Burlington Coat Factory Application & Careers

Burlington Coat Factory ApplicationBurlington Coat Factory is a popular retail store, which has 450 locations in the States and Puerto Rico. There are approximately 30 000 employees. You will find clothing, shoes and accessories as well as clothes for the little ones. You can also expect to find furniture and home décor.

The headquarters are in Burlington Township, NJ, and there are currently more locations being added. The retail chain specializes in discounted clothing and home décor. It also several departments for people to work in such as menswear, ladies’ wear, accessories, toys and kids’ wear. Feel free to complete a Burlington Coat Factory job application online today.

In the store, customers can find an array of high-quality clothing, linens and home décor for 70% off the regular price. In addition, workers can tell parents about babydepot.com, and how they can find anything for a baby on the website. There are also modern maternity clothes, and even a baby registry, which will be beneficial for pregnant customers. Furthermore, employees can find up-to-date information on the latest products about safety, product models and tips on what to use for a baby. Job hopefuls can browse for local Burlington Coat Factory jobs on the website, and apply for any of the positions by completing a Burlington Coat Factory application today.

Burlington Coat Factory Careers

Some hiring requirements include being able to communicate effectively, customer service and organizational skills. The company also looks for applicants who are able to work full-time including evenings, weekends, and holiday shifts.  You will have to go through several interviews in order to be considered for a position at your most convenient location. It will begin with a phone interview, and you will be called for a face-to-face interview within two days. The entire process usually takes a few days to complete. The interviews are straightforward and are about 15 minutes. The questions are usually straightforward, and are focused around customer-service skills.  If you are applying for an executive or a managerial position, you will be asked open-ended questions that reveal behavior traits.  Feel free to log onto the website to search for Burlington Coat Factory jobs online.

In addition, you will also be monitored on your ability to sell an item, and it is advised to bring up past experiences of good sales. The store also recommends for you to dress professional, and to act sincere in answering the questions and in wanting the position. Moreover, you may have to complete an assessment that lasts between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the position you are interested in. Use an online application form to apply today.

Burlington Coat Factory Job Descriptions

The store is always looking for new employees to join the team, and to apply for jobs at Burlington Coat Factory.  The environment is fast-paced and always changing, and has entry-level positions such as sales associate, loss prevention associate, cashier, and managerial positions like assistant merchandise manager.  Moreover, there are executive positions such as various managerial positions and warehouse supervisor. There are other positions like security officer, processor, material handler, shipping loader, receiving supervisor, area sales manager, shipping supervisor, maintenance-housekeeping and maintenance/mechanic-general and operations manager.  Workers are also expected to be a team player and working closely with other associates. The clothing store also has worker recognition programs, which rewards hard-working employees.  Hiring managers look for talkative, outgoing and diligent workers to join the company. If you are looking to get an executive job, you should have several years of experience in retail.  Feel free to apply online using an application form and apply for Burlington Coat Factory careers for the following positions.

Employees will develop the ability to “sell” an array of products. Job searchers begin by completing a Burlington Coat Factory job direct application. They will ask you for your employment history, work skills, educational history and any references you may have. Please complete the Burlington Coat Factory entirely to be considered for one of their positions.  The entry-level employees will begin by working as a cashier, and then will work up to becoming a sales associate once they gain experience.  The first position people start off with is team member or store associate, which has several job responsibilities including working the cash register and working in several job descriptions such as clothing, jewelry and accessories, furniture and shoes. The hiring managers will screen prospective employees and interview them as well as prepare them for the retail industry. The managers will be overlooking the entire store including creating work schedules, assigning various tasks, and making sure everyone is contributing to the team.

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There is more information on the job descriptions available online for any Burlington Coat Factory careers. There is also a printable application form for the positions you qualify for.

Cashier – you will not need previous experience for this position, but the job description says cashiers should be comfortable behind by the cash register and computers. It will work to your advantage when applying for the job. The hiring managers generally look for candidates who are outgoing, hard-working and committed to providing world-class customer service. The workers need to have some product knowledge of the brands and the industry in order to succeed in this position.

Sales Associate- The duties will vary, depending on which department you get hired for. Sales associate work on the floor and interact with customers, and help them. It is your job to inform people about the latest products and sales, and to make sure there is enough stock on the shelves. It is also integral in this position to be sociable, and have the ability to “sell” an item to the customers. 

Manager-   If you are interested in an executive position, mangers can expect to complete several jobs related to administration and supervision. These managerial jobs are split among the customer service/logistics manager, store manager and merchandise manager.  The manager position involves looking after the front part of the store, and the duties related to the receiving department. They will ensure the efficiency of the customer service desks, and that your customers are leaving happy. Moreover, managers are in charge of how sales are doing, and the strategies to improve selling as well. Some of the administrative duties include payroll, hiring, and any issues related to the staff. Hiring manager prefer you to have experience in retail and supervision, and a college degree related to the industry.

Use a printable application for Burlington Coat Factory to start applying for one of these positions today using the Burlington Coat Factory careers link.

Average wages/salaries & Benefits

Burlington Coat Factory offers many benefits. If you find employment as a cashier, you will earn minimum wage, with potential for an increase in wage. You can earn between $8.00 and $9.00, and you can become promoted to a higher position such as a supervisor or a manager. In addition, sales associates can earn from $8.00 to $10.00 per hour. They also have competitive pay scales that are based on work experience and job duties. An average salary can be roughly $3500 to $4500 per year for managers in the customer service department and merchandise managers can make approximately $60000 for store managers. Additionally, workers will enjoy employee benefits, and healthcare coverage, life insurance, and 401 (k) retirement plans. There are also enjoy staff discounts, time off with pay as well as various training and career development programs.

Furthermore, the store associates can earn up to $12.00 -$14.00 per hour. If you are in an executive position and have some experience with the store, you can earn yearly salary options which ranges from $40 000 to $60 000. Log on to the website today to find out how to apply for Burlington Coat Factory online.

Advice For Application Process

Applicants can also check their free application using the Burlington Coat Factory careers website. Job seekers can create a username and password to create a profile, and prospective employees can also call the company or go the location they applied to in person. The hiring managers will need some time to look over the application, and you should look and sound professional when looking into the status of their application.

Facts about the company

Burlington Coat Factory is very active in supporting surrounding communities, and is committed to helping citizens and having a social cause. One event the company is proud of is the yearly Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Drive, which includes providing winter coats to people who need them. They are also committed to child safety, women and health as well as relief after a natural disaster. The retail chain is also ranked at the largest donator to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Furthermore, the store has surpassed revenue of $4 billion, and has a new buyer in California.

Why people like working here

The workers will enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and speaking to people of all kinds, and you want to work for a company who cares, you can work for a Burlington Coat Factory application today. It is perfect for people who like a retail environment and enjoy being part of a team. Look into Burlington Coat Factory jobs today.

Hours of Operation: The store is open Monday to Saturday 10: 00 AM to 9:00 PM and Sunday 11:00 a.m. -7:00 P.M.

How old do You Have to be to work at Burlington Coat Factory? : You have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for Burlington Coat Factory jobs.


For those who secure positions with the retail store, it will provide you with a chance to gain experience and for future careers. This includes moving forward in your career or getting assistance with gaining valuable skills. If you enjoy a retail environment or a job that involves customer service, it is also recommended to look into job opportunities with American Apparel or American Eagle Outfitters. Download an application form today to get started today.
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