Pacsun Interview Questions

Pacsun ApplicationIf you prefer a laid back look with a unique style while shopping for school, spring break, or a summer vacation, the best place to look is PacSun. And assuming you’ll be able to convince your friends to shop there, you’re perfect for a job. The positions consist of Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Brand Representative, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager. Each interview is unique in its own way, and these top interview questions will help you prepare for it.

Interview Questions

Here are some questions that are asked during PacSun interviews. They tend to be mostly about the store itself, but a few are simple customer service questions.

Why would you like to work for PacSun? Express your overall love of the company. Talk about not only your love for the store, but for the associates themselves. Let them know that you will be able to draw customers in from what you’ve experienced. 

What sales experiences do you have? Give details of your former sales jobs and how great you were. Provided that have no experiences, talk about at time you persuaded a friend to buy something. 

If you could be any animal, what kind would you be? Interviewers ask hypothetical questions to learn about your personality. You can use your favorite animal, or choose a powerful animal. You probably shouldn’t use a three-toed sloth as an example. 

How would you approach someone you believe to be shoplifting? You’ll more than likely see a few shoplifters in a retail store, and sometimes a manager isn’t around to assist. Talk about how you would remedy that situation if it comes up. 

What is your current favorite fashion trend? What do you like to wear and why. Use examples from the store, since there are a variety of brands at PacSun, and put together an outfit. 

How would you sell an outfit to a customer? Describe assisting a customer that is shopping for a loved one and how you can convince them to buy a particular product. Use previous 

How many hours are you looking to work? Your answer should be as many hours as you can. Even if you’re a student, you should let them know that you are available as much as possible. 

Can you name clothing brands that are sold at PacSun? In order to sell the product, you need to know the product. If you don’t know much about PacSun, research it before your interview. Always do your homework.

PacSun differs a bit from other retail stores with their questions. Just have fun with them.

Interview Tips

Unlike traditional interviews, you don’t have to dress in business casual for PacSun. They are interested in someone that can sell their product, and you should have a good fashion sense. How you dress shows what you can bring to the store. Try not to go too extreme, but display your style.

When turning in an application, try to speak directly with a manager. They get multiple job applications, and if it’s a busy season, such as back to school, you don’t want yours getting lost in a file folder. Make an impact when you drop off the application. Ask when a manager will be available, if they aren’t at the time, and come back later to turn in your application.

During the interview, be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of the store itself. Talk about the different brands sold and point out your favorites. Comment on the floor plans and the way it looks. Do your homework before arriving. If PacSun has a new brand being added, it’s impressive if you know about it before you’re even hired.

The meeting will be fun and as easy going as the styles of the brands sold in stores. Just relax and remain confident, and it should go well.