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Eponymous founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a professional American make-up artist. She has written eight books and contributes to several magazines. Her style is known for its focus on natural tones and beauty. After starting the company in 1991, it had such success that Estee Laudee bought it in 1995.

Her most known product line is Bobbi Brown Essentials. These are her original ten natural shades of lipstick in 1990. Then, in 1991, she released yellow-toned foundation sticks. Although she sold the company to Estee Laudee, she retained creative control. More recently, the company has expanded its products to include six fragrances: Bobbi, Beach, Bath, Almost Bare, Bobbi’s Party, and Bed. In 2013, the company unveiled Bobbi Brown Eyewear.

Recently, the company began the #PrettyPowerful campaign, which focuses on empowerment through education. It is a non-profit mission in which every cent of profit for the line goes to support women and girls around the world to prove them with the knowledge and skills to overcome the disadvantages they face.

In addition to products, the company is interested in teaching women how to apply their make-up in a healthy and natural way. They offer free tutorials on their website and on YouTube. They also have events in their stores in which Make-Up Artists work with customers to show them how to do their make-up and how to use the company’s products.

Bobbi Brown Careers

This company offers exciting, unique job opportunities in the beauty industry. Jump start your career today by learning how to apply for Bobbi Brown online. Hiring is always open. You can become an employee who is part of a dynamic team dedicated to healthy and natural beauty. To download application form or to find an online application, use a link. There are many positions, so fill out many applications.

Check out Bobbi Brown jobs online to see more about your future career. This company is a part of the Estee Lauder Companies’ brands and is sold in more than 50 countries and territories. There are many types of jobs available from entry-level to corporate including Retail Sales, Make-Up Artists, Education Executive, Field Executive Director, and Field Sales Management.

How old do you have to be to work at Bobbi Brown? To have jobs at Bobbi Brown you must be 18 years old or older. There are entry-level positions in multiple areas of the company and the potential of becoming part of management at the store or corporate level. It is a free application, so this is a great opportunity.

Joining the Bobbi Brown team is quick. Apply for jobs at Bobbi Brown by going to the company’s website to see local, open jobs. There is no printable application for Bobbi Brown, so you must apply online for each position. The process for a direct application is to email the corresponding department with the title and location of position and to include a resume, cover letter, and contact information.

Bobbi Brown Job Descriptions

Retail Sales – This position requires friendliness, knowledge of products, and an ability to work in a dynamic and occasionally stressful environment. As a retail salesperson, you will work with customers to ensure that they have the best experience they can at this company. This position can be part-time or full time, and salary is paid on an hourly basis. Benefits not listed.

Make-Up Artist – Being a Make-Up Artist is about helping women learn how to naturally enhance their own beauty. Being a Make-Up Artist means doing this while also promoting the bran of simple, clean, and modern artistry. To hold this job, you will receive extensive on-the-job training, and some prior experience in make-up artistry and sales is required. Benefits not listed.

Business Manager & Counter Manager – These positions oversee the work of the other employees in the store. This means ensuring that other employees do their jobs completely, that all finances and products are accounted for, and that everything is held to the highest standard. To hold this job, you must have prior experience in management and be intimately acquainted with this brand. Payment is hourly. Benefits not listed.

Account Coordinator – This is a regional position in which an employee covers a given territory and ensures that all of the company’s locations in that territory are up to standard. This includes working closely with Retail Sales staff, Make-Up Artists, and Managers to educate them about new products, events, and growth. To qualify for this position, you must have two-three years of experience. Payment depends on experience. Benefits not listed.

Bobbi Brown Interview Questions

The interview is important, so here are some questions that will help you prepare for Bobbi Brown careers.

What do you see yourself doing for the first week? This question is looking for you to have read the job description and to have acquainted yourself with the job responsibilities. The interviewer wants to know if you understand the expectations and requirements for the job you applied for. The interviewer also wants to see how you will function in a new environment.

How would you describe yourself? Think of traits that are relevant to Bobbi Brown jobs and come up with examples or anecdotes that illustrate how you use these skills. For instance, are you organized or careful? Do you pay attention to detail? Think of skills that important for this position and that fit you.

What are your work-related goals? Think of things you want to learn and accomplish in this job. Bobbi Brown is looking for innovation and protection of its brand. It also wants to make sure that its employees are happy and fulfilled. Take time to come up with some achievable goals that are relevant to Bobbi Brown careers.

Tell me of a time you were proud of yourself. Anecdotes are a way to engage the interviewer. In this question, focus on something you learned or did that you didn’t think you could do before you did it. The interviewer is looking to learn about you and see if you are self-reflective. Talk about past employment.

What do you like to do? Although this is a job interview, the interviewer wants to get a sense of who you are. List your hobbies and why they are important to you. It is important to have fun and do activities outside of work. The job shouldn’t be your life.

Advice For Application Process

Completing the online application should take you time. If you are sloppy or hasty when filling out the Bobbi Brown application, the reader will know and will not offer you an interview. Ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct and that all the information you provided is true. If there is an opportunity to include additional documents, upload a resume. Keep a printable application form for your records.

Once you have submitted your Bobbi Brown application, confirm with Bobbi Brown that it was received. This may require you to call the company. When you do so, make sure to be patient and sound professional. Provide your name. This way you will get your name on someone’s radar. It will make you stand out.
If you don’t receive an interview, don’t despair. You can always apply to other Bobbi Brown jobs. If you are accepted for an interview, start researching the company. You want to be able to answer all questions with authority and without saying “I don’t know.” Use your research time to think of questions that you have.

When the day of the interview arrives, make sure to leave yourself enough time to get there. Wear nice clothing, bring all application materials, and show up early. During the interview, answer all questions completely and concisely. Remember to use eye contact and to ask the interviewer questions. Remain engaged.
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