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In the bar industry, excellent customer service skills are a must and a mandatory requirement. This is a field that deals solely with customers, and is often very difficult especially when they get inebriated. The ability to keep calm in any situation is also a key to having a successful career in an industry like this.

Bars are often frequented by all types of people. They will be great places for them to get together. Likewise, it could be a very fast-paced and demanding career and is not for the faint of heart. Most positions in this field require one to be on their feet most of the time, and can be very physically demanding.

Most positions in this industry do not require any education, but there generally is an age requirement. In most places, a person must be 18 or older to serve alcohol. Other than that, pretty much anyone can get a position here as long as they are great with customers.

The bar industry is a very popular one because it is a service that people enjoy having. People go to bars to just relax and have a beer while enjoying great food and good company. If you want a career in a field where you are always dealing with people and social skills, this can be a place for you.

Job Opportunities

Here are some of the career opportunities that you can find in this industry:

Bartenders: These are the ones responsible for serving up your alcoholic beverage of choice. They are also servers, so they hand out menus and take food orders as well. This is a profession that lives off of tips, and getting them requires amazing customer service. There isn’t any education level needed, though often times people will attend classes or Bartending School to gain useful skills in a field like this. In these courses, they learn about the legalities of serving alcohol and teach how to mix drinks properly. Including tips, the average yearly salary can be about $18,000.

Servers: Servers are the people that are responsible for getting food and drink orders for people who are sitting at tables, not at around the facility’s bar. They deliver the food and drinks to the customers, but do not mix drinks themselves. This is a tip-based position and requires a great deal of physical demand and customer service skills. They are usually the face of the bar, and being the friendliest person there always helps. There isn’t any education level that is required to get this position and only takes on the job training to learn. The average yearly salary is around $18,000, which includes tips.

Bar Managers: He or she is the person or persons who are responsible for running the bar. They deal with ordering inventory, hiring and firing, and scheduling. Often times bar managers are also the ones who greet the guests as they come into the establishment and seat them if needed. Generally there will be an educational requirement needed to get this position, usually one in food service or in management. Often times there are also requirements for certifications, but this is depending on the laws in the area that you are working. A Serve-Safe certification is a general need in this industry. The average yearly salary for this position is around $43,000.

Bouncer/Security: The bouncer is responsible in some bars to check ID upon entrance. In other situations, the bouncer is solely there for security purposes. This can be especially important where there might be a lot of alcohol is being served to keep all the patrons safe. There is no education level required for this type of position, but usually on the job training or past experience in a similar field helps gain a position in a career like this. The salary for this position about $15,000 a year.

Job Outlook

The job growth in the industry is expected to be about 12% from 2012-2022. This growth rate is about the same average as most other industries. This industry is always looking for employees as there is a high turnover rate of the staff. The reason for this high turnover rate is because this job is not a permanent one for most.

Bars are a constant business in the world because people always seek out these types of establishments. It brings job security for those who want to stay in a business like this.

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