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The Tutor Center offers help for children to achieve academic success through techniques developed by the founder. This company helps kids develop stronger reading, writing, and math skills, as well as better ability to concentration and focus. Kids also gain confidence and motivation. Combined, these skills help kids be better studiers and test takers.

The Tutoring Center is a franchise that works to make learning fun by providing organized, clean, and entertaining after-school environments for children. On their first visit, kids receive a diagnostic test to help streamline the tutoring process. This helps you see your child improve in just a couple of sessions a week. Sessions are home-based or school-based.

Edward S. Thalheimer, Ph.D in 1994 in Long Beach, California, developed this program. Now, the franchise operates in 70 locations in the United States. Thalheimer originally developed the program to help students with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder improve their focus. He realized that he could use this approach to help all students.

The Tutoring Center is unique in that it offers individual sessions called One-to-One Instruction. The Rotational Approach to Learning shows that students who learn in 30-minute and two 15-minute increments in different locations with different material and two different instructions drastically improve their academic and concentration skills. There are no other tutoring services that use both of these methods.

The Tutoring Center Careers

There are several The Tutoring Center jobs available. You can work as an Instructor, Assistant Instructor, or Intern. There is also the opportunity to own a Franchise. Each of these jobs requires a different set of experience and has a different set of responsibilities. You can find more information when you apply online, or you can contact the headquarters to get your questions answered directly.

Having The Tutoring Center jobs is a rewarding work experience because you get to work with kids. You will be able to see how just a small amount of effort on your end can change a kid’s life forever. Just by spending a few hours a week with a kid, he will improve drastically in academic and personal skills. Being a franchise owner would allow you to facilitate this exchange.

How old do you have to be to work at the Tutoring Center? You can be in high school to work as an intern at this program.. For a job as Assistant Instructor, you must be attending college. To be an Instructor, you must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.

There are many benefits of The Tutoring Center careers. These include working only Monday through Thursday, as the program is closed all other days. Also, hours are only 2:30pm-7:30pm, so it is great for a part-time job. You will make a huge difference in the lives of your staff. You will work in a dynamic, success-driven environment.

The Tutoring Center Job Descriptions

Intern- Interns help out in some of the program’s classrooms, getting the hands-on experience necessary to learn about a career in teaching. There can be two interns in a class. They can be high school students in the top five percent of their class. They serve as mentors for older students. Salary is not listed.

Assistant Instructors – These are top students at local colleges and universities. They inspire and help students get into the college they want. They also work in the classroom, helping Instructors teach kids the skills they will need to succeed. Salary is not listed, so contact the program for more information on The Tutoring Center jobs online.

Instructor – To be an Instructor, you must hold a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degree. Being competitive in your field will help you receive employment. The Instructors receive training in the programs signature teaching tactics: One-to-One Instruction and the Rotational Approach to Learning. They help children succeed by giving them the tools they need and inspiring them. Salary not listed.

Franchise Owner – Being a Franchise Owner means having complete control over all aspects of the program and business. You are responsible for hiring, paying your employees, marketing, and ensuring that all services are provided to customers. The corporate office will train and support you in return for a small annual fee. Salary depends on the success of your operation.

The Tutoring Center Interview Questions

The Tutoring Center application process is very competitive, so prepare for your interview.

What was your last job like? Explain the tasks you were required to do and how you went about accomplishing them. Make connections between the positions you’ve recently held and the job you are looking to obtain. If possible, mention special projects you worked on that were beyond the call of duty.

What makes you want to work here? Use specific information you gathered from

The Tutoring Center application and the program website to answer this question. Showing that you took the time to read about the job opportunities and the industry will help you standout from the other candidates. Practicing the answer to this question beforehand will make it seem natural.

How would you describe yourself? The interviewer is looking to get a sense of you beyond what you provided in the application form and on your resume. He wants to know if you will be a good mentor, teacher, and role model for the students. He also wants to know if you will get along with the other staff.

When do you feel accomplished? This question gives the interviewer an idea of how well you will fit in with the pedagogy and working environment of the business. Because this is about tutoring, it could be a good idea to give an answer about how you feel accomplished when you help others or see yourself making a difference.

Tell us about a time when you did more than was asked of you. It can be hard to answer this question without seeming overly boastful. This is why preparing ahead of time can help you come up with a concise story that focuses on the facts rather than just saying that you excelled at previous jobs.

Advice for Application Process

When you fill out the online application, make sure to take your time. It is better to include a lot of information than to leave your free application sparse. The Tutoring Center often has a waitlist for its positions, so it is very competitive. This means you should work hard when completing applications.

The printable application form is only available for the Franchise Owner position. If you are interested in completing applications for other careers, you need to go to a local store and ask for a printable application form. This gives you an opportunity to meet the people who will make the hiring decision and to ask more about the job description.

If want to know how to apply for The Tutoring Center online, it is possible that some locations allow you to download application form. You should contact each center directly to gather more information as hiring takes place center by center. Likewise, there is a website for the company, generally, but it would be helpful to find a link for the store you want to apply for.

Even though it may seem difficult to apply for jobs at The Tutoring Center because you have to go to the store in person rather than using a printable application for The Tutoring Center, the extra effort may be worth it. The direct application is simple and working at this program could be life changing.
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