Taco Bell Interview Questions

Taco Bell ApplicationYou posted your resume to Taco Bell’s website, filled out an application and you receive an e-mail.  They want you to come in for an interview!  But now, how do you get ready to be questioned on your character? Preparation is key.  Below you will find tips to ace your Taco Bell interview:

Top Taco Bell Interview Questions

How long do you foresee yourself working at Taco Bell? The interviewer wants to see if you have planned ahead in your life.  Be honest and let them know if it is a means to an end, or a potential career.

Tell me about a time that frustrated you at your last job? The interviewer wants to see how well you cope with stress.  An answer along the lines of: I have not allowed myself to be frustrated.  I keep calm and stay focused to the task(s) at hand would be best to reply with.

Have you ever worked fast food before? This question is obvious.  If you have, tell about your experiences and make conversation with your interviewer, tell a funny story.  If not, enforce you are a fast learner and you will pick up the job requirements quickly.

What do you think of our new breakfast menu?  The interviewer wants to see if you know about their company and have kept up to date.  Be honest in your opinion about the menu.  This is why you do research before an interview, to prepare for questions like these.

What do you know about Taco Bell? Do your research before your interview.  If you just say it is a fast food restaurant, you should just walk out the door.  Go to the website and click the about tab.

How would you react if I gave you dish duty for days in a row? The interviewer is questioning your ability to complete tasks.  Make the interviewer understand you will do whatever it takes to make Taco Bell run smoothly.

Why do you want a job at Taco Bell? Tell the interviewer why you want the job.  To support your family, because you love the environment of the restaurant, etc.  Be straight up, lying is not a good way to begin a professional relationship.

Are you more likely to pick up an extra shift or turn down an extra shift? The interviewer is testing your dedication to Taco Bell.  You should always do what you have to in order to benefit the company.

If you do your research, and connect with your interviewer you are in good shape to get the position you are looking for.  Put forth the extra effort to prepare yourself before the interview so you do not get stumped by a question the interviewer asks you.

Taco Bell Interview Tips

Use your manners!  From a Taco Bell hiring manager himself, he says the interview is fairly easy.  As long as you are polite, have a great attitude and smile you increase your likely hood of getting hired substantially.

Keep your appearance professional!  Do not show up in your party attire.  Go to the interview dressed as if you are the CEO of a fortune 500 company.  You will be taken much more seriously if you are dressed in dress clothes. First impressions are everything.

Speak clearly and with a presence.  Do not shy away from questions.  Be confident in all your answers and be confident in your ability.  The interviewer will see your confidence and see that as an asset to the Taco Bell team.

If you follow Taco Bell Interview tips, your likelihood of getting the job is a very high percentage.  Make sure you do before interview research, and go into the interview bright eyed and smiling.  Your attitude is important in your Taco Bell interview, so shine on!