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img- Claim Jumper ApplicationClaim Jumper was established in 1977, in Los Alamitos, California by Craig Nickoloff. Currently there are over 40 locations spread out through New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Washington and California. It is a family friendly restaurant as well as a Saloon for the adult offering a variety of cocktails and craft beers.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu which includes a variety of options ranging from Certified Angus Beef, Baked Potatoes, Specialty Salad’s, Pizza, Pasta’s, Sandwiches, Baby Back Ribs, Fresh Fish, Chicken. They also have multiple dessert options to choose from such as, select Cheese Cakes, Scratch Carrot Cake, and Jumpers Mud Pie.

They offer many positions for your experience level. If you are in the food and service industry, consider a Claim Jumper application. You cannot access a printable application form, or download an application form, you may use the online application by applying online, or you must obtain a free direct application form from one of their locations.

Claim Jumper Careers

Claim Jumper careers are diverse. From host to server to bar tender to manager, there are many career options available. They are always seeking out employees that are skilled for the responsibilities required. Contact your local location for positions they are currently hiring for, job descriptions, salaries, and to discuss benefits.

Claim Jumper application for careers can be a great starting point for enjoyable job opportunities. With many locations to choose finding a local Claim Jumper shouldn’t be difficult if you live in the Western part of the US. Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon applications can be found online or on location.

How old do I have to be to work at Claim Jumper? Check your state laws limit on age. Most franchises base hiring status on Child Labor Laws, however, most locations require that you be at least 18 years or older.

To apply, visit the website and click on careers. There find a link that will lead to you to restaurant locations in your area. The application process will vary depending on location. Be prepared to take a small skills test, as this is very common with most employers.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Host– As a host it will be your responsibility to greet all incoming guests. It is the host’s duty to coordinate seating throughout the facility, and in some establishments, a host acts as the cashier as well. You will be the first face the customer will see. Salaries typically start and remain at minimum wage.

Server- As a server, it will be your responsibility to provide outstanding customer service to your guests throughout their entire visit. You will take all orders for food and drink and ensure proper distribution of product. You will be at the core of the guest’s experience. Salaries usually start below minimum wage with the possibility of tips.

Bar Tender- As a bartender you will be responsible for serving guests 21 and over at your bar. You will not only be responsible for taking food orders from guests but also preparing guests drinks within the bar area as well as on the restaurant floor. Salaries typically lower than minimum wage with the potential for tips.

Shift Leader- As a shift leader it will be your responsibility to ensure that things run smooth on your shit. You will be responsible for leading your staff to maintain a clean area, stocking supplies and product and creating a fun and enjoyable workspace. Wages usually start just above minimum wage.

Manager- As a manager it will be your responsibility to ensure that all staff are performing to expectations. You will be responsible for cash drops at closing and also ensuring that all customers are satisfied should issues occur. Salaries usually start at just above minimum wage and go up to $12 an hour.

Hours of operation vary depending on locations and days of the week. Most restaurants are open only for lunch and dinner with the exceptions of a few 24/hour locations.

Claim Jumper Interview Questions

Here are some questions that you can expect to get asked during the interview.

Why should we hire you? Here the interviewer is looking to know why you would be a good addition to Claim Jumper jobs. Be prepared to tell them about good qualities that you have personally, and how they could help the team succeed in that specific industry.

What are your best qualities? The interviewer wants to know what your best qualities are. He wants to establish what it is that you can bring to the company. Be prepares to tell him/her about the things you are nest at such as customer service or great time management skills.

What do you know about Claim Jumper? The interviewer wants to know if you have any interest in the company its self. Doing some research about the company prior to interview is recommended even for entry-level positions. It shows that you are prepared and ready to take on tasks without major direction.

Management position can expect to see some more difficult interview questions such as- Tell me about a time there was a problem with staff. How was the issue resolved? Be prepared to give him an example of a situation where you helped staff member sort out a disagreement. They are looking for experience in leadership.

Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a boss. How did you handle it and what was the solution? Here you will want to give an example of your communication skills. How you communicated about the issue and how you worked together to find a solution.

Advice for Application Process

There is a link below that will direct you to Claim Jumper online application options. Once you have reached the interview stage be prepared for questions and always bring a fresh updated resume. You should dress according to the position you are applying for. If it is a management position, usually business casual attire is usually appropriate. If it is a team member, casual dress is typically acceptable. Try not to wear provocative or vulgar clothing if you are dressing casual.

The interview process is typically informal. Most managers are looking to see if your personality and skills will match with the team he/she manages and if you will be a good fit for the company. Be nice and cheerful. Be respectful and always look the interviewer in the eye when speaking with him/her.

Often time’s interviewee’s are hired at the time of the interview. If this does not happen, thank the interviewer at the end of your meeting and tell him/her that you look forward to hearing from them. If you do not hear back in three days, it is usually acceptable to call and ask the manager if they have reached a decision.
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