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Pacsun ApplicationPacSun is a clothing company that brings the Californian style of sports, and music, to their customers. Their main offices are located in Orange County, California and they’ve been in business for over thirty years now. They originally began as a small surf shop and now sell clothing styles like snowboarding, skating, and street clothes too.

They have expanded their market base over the past three decades to include all kinds of different styles and to appeal to different types of people across the country. They’re success began when they opened a store inside a mall and provided year around surf brands to their customers.

Their business is growing fast in the specialty clothing industry, especially after the revamping of stores to included not just surfing retail but a much more diverse shopping selection. In eleven years, from 1988-1999, they went from making eighteen million dollars to making over three hundred million dollars per year.

PacSun jobs become more readily available the more money they make and the more shops they open. With a growth record like theirs it might be easy to obtain one of the many PacSun Careers that are available to people who want to be part of this diverse culture.

Why People Like Working Here

The retailer provides an enjoyable work environment for its workers. Often it’s the customers who look for employment because they see PacSun jobs that look relaxing and not stressful.  Consumers can see jobs that rely on creativity, working as a team, and conquering each day.

The retailer is hiring people who are very relaxed and know how to be themselves, this is different from a lot of companies that want an employee to only focus on working and getting the job done. PacSun jobs are centered on the Californian philosophy of relaxed and fun, thus making it extremely appealing to people whom like fashion and like to enjoy themselves.

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Employees love working at the retailer for the benefits. Some benefits include a fifty percent discount on product that is not already on sale. If an employee is already a fan for the brand, they can now acquire twice as many clothes for the same price they were paying before with their new discount. Along with all these benefits is the ease of obtaining the job, for entry-level positions there is no need for previous work experience, making it very appealing to people searching for their first job.

Pacsun Careers

The stores don’t have a lot of hiring requirements when it comes to an entry-level position, which is very helpful for people who don’t have a lot of previous experience working. Do you want to know how old do you have to be to work at PacSun? The answer is at least sixteen with a worker’s permit. For management positions, however, they will want to employee people eighteen or older.

It is also a requirement that you are capable of legally working in the US. They ask on the application for you to mention if you have ever been convicted of any crimes. If you have been the likelihood of being hired may be lowered depending of the crime.

Although not directly stated as a hiring requirement, the retailer is searching for employees who have a Californian attitude towards life, and know a little bit about fashion and fashion trends. Therefore it will assist you in acquiring a position if you are calm, relaxed, and looking to have fun with work.

Pacsun Job Descriptions

The most common job title is a brand rep, which is essentially a sales associate. Their responsibilities are customer service, sales, cashiering, and keeping the store tidy. In order to apply for this position you must turn in an application in person.

Some other possible career opportunities and salary-based positions are as follows:

  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager
  • District Manager
  • Regional Director
  • Buyer
  • Designer
  • Logistics

Average Wages / Salaries & Benefits

Brand rep’s average wages is close to eight dollars per hour.  Assistant management wages can vary between eleven dollars to fourteen dollars per hour. Store management positions can reach up to twenty-five dollars per hour. Although an entry – level position doesn’t pay a lot, it’s still an excellent opportunity due to previous experience not being necessary and there are a lot of benefits that come with the job.

Positions inside the stores get to enjoy amazing benefits like fifty percent off products that are not already on sale, and ten percent off product that is on sale. They offer their employees an on-site fitness room to help motivate their workers to stay in shape.

Employees also get to enjoy a casual dress code during work hours. PacSun is a store that caters to athletic people, and athletic people love to eat, so it only makes sense to not only provide the employees with a fitness room, but a café as well for all the calories burnt while selling clothing.

Considering that they want to promote a sense of calm and relaxation they also provide a wellness room for employees to relax in. The company even provides benefits to new mothers by having a new mother’s room for women who have recently had a child and are getting back into the workflow.

Advice For Application Process

Good advice to follow when you apply for jobs at PacSun or other specialty-clothing retailers is to pick up applications wearing their style of clothing or even their brand of clothing to show that you know what the company’s interests are. The first step would be to go to any one of the 900 locations and pick up a PacSun application. Be prepared because managers have been known to give an interview right on the spot when turning in a direct application.

The second step would be completion of the free application and then turning it in along with a resume. After turning in the application form to a local store, feel free to ask a manager some questions about available positions and what responsibilities they have.  The manager will probably respond with the job descriptions and the job opportunities available.

This will also impress the manager, because you are taking the time to express interest and understand what your job will be, if hired. It’s important to stand out from other potential applicants in order to find a career anywhere. PacSun Careers are no exception, it’s important to show the manager that you are interested, but not uptight or stressed, since they are looking for relaxed employees.

How to Apply Online

Here’s how to apply for Pacsun online if you would rather do it from the computer than in person. In order to find the PacSun job application online you must visit their website and locate the “Careers” link at the bottom of the page. Once on this page it will offer you the choice to search for both corporate and retail positions.

It’s important to know that the jobs available to apply for online are for management positions as well as corporate positions. When looking for an entry-level position job they require that you apply in person.

If you have specific keywords or a specific area that you would like to input for the PacSun application you may enter them on this page. If you’re looking for any available PacSun careers to apply online for then click “List all Job Postings.” This page will show you all of the PacSun jobs online.

When you’ve found a job posting to your liking click on the link. After clicking the link a page with the job description will load, at the top and bottom is a button, “Apply / Create Profile.” Click on this button, you will be required to create a profile in order to complete a Pacsun job application online.

You can also find a download application form below. This is a printable application for PacSun, so after completion you can turn in the printable application form to the closest store. Unless otherwise specified it is usually best to turn in an application in person, or you can complete an online application and then introduce yourself to the manager face-to-face and let them know you applied online.

Facts About the Company

When the surf shop originally tried to go national they failed miserably since their product only appealed to surfers, and during winter on the East Coast, there aren’t very many people who want to walk around in surf shorts. However, the company hired Michael W. Rayden who helped turn the company around.

After the company began selling a variety of sports gear other than just surf equipment they expanded much faster than expected. As soon as the company hit the stock market their profits shot through the roof. Their profits, customer base, and stores started growing exponentially. They are now one of the most well known retailers that cater to the young, active, and casual.


Zumiez and Levi’s are two specialty-clothing retailers similar to PacSun. Zumiez targets skaters, snowboarders, and surfers as well. Selling the trendiest clothing for active customers. Levi’s, on the other hand, specializes in denim, which is not surprising considering they are the ones who invented the blue jeans.

If you’re looking for a job in specialty clothing then both of these other businesses might be a good idea to apply to as well in order to make employment more likely. The more applications turned in the more chance of getting a position that you will enjoy.
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