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Steve Wynn has been transforming the Las Vegas Strip since 1967. After building other famous hotels, Wynn turned his sites toward building his eponymous dream resort. He procured 215 acres on the strip by tearing down the Desert Inn and other locations. The following is the information needed for your Wynn Las Vegas application.

The 2716 room hotel is the epitome of luxury and grace. With twenty restaurants and six clubs and lounges, there are local options to fit anyone’s taste. The 111,000 square foot Casino offers gambling in style. The pool, spa, salon, golf course, and shops compliment the setting.  You can find a Wynn Las Vegas application by searching Wynn Las Vegas jobs online.

Steve Wynn’s believes the most important decision they make is who to hire. And they must be hiring the right people because they have earned the AAA 5 Diamond and 5 Stars from Mobil, Michelin, and Forbes. They also made history by earning 5 Stars in Hotel, Restaurant and Spa for two years in a row.

Las Vegas is known for innovation and setting the bar when it comes to luxury resort travel. The Wynn has the only Ferrari/Maserati dealership in a resort. There is also a spectacular curtain waterfall flowing into a three-acre lake. This location is the sight of the award-winning show, “The Dream.”

To find the career of your dreams, here is how to apply for Wynn Las Vegas online. You cannot download the application form and there is no printable application for Wynn Las Vegas. The first step to applying for jobs at Wynn Las Vegas is to join the talent network. By filling out the online application, you will get information that you need to make Wynn you career destination.

Wynn Las Vegas Careers

Wynn Las Vegas is more like a vacation city than a hotel, with everything from restaurants and bars to pools and shop, and entertainment. This means there is a vast array of careers to choose from. The five key employment areas are Casino, Food, and Beverage, Hotel, Retail, and General and Administrative.

The organization seeks out guest relations professionals to fill all of its positions, whether they be an entry level Hostess at one of the restaurants or a Director of Operations. They believe that even the slightest slip in service can damage the 5 Star reputation they have worked so hard to earn.

How old do you have to be to work at Wynn Las Vegas? You have to be at least eighteen years old to apply for Wynn Las Vegas jobs. Some positions require that you be twenty-one years old. Although many careers don’t require a college degree, many of them require previous experience. It is a free application, apply online with the direct application and include a resume.

A career with Wynn Las Vegas is about more than just earning a salary, but they know to hire the best you have to pay top wages. They have a generous benefits package with all of the standard insurance coverage. Also, they offer free meals at Le Staff Café, an onsite wellness center with free coaching and classes, and an exciting employee recognition program. There is no printable application form.

Hours of operation are 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Employees should be prepared to work weekends, holidays and night shifts.

Wynn Las Vegas Job Descriptions

Job opportunities exist for careers in many exciting fields all within the resort.

Casino Jobs– The job description for associates working in the gaming industry in the Wynn Casino must adhere to the highest standard of ethics and maintain the integrity of the games and the casino, as well as Customer Service. Jobs and careers for dealers, servers, security, and customer relations are available as needed.

Food and Beverage Jobs– With ten fine dining and ten casual eateries, plus six night-clubs and other resort properties there are Food and Beverage positions available for people of all backgrounds and training. Jobs from Ice-cream Scoopers to Executive Chef at a world-class restaurant all work under the Food and Beverage umbrella.

Hotel Jobs– The hotel is the heart of the resort, the place people call home-away-from-home. Nowhere are the responsibilities of customer satisfaction more critical. Jobs in the 2716 room hotel range from Valets and Guestroom Attendants to Makeup artists and Call Center Associates. You can work poolside, or at the front desk or anywhere in between.

Retail Jobs– The Wynn has a collection of retail shops designed to appeal to their high-end guests. Stores range from the only Manolo Blahnik in the United States outside of New York, to the only Ferrari/Maserati Dealership inside a resort. Imagine the most luxurious brands in the world and you can find them on the Esplanade.

General and Administrative Jobs– The glue that hold all of the parts of this enormous operation together are the people performing the General and Administrative jobs. Some of the support positions include IT, Accounting, Payroll, Sales, and Maintenance. Also, the people that support the shows doing things like lighting, set construction and wardrobe are part of the G and A Team.

Wynn Las Vegas Interview Questions

When you apply for jobs at Wynn Las Vegas be prepared to answer the following questions during your interview. 

What do you feel your role in providing customer service is? Explain how your job is critical to customer service, and you are the best person. You’re applying to be a dishwasher. “My job is getting clean plates and utensils to the chefs so they can serve our customers quickly. That’s why I work as fast as I can while still getting everything spotless.”

Tell me about your best customer experience? You need to have multiple examples of customers who became friends, who requested you and only you to help them, or who sent word to your manager to compliment you. No matter what position, show how you satisfied a customer. Have various examples.

What was your worst customer experience? It was never bad. It was a challenge that you had to overcome. Again, have multiple examples of times when you took a customer who was being difficult and turned them around. If you work behind the scenes, how your job improves the customer experience.

What is your least favorite kind of customer? “The customer who’s always happy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want people to be unhappy, but they just don’t present a challenge. I prefer the customer who is angry, upset, or frustrated. There is nothing more satisfying than turning someone around, provide an example. 

Why do you want to work here? Never say pay or benefits. Because you believe it’s a place where you can have a satisfying career. You’re not looking for a job, you’re looking for a place where you are proud to work. You’ve studied all the information you could and you’re sure this is the place for you.

Advice for Application Process

To learn more about how to apply for Wynn Las Vegas online, follow the link for online application below. You will begin by joining the Wynn Las Vegas Talent Network. Make sure to enter all your work experience from your resume. Whenever possible make sure your job responsibilities include servicing customers, no matter what positions you have held.

You need to look professional no matter what type of position you are applying for. The way you dress says a lot about how seriously you take the opportunity. If you don’t own a business suit, at least wear something clean and pressed. Men should wear slacks, a shirt, and a tie. Women slacks or a skirt and blouse or nice sweater, or a dress.

No matter what position you are applying for you should make it clear that servicing guests and providing them with an unforgettable experience is your top priority. Emphasize your dedication to details and desire to do a good job every hour of every day. Make it clear that you have the experience and you want to share it with the best resort in Las Vegas.

There is a lot of good information on the Wynn Las Vegas website. The company went to the trouble to create success stories for ten different employees working in various positions within the resort. You need to read each one of those stories and think about what you would have done in their situations. If possible think of a time when you acted similarly.

The most important thing you can impress upon them is your desire for a career with Wynn. That it’s not a job to you. The key is you’re looking for Wynn Las Vegas careers.
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