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Founded in 1988, Thai Airways is the main airline of Thailand. Its hub is Suvarnabhumi Airport. From this place, it flies to 78 locations in 35 countries, using a fleet of over 80 aircrafts. Until 2012, the company operated two of the world’s longest non-stop flights: Bangkok to Los Angeles and Bangkok to New York City.

A brief history of the company and the industry: It started in 1960 as a partnership between Scandinavian Airlines, Thai baht, and Thai Airways Company. In 1988, Thailand’s Prime Minister General merged the international and domestic companies into Thai Airways International. Further merging happened in 1997, when the company joined Lufthansa, Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines, and United Airlines to form Star Alliance, the world’s first and largest airline alliance.

Thai Airways is one of the few airlines in which the flight attendants have an inflight uniform change policy. Flight attendants must change from corporate purple suits to local Thai dresses before the passengers board and they must change back into the suits before leaving the plane. Male flight attendants wear suits. Non-Thai flight crew cannot where the traditional Thai dress.

The company provides many in-flight services. There are Royal First Class seats with lumbar massages and touch screens. Some planes have enclosed seating for these passengers. Royal First Class passengers can pre-order from 22 available meals. Royal Silk Class members have angled shell seats that recline 180 degrees with massage and personal screens. Economy Class seats can recline and have personalized television screens.

Thai Airways Careers

Like all airline companies, Thai Airways offers unique job opportunities, so take time to apply for a career today. The company’s success is due in part to its phenomenal, hard working employees, which include flight attendants, airport workers, and pilots. It is simply to download application form after using a link to find an online application.

All locations have positions for Ticket Officers, Ramp Agents, and Pilots. There are also corporate jobs at the location of the company’s headquarters in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok. All employees ensure that the company provides the best and safest services to its customers. To join the company’s team, apply online today with a direct application. Internet is necessary because there is no printable application form.

How old do you have to be to work at Thai Airways? For Thai Airways careers, you must be at least 18 years old. Beyond the age requirement, employees are more likely to be hired if they are flexible. Entry-level jobs are available. To get a job, you must fulfill the physical requirements and clear security. All of the requirements can be seen when you view Thai Airways jobs online.

Open jobs are listed on the company’s website, so go there to apply for jobs at this company. There is no printable application for Thai Airways, so you need Internet. To apply, answer some questions on the Thai Airways job application online. You should follow up with a letter a few days later. You will have to travel to interview location after they read and accept your Thai Airways application.

Thai Airways Job Descriptions

Flight Attendant – These people serve meals and beverages. They should be available to answer all passengers’ questions and assist them in times of need. Flight attendants must be fluent in Thai. They must go through training. Check out full job description online. Average salary is around $40,000-$45,000. Flight Attendants receive free or discounted tickets, health insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan.

Ramp Agent – This an outdoor job, so you must be prepared to work in any weather. This position requires you to load and unload cargo. You will also direct arriving flights and service aircrafts. People in this position must be able to lift heavy objects. The pay is hourly, between $12 and $17. Ramp Attendants can receive free or discounted tickets, health insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan.

Ticket Officer – These people are positioned inside the airport, coordinating the check-in and boarding processes. Ticket Officers verify reservations, process baggage, confirm seating assignments, and direct boarding procedures. They interact with passengers, so they must be friendly, patient, and helpful. Ticket Officers are paid about $14-$15 an hour. Ticket Officers can receive free or discounted tickets, health insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan.

Pilot – Pilots fly all of the company’s flights. In order to serve as a pilot for the company, you must have a pilot’s license and several years of experience. Pilots receive concessional airline rebate tickets for themselves and their families. Pay depends on the flight the pilot was assigned to and his length of service. Pilots can receive free or discounted tickets, health insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan.

Thai Airways Interview Questions

Here are interview questions that will help you prepare for Thai Airways careers.

What appeals to you about our company? To answer this question, do research on the company’s values, services, and work environment. You can mention things about the culture and benefits. Mention aspects of your research that inspired you to apply. Cite things that are unique about Thai Airways. What sets them apart? 

Why should we hire you over someone else? Highlight your responsibilities and valuable personality traits. Even if you haven’t worked in a similar job before, you can find aspects of the job, things you learned, or skills you used that use could use in this new position. Focusing on what you learned is more important than focusing on what you did.

What are your strengths? They are looking to see what would make you an asset and whether your ready for Thai Airways careers. You should mention what job requirements you fulfill, such as languages you speak and ability to lift things. You can also talk about personality traits that will help you in this job, like being friendly and patient.

What are your weaknesses? The interviewer wants to know what things you struggle with, but more importantly, he wants to know how you work to overcome your weaknesses. Telling a story in which you overcame a challenge or learned about your shortcomings would be a very strong answer to this question. 

What did you like about your last job? You should be honest with this question. Focus on the positives, not on why you left. You should mention how these traits in your last job seemed like something Thai Airways has. Cite information from the website. Also, make it seem like you are flexible—able to work in a new, different environment.

Advice For Application Process

One aspect of the application process are the applications themselves. How to apply for Thai Airways online is easy because the company has a free application. However, don’t think this means the application is easy. When completing the online Thai Airways application, double check your spelling and grammar and make sure you are always answering the question asked. Keep a Thai Airways for your records and to bring to interview.

In terms of the interview, the key to success is preparation. Your goal is to stand out, so bring a resume, prepare ahead of time, and arrive early. Send a letter to your interviewer afterward in order to thank him. If you are unsure of a question, ask for clarification and take however long you need to think of an answer.

After the interview, they will make a decision about hiring you. At the end of the interview, feel free to ask when you will hear about being offered a position. Check in by the next week, if you haven’t received a response. If you aren’t hired, don’t despair. Going through the application process is a learning experience and will help you do better next time.

If you are offered a position, thank the person who offers you the position. Go through all training with care and attention. Ask questions every time you don’t understand things. Before accepting the offer, go through all the paperwork with care. You want to make sure you understand the pay, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment.
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