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White Castle is a restaurant chain located in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern regions of the United States. Believed to be the country’s first fast food chain, White Castle is known for its variety of sliders, special condiments and coffee.

In 1921, Billy Ingram, together with Walt Anderson, founded this restaurant chain. They built the first one on the northwest corner of First and Main Street. Here, Ingram sold sliders — small, square hamburgers — for 5 cents each.

The restaurant chain has over 420 outlets in the US, mostly found in Kentucky, Tennessee and in the Midwest regions. with around 10,000 employees.

The benefits of working for White Castle include paid vacation leaves, 401K and profit sharing plans, free uniforms, free meals while on duty, medical, dental and life insurances, and weekly paychecks.

Employees love working for White Castle because of its professional yet laid back environment. Those who are observed to be hardworking and efficient in their jobs will be rewarded through numerous career opportunities and promotions.

How old do you have to be to work at White Castle?

To work for their restaurants, an applicant needs to be at least 16 years old. To work for their manufacturing department or a spot in their warehouse, then you should be at least 18 years old. The positions will vary depending on the location you choose to apply for.

White Castle Careers

Aspiring White Castle employees can choose among different employment opportunities. They can choose to work at the restaurant, home office or the manufacturing plant.

Crew Manager: A crew manager is in charge of various tasks: manages the store’s inventory, handles cash, works the drive-thru/cash register, organizes employee shifts, prepares orders, and more. A crew manager is essential as he ensures the smooth flow of operations.

Team Member: A team member is in charge of promoting and maintaining customers’ happiness and satisfaction. Team members should ideally be outgoing and energetic as they handle customer service, orders and sanitation.

Computer Operator: The computer operator will be in charge of testing and production of PCs and its networked systems. The operator will ensure that tasks are completed promptly, and will communicate with other locations whenever necessary.

Material Handler: A material handler is in charge of transferring both raw materials and finished products. He makes sure that they are all stored properly and are transported efficiently. Material handlers monitor inventory for both raw materials and finished products. 

Graphic Designer: The graphic designer’s job is to come up with computer-generated artwork for White Castle marketing programs, merchandise and other premium items. His tasks also include creation of content that will bring client engagement.

Service Technician: The service technician oversees the maintenance, servicing and repair of company equipment. He also makes sure work order repairs are performed and noted as required.

Machine Operator: Machine operators are in charge of the cleanliness and sanitation of areas and equipment. They should work closely with colleagues in preparing documents and operating equipment, and in identifying possible concerns with the machines.

Production Operator: The production operator is responsible for inspecting products and seeing that they meet safety and quality criteria. He or she also oversees general cleaning of facilities, including trash cans, outside grounds and accessory items.

Sanitation Technician: Sanitation technicians ensure the cleanliness of facilities and equipment and make sure the processes are performed in a timely manner. They also tear down equipment as needed for sanitation.

Quality Control Technician: The Quality Control Technician is in charge of inspecting raw materials and how they are packaged by checking random samples and testing products to ensure they meet the set standards. Shipments that contain finished products are inspected as well according to the established procedures.

White Castle Application

To become a part of White Castle crew, you just have to fill out the form online by first providing personal information and contact details, and then accomplishing a personality assessment examination. These steps are required for the company to see your compatibility with them.

As a means of helping save on paper, White Castle only accepts online applications. Their Careers page contains all the information that’s related to the post, and you can apply any time and any day of the week.

Applications are all done online and you’re asked to provide your information, so there’s no need to attach a copy of your resume. You can opt to bring a printed copy during the interview process, but during application, a resume won’t really be necessary.

Not having prior experience shouldn’t be a cause for worry. Having one isn’t mandatory, although it’ll serve as an advantage. Being team oriented and having good work ethics is more preferred by the company.

To prepare for the interview process, try visiting the location you applied for. If it’s not too busy or crowded at the moment, then you could speak with the manager and introduce yourself to make you stand out.

Things To Know About White Castle

White Castle tries hard to maintain its “open culture”, i.e. a culture committed to providing food with premium quality, good taste, and affordable price. White Castle also maintains transparency within and outside the company.

White Castle is not just about serving its loyal customers by giving them their beloved sliders, but also about attending to those in need by giving money, volunteers and food donations. The company has donated around $2,000,000 to various charitable programs, including an $850,000 donation to an autism advocacy organization.

White Castle will be known not only as the pioneers of the industry, but also as an establishment that maintains the quality of the food it serves. The company makes sure standards are maintained while keeping employees satisfied as well.

Aside from promoting its advocacies, the company also spreads awareness about recycling. Paper sacks are created out of 100% recyclable materials, and coffee grounds are turned into animal feed or compost, hence kept out of the landfill. Parking lots are illuminated by LED lighting, and its waste reduction program has decreased waste by 50%.

Application Links

Company: https://www.whitecastle.com/

Careers: https://careers.whitecastle.com/

Application: https://connect.thehive.com/whitecastle-join?cp=career-site&ty=0&d=fnCLOSE

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