only a few of these still exists, they can still turn a fairly decent profit. They might be more of a novelty, but it is still a great place to take your family if one is nearby.

Working at a video store will require a person to have a love of movies and customers. This is so that one can assist in picking just the right movie for the occasion. This is also because it will help families decide on movies that are appropriate for their family. You should also love dealing with people, as this is 80% of your job.

This job comes with flexible hours which work very well for people who are looking for additional employment to their full time job or for the student who wants to earn extra money but has a class schedule to work around. This is also a great place for people with little to no job experience, since most entry level positions do not require any previous experience.

Job Opportunities

Here are some opportunities for this type of industry:

Customer Service Representative: This person should be excellent at multi-tasking. When working in a position like this, you will be in charge of running the cash register and receiving payment from the customer. They must check the rental cards to ensure the right account is being charge for the movie. They should be well aware of all policies regarding payment, rental fees, and when the movies are due back. They should check ID’s of customers to ensure an underage child is not renting a movie that is not age appropriate. They often also walk around the floor to assist customers when there is no one at their counter. They need to ensure that the right disk is in the box when they receive it from the customers. They should have a vast knowledge about movies, especially the new releases, to answer questions for the customers. They must be tasked with ensuring the sales floor and counter is neat and organized during downtime to keep the appearance appealing to guests. There is no level of education or experience required for this position. All the training that is necessary is learned during on the job training. The customer service representative can earn the state’s minimum wage, $7-$10 per hour.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager is in charge of their store when there is no one else around. They must handle the same responsibilities as the customer service representative, such as receiving payments from the customers and assisting with in store responsibilities. They often will be tasked with taking the lead when handing matters regarding customers that a normal representative is unable to do. They must help restock the shelves with the returned movies, and ensure the movies are in the right place so the customers and staff can easily find the items that they need. They often will be on the path for promotion up to other management positions. Previous experience in a managerial position and/or in this industry is preferred, as is a high school diploma. An assistant manager can make around $9-$10 per hour.

Manager-In-Training: A manager-in-training is a level above an assistant manager. They will run the facility if a store manager is not around. They often handle any responsibilities of the store that the other representatives are tasked with, including running the cash register and help maintaining cleanliness in the store. They are tasked with closing and opening their store, depending on which shift they are working. They will have knowledge of movies to help assist the customers in finding the right video for their needs. They will help enforce the company’s policies for employee behavior and expectations. They will need previous experience in a supervisory position and in retail or similar field. They can earn around $11 per hour.

Store Manager: A store manager is responsible for running the daily operations of the video store. This includes ordering inventory for the building. This also included hiring, firing, and training all staff in accordance with their company’s policies. They are responsible for supervising the employees and ensuring that the cash box is balanced at the end of each shift. They will often take on the tasks that the other employees, like assisting customers in shop and cashing out their guests. They should be sure that all employees follow all code of conduct in accordance with company policy and practices the standard that is expected of them by the company. A manager will need at least a high school diploma or equivalent and must have previous managerial experience. A manager can make around $15 per hour.

Job Outlook

The job growth for this industry is estimated to be at a steady 10%. This growth is right around the national average of 11%. This might be surprising as the video rental shop seems to be vanishing as a result of more convenient and cheaper methods of watching movies. However, all the stores that do remain open are profitable and keep hiring. There is a high turnover rate in this industry, as people are leaving this field regularly to move onto other careers.

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