Netflix Application & Careers

Netflix ApplicationNetflix is the best internet TV provider globally. It provides its members a convenient way of watching movies, TV series, and even their own series any place, any time, any gadget, and at their own pace as long as they have an internet connection. They also have movie rentals that come with their services.

Only for one decade from the year it was founded, 1997, with a headquarters located in Los Gatos, California, Netflix made a billion sales with its services. It earns about $2 billion per year and maintains more than 2,000 workers. Being a big and known American company, its expansion from servicing almost 50 countries all over the world and from having over 53 million members is still continuing.

As the people demand and patronage what they offer, it develops to be the leading company in the industry. It uses the changes in the technology to make its services more reachable and convenient. Available and reliable internet, smart TVs, and portable gadgets are being utilized, maximized, and used by them to their advantage and at the same time, providing costumer’s interest.

Working with the company is remarkable because of many reasons. Being part the team means respecting and learning from one another. Sharing the best of what you can do is a vital contribution to the company’s performance. Although they require high standards, they are open to those who are still learning and have the potential to be an asset to industry.

If you share the aspiration of an institution where the customer’s experiences are more valuable than anything else, the opportunities of both applicants and employees are equal, the work you do is considered a great contribution, and the abilities, skills, and talents are enhanced and put into good use, then apply online and be a part of the family.

Netflix Careers

It is an innovative enterprise. They are always looking for skilled and talented workers that share their company’s aspirations. Although skills and talents are essential traits of workers they are looking for, it is also important to be responsible and smart because high performance is not only the company’s sole purpose, but freedom and responsibility as well.

Different positions, whether it is entry level or expert level, have different requirements to be hired. The general abilities, hiring requirements and policies for both levels are the following:

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  • 18 years of age and above with a high school diploma OR
  • Has a Bachelor or Master degree on the field they applied
  • Excellent communication skills
  • No criminal background
  • Ability to work with minimal supervisions
  • Ability to initiate learning with minimal guidance
  • Ability to give solutions to a given problem
  • Ability to understand and follow instruction well
  • Ability to face responsibilities

Because the company is competitive, so is the salary it gives to its workers. For the basic jobs, an hourly rate of $12.50 is given. For more complex jobs, the salary is based on final work or outcome, meaning per project, which certainly receives a higher salary than those basic job workers.

Company benefits are given to those employees who are qualified. Benefits that are given are based on their qualification and contribution to the business. These benefits include free Netflix subscription, insurance, medical attention, secured career, paid absences, $401,000.00, and many more which are available after 30 days, provided that you are qualified.

All of these is possible because of Reed Hastings. He has a MS Degree in Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence at Harvard University in 1988. He was a board member of Microsoft from 2007 to 2012, a board member on Facebook, and the founder and the CEO of Netflix. A great software developer, who founded the Pure Software, introduced a new business.

Way back in 1997, it started as an online movie rental store. In 1999, they introduced the online subscription which includes unlimited movies with a monthly payment. 6 years after, a total of 4.2 million subscribed to their services. From 2010 until the present, it continues to expand; it started spread in America, then in Europe. It continues to develop as technology advances.

Starting 2012, Netflix started winning the Primetime Emmy Engineering Award. This year, they have more or less 11 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award. This only proves that they do offer quality services. It’s only been less than 20 years since Netflix was founded, but its working its way up in the industry.

Netflix Job Descriptions

Netflix provides various job opportunities you can ever imagine. It has entry level careers and as well as for expert level careers. These offers ensure fair opportunities for those who are part of the team and those who want to be a part of the team.

They offer many jobs for different fields such as Engineering, Data Analytics & Algorithms, IT Operations, User Experience/Design, Marketing & PR, Talent & Recruiting, Product Innovation, Content, Global Customer Service, Finance, Facilities, Legal, and DVD Operation.

If you are interested for a certain position, you can browse through the given list below. For more detailed job description of a certain job, find the specific job on the complete list on the link below.

Entry-Level Jobs

Language Specialist, PT Machine Operators in local areas and other locations the company services

Expert-Level / Professional-Level Jobs

Senior Software Engineer/Architect – Payment Platform, Manager – Content Analytics, Senior Visual Designer – TV Experiences, IT Manager – NetflixCS, Counsel – Original Content

Entry-level jobs are only limited and almost the same. These jobs are for applicants that have a bachelor degree with no work experience or no enough experience or applicants that have a high school diploma. The following are the hiring requirements:

  • Fundamental skills needed for the field applied
  • Documentation skills

There are several expert-level jobs offered. These jobs are for applicants that have been working in their field and have already gained experienced to be called a professional in what they do. Most people included here are those that already have certifications and achievements in their line of work. The following are some hiring requirements:

  • More than 3 years of experience towards a similar or closely related field
  • Extensive knowledge on certain topics under the same field applied

The exact list of hiring requirements of a specific job is specified in the job description on their official website. If you seek employment, if you think you are what Netflix is looking for, and if you fit the requirements they have, then all you have to do is send them your application form.

At the bottom of that page, where the detailed job description is located, are links that enable you to send your personal information. You can send either your resume or your LinkedIn account.

Advice For Application Process

Application process is not as hard as many thinks. In fact, it is online and free application. The tricky part in the process is following its procedure accurately. Most applications are ignored because especially if the applicant didn’t follow the procedures precisely. Because of great job opportunities that are offered, there are times that applicants forget to ensure that they are perfect match to the qualifications of the job. Companies like this are very busy and their time is very precious, sending an application which doesn’t match the qualification is a waste of time and effort.

For those who desire to be a part of the enterprise, there is an available online application on their website. It gives an option whether to send your resume or your account on LinkedIn. From there, you wait for further instructions from them.

Although, some prefer online application, some would want a direct application. A big amount of time will be consumed in this process because you will be preparing your own application form as you cannot download application form. This is because they don’t have any printable application form. Ergo, you have to have your own application form and your resume.

Some would think direct application is beneficial because of the effort they went through; silently hoping that it would be notice. Some applicants may be noticed by their effort, but this is not always the case. The last step to do taken before working in Netflix is the interview. Prepare for different questions, especially problem-solving questions. These types of questions are certain to come up since it’s prevalent in the industry.

The start of the business’ success also starts the coming of business competitors concerning movies and TV series. Blockbuster Video and Redbox are just few, but top competitor. Although these companies are considered as the top competitors, Blockbuster Video and Redbox offers almost the same services and careers as Netflix do. If ever it seems that Netflix is not for you, but you still want to apply in a same industry, then these two companies would be the best alternative.
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