Burlington Coat Factory Interview Questions

Burlington Coat Factory ApplicationAre you someone that loves working in a fast paced retail store? Then you’re perfect for Burlington Coat Factory. Positions include Cashier, Sales Associate, Loss Prevention Associate, Merchandise Manager, and Store Manager. Listed are the most common top interview questions asked during an interview.

Burlington Coat Factory Interview Questions

The interviewer will ask the questions to get a general idea of you as an employee

How have you gone above and beyond to provide excellent customer service in the past? Tell a story about when someone didn’t ask for too much, but you still did everything you could to make him or her happy. 

What is something that you can work on? You’re not perfect, and you have room to grow. The interviewer would like to know that you’re aware of this. Name something simple, such as needing to not work so hard. 

What is a friendly work environment to you? Name reasons you enjoy coming to work and what you do to make the atmosphere friendly for others as well. Also name reasons customers can make a work environment friendly. 

Tell me about a time you completed a stressful task. Discuss having to complete a work assignment with limited time or dealing with an upset customer. Explain what you did and also the result. 

What does good customer service mean to you? Tell about a time you experienced good customer service and how you used that to make yourself better in a working environment. 

Tell me how you would deal with a dissatisfied customer. Give your approach to the situation, the steps you would take to resolve the issue, and what your next move would be if the customer is still dissatisfied. 

What is your usual role in a team? Tell them if you typically take a leader role, and why. If not the leader role let them know how you get your ideas across while still being in the mix. 

Did you feel you progressed satisfactorily in your last job? Let them know about the skills you acquired and how they have helped you grow. If you learned a new skill, describe it and how it will help with the job you applied for.

The meeting is simple enough, but be sure to let them know of your experience and how it will help you in your position. 

Interview Tips

The interviews for Burlington Coat Factory are typically quick, lasting no longer than twenty minutes, and revolve around standard retail questions. They will ask questions about your skills and retail history. Other questions include how you would deal with certain situations you may encounter. Give detailed information, but try not to over compensate with your answers.

You should dress in a business casual sense, or as close to the uniform in the store, which is khaki pants and a black polo. It shows that you have information about the company and that you’re prepared to work even before they’ve decided.

Lastly, you will need to demonstrate your selling skills. The first thing you will need to sell is you. Build yourself up and let them know why you believe you’ll be a good employee. A few hypothetical questions will cause you to do so. If possible, try to sell an item to the interviewer, or describe as best you can how you will approach customers.

These questions are standard and you should give as much information as possible without giving too much.