Applebee’s Application & Careers

Applebee's ApplicationApplebee’s is a family catering dining restaurant, the biggest in the world in fact. The diner sells all kinds of foods from, burgers to pastas, salads, to seafood, and even offers many different drink options inside their bars. They have a car side delivery option in their restaurants that allow people to take their food home, another luxury the customers enjoy.

The popular restaurant chain has received many awards for its excellent services that it offers to the public. Some of these awards are, Chain of the year, Heart of the Workplace, Top Performer in Management Retention, and many more that show just how much people enjoy the restaurant’s services. The restaurant proves to be the most successful in the industry.

Applebee’s jobs and the company itself work with the philosophy of being neighborly. This ideal spreads and influences not only customers, but also community services betterment for animal treatments, and energy efficiency. The restaurant cares about the world, the animals, and people on the Earth.

The company’s foundation is based upon some simple values listed below:

  • Trust
  • Community
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

This is a small list of the numerous principles it operates upon.

Facts About the Company

The company had its start in 1980 and was originally named, Applebee’s Rx. Bill and TJ Palmer who later sold the idea for the restaurant to W.R Grace and Company found the company. Eight years later the concept is once again sold, this time to Abe Gustin and John Hamra. One year later they had their first public offering to the stock market.

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In 1998 they accomplish a milestone, by having a thousand locations. Then in 2000 they opened even more locations in the Middle East and Latin America turning the franchise into an international company. When 2004 came along they decide to link up with Weight Watchers and make lower calorie meals readily available to customers.

The franchise is still managing to donate millions of money even while expanding as widely as they have.  They make large donations to Toys for Tots, 9/11 victims, and other charities. They really do spread and show their neighborly love to the communities they serve.

There are a couple ways that one may go about applying to these restaurants, you can visit their website and find a local restaurant to apply to, you may complete applications online, or you can complete a download application form and print it out.

Applebee’s Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Applebee’s? The answer is at least eighteen because the franchise does sell alcoholic beverages to consumers.

The different positions have different requirements due to the differences in their natures. For a server’s position one must be able to stand for long durations of time, remembering customer’s orders, and be able to deliver outstanding customer service with a positive energy.

Bartender hiring requirements include standing for long hours; have lots of energy, ability to communicate effectively, basic arithmetic skills, and in some states the law requires a bartender to have certain certifications in order for them to legally sell alcohol.

Similar to a server and bartender, the requirements to being a host/hostess is to be capable of standing for a long period of time and have a positive, outgoing personality, as well as excellent communication skills.

Since a line cook’s duties vary so greatly from a server, bartender, or host, there are very different qualifications to becoming one such as, capable of using cooking utensils, including sharp knives, ability to lift sixty pounds or more of weight.

Management positions will be harder to obtain because a manager is the leader of the store, more often than not one must start with an entry-level position and be promoted from within this way the individual already has an understanding of what the environment is like.

This does not mean someone can’t obtain a management position when applying. The ideal applicant for a management position will have a few years experience in management already, have a degree in business, hospitality, or management, and be certified in Serve Safe Food and Serve Safe Alcohol.

Applebee’s Job Descriptions

When filling out an Applebee’s application there are quite a few entry-level positions available to apply for.

  • Server- a server, also known as a waiter/waitress, has the responsibility of serving customers their food and drinks. A server is the person a customer will probably see the most; therefore it is quite important that they make sure the customer is pleased and satisfied with the restaurant experience.
  • Bartender- the restaurants quite often have a bar inside of them. Bartenders serve customers alcoholic beverages to customers; they must keep their workstation clean and ring up the customers they serve. Bartenders need to be highly energetic and friendly, as well as be capable of communicating with customers effectively in order to optimize their experience.
  • Host/Hostess- The host/hostess responsibility is to greet the guests entering the restaurant and seat them at appropriate tables. Sometimes they must help in cleaning and setting up tables for guests.
  • Line Cook- These are the employees that prepare the dishes going out to the customers. Their duties are to prep food workstations, complete dishes according to the proper recipes, and practice clean working habits.

Non entry-level positions are as follows:

  • Managers- are in charge of handling administrative and clerical job duties such as the training of new employees, scheduling, dealing with conflicts within the store, making sure everything Is up to standard, and much more. There are three different types of managerial positions available for application, kitchen, assistant, and general.

Average Wages, Salaries, & Benefits

Now that you know some positions that are available for employment, you’re probably wondering what are the benefits to these different job opportunities.

  • Dental, vision, and health insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Lie insurance
  • Compensation Plans
  • Competitive pays

The restaurant offers very beneficial benefits for their employees, but what’s the pay like?

  • Servers make up to ten dollars per hour
  • Host/Hostess make roughly the same as servers
  • Line cooks make quite a bit, on average they earn eleven dollars an hour, but can make up to sixteen dollars an hour
  • Bartenders make roughly seven dollars per hour, however they have been known to make as much as nineteen dollars per hour
  • Kitchen Manager will make about ten dollars per hour
  • Assistant Manager makes close to nineteen dollars per hour
  • General Managers can make all the way up to twenty six dollars an hour

Advice For Application Process

It’s wise for entry-level positions to introduce yourself in person and ask to receive a free application in order to apply for jobs at Applebee’s. When visiting a store in person it is also important to complete and turn in the direct application right away, this gives you the opportunity to ask the manager questions about the jobs and show that you are prepared for an interview as soon as the opportunity is available.

When turning in applications to businesses, always have a neat and well-organized resume to turn in with the applications. In case you are unsure, a resume should contain information such as where you have graduated from, past job descriptions and experience along with past salary and other wages.

When looking for Applebee’s jobs and speaking to the managers you can ask them questions about employment for the company, this way you can confirm if this would be the right career for you.

  • What are some benefits that come with Applebee’s careers?
  • Is the restaurant currently hiring?
  • What’s it like working for Applebee’s?
  • How soon will I be contacted for an interview if I’m considered for a position?

These questions with show that you are genuinely interested in working for the franchise and will make securing Applebee’s jobs more likely.

After turning in an Applebee’s application the manager may actually give you an interview immediately especially if you dress professionally and show just how prepared you are. In order to continue conveying this preparedness there are some questions that would be good to practice answering for an interview

  • What are your strengths? your weaknesses?
  • Can you handle stressful situations?
  • What job opportunities are you looking for?
  • Why do you want this position?
  • Why should we give you one of the Applebee’s careers available?

Being comfortable with answering questions during an interview is all part of the job-hunting experience. Practice in front of a mirror until you are well versed in your responses.

Know that it is completely acceptable to complete a printable application form and turn it in person too. Managers will not mind if you turn in a printable application for Applebee’s, just as long as you do it face to face, and demonstrate professionalism.

How to Apply Online

If applying in person is not favorable or preferred, an Applebee’s application can also be completed on the Internet. Interested in knowing how to apply for Applebee’s online? Follow the instructions below to apply online.

  • Visit the Applebee’s website
  • At the bottom will be a “careers” link
  • Decide which online application you want to complete
    • Hourly team members
    • Restaurant Management
  • Complete the online application for a position close to you.

After completion of the Applebee’s job application online you may wait for a call or you may also choose to call or visit the store you applied to. Inform them that you have applied for Applebee’s jobs online and introduce yourself to the manager.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday, and Sunday Applebee’s opens at 11 am and closes at 12 am. Fridays and Saturdays they open at 11 am and close at 1 am.

Why People Like Working Here

Employees enjoy working at the franchise because of how relaxed the environment is. The scheduling is very flexible, and because it’s such a busy restaurant quite often waiters/waitresses can make up to one hundred dollars a night.

Many speak well about their coworkers and the job being fairly easy, getting to eat free food is another plus when working at the restaurant. Management works together with the employees to provide an excellent work experience and proper training too.


Chili’s and TGI Fridays are two more restaurant chains to consider when looking for employment in a restaurant type setting. Chili’s and TGI Fridays are restaurants plus bars, much like Applebee’s. All three of these companies are devoted to bringing their customers a relaxed dining experience with excellent food, drinks and service.
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