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Family Video ApplicationFamily Video is the largest chain in the USA for buying and renting DVDs, Blu-Rays and video games.  Since opening its first store in 1978, Family Video has branched out into other diverse industries such as food, health, property and TV. Find the Family Video Application Link at the bottom of the page.

The original company was founded in 1946 by Clarence Hoogland as an appliance and supply firm.  True to its name, it has stayed in the family with his son Charlie succeeding him in 1953 and successfully developing the firm until it eventually evolved into a video rental firm in the 1970s.  Now, it is under the leadership of Keith Hoogland who is continuing on the legacy of growth.

From the first store that opened in Springfield, Illinois, Family Video, now based in Glenview, has over 700 different locations across 19 states in the USA and even expanded into Canada in 2012.  It is constantly opening new stores and increasing its job opportunities; its workforce stands at over 7000 strong and still hiring!

Family Video plays against trends that have seen similar chains close down.  So if you think you can match the same ambitious attitude you can find the exact employment specifications on the their website under the Family Video Jobs section and find out how to apply for Family Video online.

Family Video Careers

Family Video offers full and part time entry-level positions including Sales Associate, Cashier, and Stock Associate where you can get to grips with the basic duties of the store and develop your customer service skills. The management structure includes a full-time training program designed to develop Managers who have all the abilities needed to handle the daily running of the stores and is able to manage both staff and customers.

For those applicants with more experience and training there are also non store-based opportunities in other professional departments.  These vacancies range from Administration, Sales and Marketing to the upper management of the company.  For those who want to branch out, Family Video offers opportunities for relocation to one of their many nationwide stores or offices.

How old do you have to be to work at Family Video?  If you decide to apply for jobs at Family Video you will need to be 18 years old, there are currently no positions available for applicants aged between 16 and 18.  Check the job description for other requirements for all Family Video careers.  Be aware that store hours are usually 10am until midnight although these can vary between stores.

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Most entry-level Family Video jobs are minimum wage, with added commission based on sales.  Management jobs are salaried with added performance-related bonuses. All full time employees can enjoy the benefits of insurance plans including medical, dental and the 401k retirement plan.  All employees are entitled to paid time off every year, discounts on rentals and a sneak peek at releases before the public.

Family Video Job Descriptions

Customer Service Representative – Everybody has to start somewhere, and being a customer service representative you will have the opportunity to earn commission on your sales in addition to the hourly rate of up to $9/hour.  This position makes up the first stop for customers and representatives are primarily expected to provide the highest standard of customer service as well as other duties assigned by the managers.

Assistant Manager – The Assistant Manager role is full time and you will be expected to lead by example and supervise the customer service representatives.  Acting as a go-between with the management team you will also learn all the duties necessary to run the store when needed.  With a pay rise from the CSRs you can expect to earn up to $12/hour.

Manager-In-Training – This comprehensive training program will equip you with the skills to become a Store Manager.  Lasting between 12 and 16 weeks you will act as a second to the Store Manager, learning all the tasks necessary to run the store and ensure staff stick to the correct policies while maintaining the friendly atmosphere.  During your training you can look forward to a salary of up to $30k/year.

Store Manager – The position of Store Manager is salaried from $30k upwards, not including performance bonuses.  Those in this role will run all aspects of the store, passing on your leadership skills in managing and training staff and taking on responsibilities in the front and back of house.  Above all, you will need to ensure that the store is both professional and welcoming for your staff and customers.

Family Video Interview Questions

Make sure you are prepared for your interview by practicing a few questions like these. 

Why do you want to work at Family Video?  Most companies will ask this question in an interview.  Be positive and make sure your answer shows that you know the type of atmosphere they want to create.

What are your favourite movies or television shows?  This is a chance to show off your customer service rapport.  The interviewer will want to see that you can make friendly conversation and give recommendations to customers.

How have you dealt with difficult customers in the past?  Managers will want to know that you can remain calm under pressure.  Talk about an incident where you have managed to do this.  If you haven’t worked in customer service before, think of a time when you had to negotiate with another stressful situation.

Those applying for management positions will have to answer more in depth questions about how their experience makes them a good candidate for this type of career. 

What is your management style? Demonstrate how you have handled employees in the past and why you think your style works.

How do you feel your education has prepared you for a management role?  Pick specific examples that show why your experience is relevant.  They don’t have to be related to the job but can show transferable skills.

Advice For Application Process

The application form is the first thing your potential employer will see about you, so be sure to double check all of your information is correct before submitting.  As all store-based roles will involve customer service, try to get across your natural charm in the ‘About You’ section.  Before making a Family Video application, do some research on the company and the roles available by searching Family Video jobs online.

You can make a free application by using the link provided.  Select the right store and apply online.  The online application requires you to fill in your personal details, education, experience and references.  Alternatively, you can download a printable application form for Family Video and take it to your local store to make a direct application.  For corporate roles, mail resumes and applications to the address provided on the website.

After a brief initial interview with a manager you will be asked to take a basic test to assess your math and language skills.  If you pass both of these successfully you will be invited to a final interview with a District Manager who will make the decision to hire you.

The most important thing that managers are looking for is your personality.  They want to know that you can handle working in a friendly and professional customer based industry.  Be sure to dress appropriately but above all, maintain a positive and inviting attitude that they will be able to see transferred to customers.
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