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Allstate was founded in 1931, and has progressed since then from a small corporation to one that now offers auto, home, life and business insurance options. They also offer investment and retirement products, and banking services. Allstate is a giant in the insurance sector, and is currently the second largest insurer in America. If you are looking for a career in insurance, submitting an Allstate application is the first step.

Allstate earns around $30 billion per year, and is publicly owned by its parent company, the Allstate Corporation. Staffing levels sit at around 36,000, which makes this a massive company, and there are always job opportunities available. The corporate headquarters are located in Illinois, near Northbrook. Since the 1950’s, their company slogan has always been ‘are you in good hands?’ and is still used today.

Allstate sponsors a number or sporting events and teams. These include college football, sugar bowl, soccer and NASCAR. They have also received numerous awards and recognition over the last two decades, including being awarded in the areas of top businesses multiple times. They have also received recognition for their environmental initiatives and their efforts to use green procedures and processes throughout the company.

Allstate Careers

There are many different Allstate jobs available, and the company are hiring new staff all the time to cope with growth and expansion. Sales staff and call center operators may not need extensive experience or qualifications to be eligible to apply for jobs at Allstate. Their official website has all the information you need on how to apply for Allstate online, including employment opportunities and locations.

Other positions within the company require qualifications including degrees, and experience to qualify for some of the job opportunities. These Allstate careers include, technology support analysts, research associates, regional marketing coordinators, actuaries, management staff and claims and sales specialists. Your Allstate application should include a copy of your resume to show your qualifications.

How old do you have to be to work at Allstate? You must be at least 18 years old to apply for jobs at Allstate.

A number of benefits including well-being and development programs are provided by the company to assist candidates in performing to their best capacity. Some of these benefits include employee and dependent life insurance, flexible spending accounts for dependent day care, health care, dental, vision and medical, savings and retirement plans, paid leave and work life supports. Also there are employee discount accounts, in-house education opportunities, tuition reimbursements and flexible work schedules. Generally the office hours are from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, and they are closed on weekends.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Customer Service Representative – Main responsibilities include taking incoming phone calls and opening new claims. Part of this entails obtaining the necessary information and documentation for the processing of the claim. They must have excellent customer service skills and communication skills. The customer service representative must be able to develop excellent relationships with colleagues within the company and external to it. The average hourly pay rate is around $14.00.

Claims Service Adjustor – The main responsibilities of this role include customer service, file documentation and reporting, coverage, liability and evaluation, negotiation and settlement guidance, and other projects and responsibilities as directed. This is an independent position with limited supervision. Qualifications and at least 3 years experience are normally required for this position. The average salary is around $38,000 per year. 

Project Manager – There are many duties for a project manager, and these include working with both internal and external cross-functional teams, as well as possible tasks such as note taking, preparation of leadership level summary reports, and leadership of weekly status meetings. The project manager is responsible for the project from the beginning through to the end. The average salary can be between $51,000 – $155,000 per annum.

Senior Financial Analyst – The senior financial analyst is responsible for analyzing and reporting financial results for products, markets and initiatives. Other duties include formulating financial projections to predict and track performance. Additional duties will depend on what is required by corporate management. The average salary can be between $57,000 – $76,000 per annum.

Allstate Interview Questions

For a successful interview, it pays to learn as much as you can about the company including possible questions that may be asked.

What impresses you about the company? This is basically asking why you want to work for them. If you have done your research, you should be able to give a few points about the company that you admire.

How do you deal with stress? The insurance industry can be a stressful occupation. If you have had experience, explain what methods you used to cope with any stress.

Why did you leave your last job? This is often asked as an indication of what type of employee you may be. If you left for negative reasons, such as a problem with a boss, try and give it a positive instead, such as, you wanted to work for this company because of their standing, or that you were looking for a company where you could advance your career.

What can you tell us about the insurance trend in the next five years? If you have already been working in insurance, you should be able to answer this question without too much difficulty. Again, research is the key.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Always start by saying what your strengths are, and don’t be afraid of sounding a little arrogant. After all, they want to hear from you how you see yourself. The same goes for weaknesses, everyone has them, and it’s okay to let them know what they might be. Honesty is more important.

Advice For Application Process

There is no download application form, therefore no printable application form, so you must apply for Allstate jobs online. If you find a printable application for Allstate elsewhere, ensure that it is a legitimate form. Although you can’t make a direct application at your local office, the online application is a free application, and will be sent to the appropriate department.

When you apply online, you will need to create a free account and profile. This not only enables you to submit an application, it also has a function that allows you to check the status of your application. The application remains valid for up to 90 days, and if you check the email notification box on the profile, you may be sent other job opportunities that match your profile.

If you receive an interview, being prepared can make a big difference to the success of your application. Arrive early for the interview, as this shows time management skills as well as enthusiasm. If appropriate, shake the interviewer’s hand, and make plenty of eye contact. Dress appropriately in business clothing, and make sure your are tidy in your presentation. Also, think of a few questions you can ask the interviewer, as this shows you have put a lot of thought into the position and the company as an employer, but don’t ask about remuneration outright.
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