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img- Vera Bradley ApplicationBrightly colored cases with unique patterns brighten up the atmosphere on any trip around the world.  Known for their luggage design, Vera Bradley is the epitome in travel luggage and accessories.  If you have a unique fashion sense and a commitment to an excellent customer service than a Vera Bradley Application may be your ticket to a new career.

An idea was born in an Atlanta, Georgia airport when Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller were noting that women in the airport did not have luggage that were stylish or fashion forward.  They began the concept of a feminine touch for luggage by using bright colors and interesting patterns. They named their company after Barbara’s mother and founded Vera Bradley with just $500 and a vision.

With over 3500 retailers and stand-alone locations, you can find a fun and wonderful place working in the fashion industry.  Vera Bradley jobs may be the avenue for a new career in fashion and style. A commitment to superior customer experience and their values of creativity, fun, humility, and respect makes this a valuable employment opportunity, and it begins with a printable application for Vera Bradley.

Vera Bradley jobs online is a place that believes in women’s health and welfare.  The owners began the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer to honor a friend who had this horrible disease. The company has contributed over 20 million dollars in research for breast cancer and prevention.  Many charitable organizations have received donations from them as well.

Vera Bradley Careers

Your resume, college experience, and retail life experience may be the door you need into the corporate office found in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  They offer various careers for the corporate minded individual such as financial management and sales and marketing.  This company fosters creativity so copywriters, web designers, and design specialists will enjoy working this establishment.

Have experience in management?  Then begin with a Vera Bradley application and put your talent for working with people to the test. Retail stores provide different levels of management such as district managers, general store managers, assistant store managers, and team leaders.  Entry level positions provide a flexible work schedule and competitive wages. Jobs available at the retail levels are store associates and stock associates.

Vera Bradley careers offer an impressive array of benefits such as health insurance, traditional dental plans, and life insurance.  After a year of eligibility, disability insurance is offered as well as a 401K profit sharing plan.  Other benefits include product purchase discounts, matching gifts program, a tuition reimbursement plan, and managed time off.

Hours of operation will vary with each retailer and store location.  They are open weekends, evenings, and holidays which gives you the opportunity to have a flexible schedule within the company.  Hours of operation for that particular location should be available to you when you apply online and research your job description.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

General Store Manager– Excellent general managers follow the core values of the company by ensuring team members provide superb customer service. Responsibilities of the manager position include supervision of store operations and sales.  General Managers oversee operating expenses, payroll funds, reviewing any applications, hiring of potential store associates, and training.  A general manager can expect a salary anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 a year depending on their experience.

Assistant Store Manager-Assistant store managers assist the general managers with the daily operations including hiring, training, and maintaining the store’s core values and esthetics.  Assistant store managers help in the daily operations and offer a welcoming environment for customers and team members.  They are an example to their team members in providing excellent customer experience. An Assistant Store Manager can expect to make $20,000 to $50,000 depending on experience.

Team Leader-Team leaders are an ambassador for the Vera Bradley experience in customer services, sales goals, and brand maintenance.  Managers rely on team leaders to be the liaison between store managers and store associates by creating a fun, honest, and team environment.  They set high standard and lead store associates in sales and brand excellence.  Team leaders can expect a pay rate of an average of $12.00 an hour.

Store Associate-Customers can expect excellent service and knowledge of brand products from store associates. They maintain a clean environment and provide an inviting atmosphere for potential customers.  A store associate process sale transactions and adheres to all store policies and procedures.  Previous sales experience will affect the rate of pay which will be on average of $11.00 an hour.

Vera Bradley Interview Questions

When you fill out your online application, this might be the opportunity to think of the interview questions such why you want to work for Vera Bradley? What makes this store unique to you as oppose to other job opportunities within the industry?

They will ask you to name your three strengths and weaknesses.  This is also an opportunity to show off your skills and let the interviewer know what kind of candidate they are interviewing for the position.  Part of the company’s core value is honesty.  Are you honest, can they count on you?  A weakness may be your best asset such as you always stay late until the job is done correctly.

You may have to answer problem-solving questions, for example, the question how did you handle a previous situation that went wrong? This question provide you an ample opportunity to shine with your answer that shows how you problem solved a particularly difficult situation.

For applicants that are interested in the position of store associate, a question like how would you handle an upset customer will be asked.  They will want to know your customer service skills.

For managers, a question like what was your most difficult situation you learned as a manager? As a manager, they want to see your how you would handle difficult situations with employees.

Advice for Application Process

How to apply for Vera Bradley online?  Apply for jobs at Vera Bradley by clicking on the link found below.  After you find the job you are excited about, create a user profile and fill out the application form for your local store.  If it is easier, download application form from the computer and then fill it out. It is a free application and a few minutes of your time.

When interviewing for any Vera Bradley jobs it is always best to dress for success.  How you dress for the interview will let the manager know about your unique fashion sense and taste.  Also, if possible bring a printable application form in a Vera Bradley purse; this will impress them with your knowledge of their product.

A direct application and positive demeanor will leave a good impression with the interviewer. Research the company and provide answers that will explain how you will provide a positive experience for potential customers.  Be prepared for a longer interview than normal, because they value their customers they want to make sure you are the right fit for them.

A strong posture and good eye contact will make the difference between you and other applicants.  Ask questions about the company, the rules and policies, and the schedule. Since they are fun and creative store to work for, let them know you are happy to work a flexible schedule, holidays, and weekends.

Finally, end your interview with a sense of gratitude. Thank your interviewer for such a thorough and complete experience.  Ask them if there are any other work experiences you can offer and if there is anything you can do to complete the hiring process.  Also, what is the period of time they will contact you if you have been hired.
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