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img- Bravo ApplicationBravo! Cucina Italiana, also called as Bravo!, is part of a group of Italian restaurant which is focused on providing the best quality services and food to its customers. Their services includes making the restaurant’s environment as comfortable as possible to their customer, giving them a friendly, relaxed, and comfortable ambiance. With a pleasing environment, they add flavorful dishes that makes customers’ stay more pleasing.

Bravo Cucina Italiana, along with other restaurants under Bravo Brio Restaurant Group (BBRG), started in 1992.  Over 110 restaurants around the nation having more than 10 thousand employees are owned by BBRG, 47 of these restaurants are Bravo. For a company of just less than 25 years, this company has already built and continues building a good reputation of providing quality services and food.

Their primary aim is making their company among the best Italian restaurant in America. With that, they value hospitality, integrity, operational excellence, and being guest-centered. All their values are towards to providing exceptional services. Supporting company’s goal are numerous trainings. These training are meant for making sure that every worker would practice, embody, and live out what the company aims to provide.

They have a good working environment, proving workers a chance to grow as well as develop in their career. Because this company believes that they provides not only great job opportunities, but more to as path to growth and success. Although Bravo jobs focuses on career advancement seriously, it is not only focus of this company. It also focuses on making a diverse, fun, and growing working environment.

If this is the kind of working environment you are looking for, then this company is perfect place for you to apply in. Bravo application process is very easy to manage. You can just apply online on their website with the link given below.

Bravo Careers

There are two career areas provided by this company. These career areas includes hourly jobs and management jobs. These areas have different Bravo careers under them. Jobs under different areas differ in nature, responsibilities, requirements, and tasks.

Hourly jobs are team member jobs. These people would be responsible for creating an enjoyable experience for customers. On the other hand, Bravo jobs under management area are responsible for monitoring team members as well as making sure that the over-all customer experience is exceptional. They are considered as leaders in the industry.

Although their job description are different from each other, their main responsibilities are almost the same. These responsibilities includes making sure that they make quality foods, maintain kitchen standards, as well as proving a great dining experience. All these while exceeding every customers’ expectation of their foods and services.

Jobs have different job requirements. Mostly towards dedication, abilities, experience, and expertise. But the first requirement you should check is age requirement. Some people ask “How old do you have to be to work at Bravo?” the answer would that be is depending on the job. Team members’ age requirement is 18, while management jobs depends on State laws.

Their restaurants are operational seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Almost all Bravo careers working hours are within this time. Another requirement is being able to work at these times. There several hiring requirement to be considered at Bravo.

Employment with this company comes with benefits. These benefits differ depending on position and time rendered. Some of these generous benefits given to employees includes the following.

  • Competitive salary
  • 401k plan
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Medical & dependent care
  • Dining allowance
  • Superior training & development
  • Career advancement
  • Paid time off
  • Gym membership discount
  • Superior training
  • Lively & family oriented work environment
  • Incentives & perks

Job Descriptions & Salaries

There are a few Bravo jobs online offered. Here are a few of them with their respective job description. For more information on different job opportunities, refer to their website. There you can see more jobs offered and detailed description. You can also apply for jobs at Bravo online through that website.

Servers, server assistants, bartenders, cooks, and dishwashers are members of the team. They are paid hourly. They are responsible for the first-hand experience and interaction with customers. Showing sincere hospitality is their main goal. They give their utmost service and best manners towards customers. They are considered the face of the restaurants. These positions offer part-time and full-time jobs.

Restaurant General Manager – These people would be responsible for the overall upscale services. They are experienced in several areas which are connected in restaurant management. They will also be in-charge of pushing sales forward, managing guest, as well as managing team members.

Sous Chef – Sous Chef are mainly responsible for the kitchen activities which includes equipment, team members within the kitchen, and cooking. Although they are responsible for overall kitchen activities, they still report to the general manager. They are also responsible for maintaining high quality food and sanity.

Bravo Interview Questions

Interview is one of many important step towards a successful Bravo application. It is important to know what questions they asks as well as how to answer them.

What can you contribute to our company? The company is a restaurant company with Italian cuisine. Lead your answer where the company can benefit with you as a member. If you have any achievement in these areas, then tell them, so they may know that you can also contribute to them in connection with your previous achievements.

How will you be a good part of the team? This questions is a fancy way of asking if you’re a good team player. The best way to answer this is to tell them that you can work well with other people. Let them know that you can fit into the team and can contribute to it as well.

What are your strengths? Confidence is the key in answering this question. If this question is asked, you will have your chance to tell your experience and knowledge in the industry. Never leave a detail about your strengths because it can greatly help you in your applications. Never be shy of telling your strengths, but be sure never to brag about it as well.

What are your weaknesses? This is a tricky question. For you to answer this question, being tricky is the key. Find a weakness of yours that gives results that are considered as strengths. Some weaknesses yields strengths is ways, depending on a perspective. Find that certain weakness of yours. Telling that you’re working on your weakness will also help.

Why did you leave or get fired at your last job? Prepare for this answer in advance. If you were let go, then be sure to present this in a way that is positive for you.

These are just among questions asked in an interview. There are common interview questions regarding yourself, work history, educational attainment, achievements, and other information which is already included in your resume. This is to check that information provided is accurate.

Advice For Application Process

What are options to process our applications? There are two possible ways to process your applications. Either by online application or direct application. For direct application, you don’t need to download application forms. From different restaurant locations, just find local area of the restaurant, then send your resumes.

How to apply for Bravo online? There is a form online where you will input necessary information needed for applying. This information is same with information included in your resume. You can also attach your CV or resume.

Where is the printable application for Bravo? There are no printable application form available, just an online application form which will be filled up when you gave chosen a particular job.

How much does the application process costs? They offer a completely free application.

How can I prepare for an interview?   There are some interview questions that might guide you into providing suitable answers. Study these questions but not limit yourself with those questions.
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