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Buffalo Exchange is a chain of vintage clothes stores with its own unique style, buying both new and recycled clothes and selling them on.  Customers are able to bring in their old clothes to sell in the stores.  To find out how to apply for Buffalo exchange online, follow the link below to submit a Buffalo Exchange application.

Kerstin and Spencer Block opened their first store back in 1974, and the company has stayed in the family ever since.  Now, there are over 40 stores in 17 states across the USA.  The mission behind the company is to create a socially responsible business that reuses old clothes instead of wasting them.

The company frequently runs different promotional events at its various stores.  Examples of the events are Earth Day Sales, giveaways for different types of tickets and various competitions.  There’s always something new going on at your local store, even with old clothes, and working there you could be part of that atmosphere.

Buffalo Exchange also contributes to a number of different charitable organizations.  They are currently running a campaign to donate real fur items of clothing to Coats for Cubs, an organization that uses the furs as bedding for injured animals.  Clothes that they don’t use are also recycled with environmental organizations.

Buffalo Exchange Careers

There are many job opportunities available in the retail locations and with most Buffalo Exchange jobs you will not need any experience as full training will be provided.  The most common positions available are Cashiers, Floor Assistants, Buyers and Managers.  Candidates for management positions will need to have prior leadership experience.

You can also submit applications for the corporate side of the industry, but openings in this area are less common, however they do come up from time to time.  The most common vacancies are for Office Assistants and IT Assistants although other departments including Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing and Human Resources may have openings occasionally.

How old do you have to be to work at Buffalo Exchange?  You must be at least 16 years old or over to apply for jobs at Buffalo Exchange.

The stores are open every day and usually open at 11am and then close at 8pm Monday to Friday and 7pm on Sundays.

With Buffalo Exchange careers you get on-the-job training that prepares you for many different careers.  For employees working over 20 hours a week there are a number of benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance packages, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off and bonuses.  Everyone also gets a discount on the clothes.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Cashier – Cashiers are usually expected to serve customers on a daily basis and to handle all the different types of transactions.  There will be a number of other responsibilities on a day-to-day basis such as maintaining the appearance of the store and helping with restocking.  The pay is between $8-9 an hour.

Floor Assistant – Working as a Floor Assistant you will spend most of your time out on the sales floor making sure that all the racks are tidy and presented well.  You’ll also help customers with their enquiries and make recommendations.  This job is usually paid at a rate of $8-9 an hour.

Buyer – As a Buyer, the main part of your job description will include taking care of the clothes that come into the store and making sure they are ready to put on the sales racks.  You will also have a lot of customer interaction as you will help out on the sales floor.  The pay starts at $10/hour.

Store Manager – Store Managers need to be able to multitask so that they can keep an eye on everything that happens in the store.  Managers have duties that include hiring and training new staff, as well as handling scheduling, payroll and inventory.  The salary for a Store Manager can be up to $50k a year.

Buffalo Exchange Interview Questions

Most applicants for entry-level jobs won’t have experience, so make yourself stand out from the crowd by being prepared for your interview after you submit a Buffalo Exchange application.

Why do you think you would be good at this job?  Check what the required skills are for the career path you want and give examples of when you have demonstrated each of them in your previous employment or in other instances. 

Which out of these clothes would you buy?  For some jobs they may show you some clothes and ask you to pick which ones have potential.  You will need to use your sense of style and acumen to pick which clothes would work well.

How would you describe your personal style?  You should be prepared for this kind of question because an understanding and knowledge of fashion is essential to Buffalo Exchange jobs.

Tell me about a time when you received great customer service.  When you talk about this make sure you also tell the interviewer why it was so good and how you could apply it to yourself.

What fashion blogs do you follow?  Name a few blogs that interest you, try to pick a few different types, and say why you think they are interesting and relevant.

Advice For Application Process

The easiest way to submit an application is to search for Buffalo Exchange jobs online and browse the different opportunities.  Once you’ve found the role you want you can apply online by filling in the online application form.  You can submit a Buffalo Exchange job application online for both retail and corporate roles this way.

If you want to make a direct application in person you either download a printable application for Buffalo Exchange or take your resume down to your local store and ask for a free application form.  When you fill in the forms, always double check your information before you turn it in to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes.

Most of your interview will probably be focused on your knowledge and interest in the world of fashion.  Make sure you are familiar with the styles typically sold in the stores.  It is also important to be up to date with current fashion trends and have a working knowledge of style icons.

You need to turn up to your interview looking the part.  Take some time the night before to pick out your outfit.  Look at the types of clothes that the current employees are wearing, but don’t be afraid to showcase your personal style and be prepared to talk about it.
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