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Taco Bell is one of the fastest growing fast food restaurants in America, serving various Mexican food such as tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos among other Tex-Mex cuisines. The restaurant is largely known for its budget meals that have gone through several re-inventions throughout the years encompassing a variety of discounted meaty hard-shelled taco choices.

The fast food business was first established on March 21, 1962 by Glen Bell in Downey, California. Bell began the business first as a hot dog kiosk called Bell’s Drive-in in California when he was just 23 years old. By 1946, he expanded his offering and renamed the restaurant as Bell’s Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Bell learned how to create the Bell tacos from a local hard-shelled taco stand that was attracting a solid customer base who would line up every day to buy their share. In the next few years, Bell expanded his restaurant sporting various names such as Taco-Tia and El Taco. Its rapid growth in the restaurant franchise industry attracted investors from PepsiCo which in turn bought it from Bell and formally became a PepsiCo subsidiary in 1978.

As a franchise company, 80% of its 7,000 restaurant locations across the United States, Canada and other countries are managed by franchisees. Serving over 2 billion customers on a daily basis, all of its estimated 90,000 employees are in a fast paced work environment.

The management takes pride in promoting a healthy job culture that continually motivates its staff. Employees get paid time offs, medical and personal leaves annually coupled with an excellent health, vision and dental insurance policy. The company also offers an amazing 401(k) retirement package. Salary levels in the restaurant are generally above the minimum wage with a progressive salary and promotion scheme.

Employee reviews are positive precisely because of the company’s efforts to keep its employees highly motivated and empowered through a generous benefits package. For those thinking of long-term career objectives, the company even provides scholarship opportunities for high-performing team members.

How old do you have to be to work at Taco Bell?

The company generally accepts job hires at the minimum age of 16 years for Team Member and Food Champion positions. The hiring age varies depending on state or national laws as well as available positions.

Taco Bell Careers

Associate Manager, Licensing (Non-Food): The position of associate manager for licensing on non-food items involves legal affairs to ensure that all equipment purchased by the company is compliant with federal or state laws. As associate manager, you will be in a position to lead a team of licensing staff that will be the main point of contact with franchise managers across the country.

Financial Analyst/Accountant: Financial analysts and accounting staff work behind the scenes, usually at the company’s headquarters. Analysts are responsible for processing restaurant invoices, producing financial reports and analysing store performance.

Administrative Assistant: Administrative assistants are in charge of logistical and daily management concerns and reports directly to the administrative manager. Assistant positions are available at the Taco Bell headquarters.

Restaurant Service Desk Supervisor: Desk supervisors for restaurant service are responsible for keeping customer service satisfactory. The job includes training food champions and team members on how to relate with and engage with and maintain the company’s customer base.

Senior Manager, Marketing: As senior manager for marketing, you will be in charge of formulating creating marketing strategies along with a dedicated marketing team.

Shift Leader: Shift leaders manage team members directly on a daily basis and report directly to the store or franchise manager. Shift leaders should demonstrate leadership qualities and have an excellent customer-friendly attitude.

Cook: Cooks are responsible for delivering the highest quality standards of the company’s signature dishes.

Team member: Food Champion: Team members and food champions are integral members of the restaurant chain. They directly relate with customers on a daily basis and provide them the best service possible along with the world’s best tacos.

Cleaning Captain: Cleaning captains are in charge of sanitation and cleanliness in the store at all times. It is the duty of cleaning captain to ensure that each store is compliant with health and sanitary regulations.

Legal Counsel, Global Franchising: Those with Legal Counsel positions are responsible for ensuring that all franchise locations are compliant with federal laws and standards.

Taco Bell Application

The company’s application procedure is quick and easy and allows for a variety of methods. Applicants can fill out their application forms online or in stores.

Online applications are available for hourly as well as for headquarter and corporate positions.

Whether you’re applying online or in-store, it’s always best to be honest with your answer. Successful job hopefuls are always the ones who show genuine interest in the position they are applying for. Avoid filling in falsified information as that can lead to disqualification.

CVs and resumes are not required for online application submissions. For in-store walk-in applications, it’s best to bring your resume for hourly positions and CVs for mid-level and corporate job offers. The online application portal will focus on your personal background, job history and educational background. 

Should you pass the initial screening, interviews with the company are fairly an easy process. Selected franchise stores allow walk-in interviews if they find your resume interesting. Interview questions are quite personal and focus on your long-term career objectives. It is best to think about how you see yourself in the near future (five or ten years’ time) as well as why you want to work for the company so you’ll have an answer ready once a company representative contacts you for an interview appointment. 

Facts about Taco Bell

Did you know that Taco Bell was the first to pioneer the concept of a fast food restaurant? With its inexpensive meal offerings and reduced restaurant size, they were the first restaurant chains to establish co-branding with other bigger fast food restaurants such as KFC and Pizza Hut. The company owes this legacy from its roots beginning as a small hotdog kiosk built by founder Glen Bell in the 1960s.

Application Links

Company: www.tacobell.com

Careers: www.jobs.tacobell.com


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